Alphabet Photography Project: J is for …

July 16, 2014


JackdawWhen I came home yesterday a group of Jackdaw’s were stalking along the green verge that separates our row of houses from the main road. Jackdaw’s are one of the few black birds that I recognise, their beady eye and distinctive grey cap easily distinguishes them from crows, ravens and the rest.  They always look as if they are up to mischief, their eye glinting at you as if they know something that you don’t. Their strident cries ring out as they warn each other of people approaching, often sitting on a roof gazing down at you and calling as if to mock you.

There was not just one Jackdaw, there were lots of them, a proper clattering of Jackdaws. It was like a scene from the Alfred Hitchcock film, The Birds.  There they were stalking across the grass as if they owned the place, standing still as I passed, watching, waiting. I waited for one to fly into the tree, to be joined one by one by the rest, waiting to swoop down when the moment arose. Instead they were intent on their mission, walking single mindedly in one direction. Almost as if they were expecting something to happen when they reached a certain place. Maybe they were heading to a Jackdaw convention, to learn how to be a better Jackdaw.

I went to grab my camera but just as I was in the process of taking a photo something startled them and off they went. First one broke into a swirl of wings, then the others took flight and soon they were all gone, off to find better things to do. It was really strange seeing a flock of birds wandering in the same direction as if hypnotised.

Linking up with the alphabet photography project over on PODCast, why not pop over and see what everyone else has taken photos of?

I is for …

H is for ….

14 responses to “Alphabet Photography Project: J is for …”

  1. Yes, I agree: they are a very knowing sort of bird. They always seem to be in some kind of secret that the rest of us can never be privy to. Great choice for the letter ‘J’. All the best, Bonny

  2. Cheryl says:

    Our garden is being visited by jackdaw families at the moment. They are so noisy, but fun to watch as they squabble and try to balance on too small bird feeders. Lucky to catch the lift. #AlphabetPhoto

  3. Ooohhh nice capture! Nice wing action going on. I have to confess that I only know magpie, seagulls and all black birds are crow. I have to look for their distinctive character so that I will know what Jackdaw are =) #alphabetphoto

  4. Mummy of Two says:

    What a different choice for J. Shame they had flown off but at least you captured one!

  5. How strange to see them all walking in one direction! Great action shot of this one taking off x #alphabetphoto

  6. I find them quite sinister actually #alphabetphoto

  7. Elizabeth says:

    That’s what those birds are! I’d never seen them before we were in the Lake District last week and they were in flocks absolutely everywhere. I’ve just checked the RSPB website to listen to them – yep, that was them! Thank you for answering my question with your #alphabetphoto!

  8. Charly Dove says:

    Beautifully written post as always. Perhaps they were communicating with each other “let’s go this way people”! They’re fascinating to watch. Brilliant capture, thank you so much for sharing with #alphabetphoto

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