Alphabet Photography Project: B is for

May 27, 2014



The covers of a book are a gateway to different worlds. Opening a new book is an adventure, you never know where the words are going to take you. It could be a thrilling chase to capture a serial killer, an adventure to find dinosaurs in a lost world, a trip in a submarine under the sea. Each book has it’s own story, based on others experience and it is a pleasure to turn the covers and escape for a while.

Ever since I was small I loved books, I remember my mum reading stories to me when I was little. Classics that I later enjoyed with my son. Who could forget Max stomping around the island with the Wild Things, a caterpillar who could not stop eating or Harold with his purple crayon. We also discovered new tales like the magic world of The Gruffalo. I loved reading to my son, it was an excuse to read old treasures. When I got older I used to read to myself at night, hiding under the covers with a torch. The Magic Faraway Tree and The Magic Wishing Chair took me to magical worlds where marvellous things happened. I solved mysteries along with The Secret Seven and the Famous Five. Later I stood alongside Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and watched as they got into danger.

I remember going to visit my Granny and Granddad and making a beeline for their books, Children’s adventure compendiums that my parents read when they were small. The books were large and hard backed, the pictures detailed and the stories had me entranced for hours. These books were handed on to me and I still love to turn the pages, carefully and discover the treasures within.

Reading is a pleasure, I can easily get so absorbed in a book I lose track of time. I have to keep turning the pages to find out what happened. You can learn so much from books and my house is full of them. I would love to have a room dedicated as a library with shelves of books, ladders to reach them and a cosy nook to read them in. Of course a secret passage would be hidden behind the bookshelves to lead to more adventure.

I am joining in with the Alphabet Photography project over on PodCast and am looking forward to the challenge of the rest of the alphabet. You might want to look at my photograph for A.

8 responses to “Alphabet Photography Project: B is for”

  1. Michelle says:

    I love a good book and luckily my two girls enjoy reading too. My eldest is reading Roald Dahl at the moment and loves them x

  2. Charly Dove says:

    What a beautiful post, always enjoying reading your blog. Just lovely. Must read more books too, feels like ages – POD gets read to all the time mind! Great post thank you for sharing and joining in with #alphabetphoto

  3. sarah hill wheeler (@hill_wheeler) says:

    Totally agree, don’t know why I didn’t think of B for books! Love the illustration in the opening pages of Jules Verne! #Alphabetphoto

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