Alphabet Photography Project: I is for …

July 11, 2014


IcicleA few years ago we had a really cold winter. It was not just a few days of pretend winter like we normally get, with powder puffs of snow. It snowed hard for days and built up in drifts outside. It was an expedition to travel anywhere, you had to wrap up in loads of layers and walking in heels was impossible. Flat boots were needed or you would slide everywhere. Getting the car out to got to work involved removing inches of snow off the roof and windows and waiting for the inside to warm up so you could see where you were going.  Our side street was never gritted and became like an ice rink, cars sliding everywhere. We invested in a snow shovel and had to make time to clear the path to make it easy for people to walk along it.

One morning I got up and went into the spare bedroom to be greeted with the sight of enormous icicles hanging off the guttering. The sight was slightly spooky, they glistened in the early morning light which was eerily dark as if more snow was on the way. They varied in size, some were really large, others quite small and with a ribbed texture as if someone had spent ages drawing circles around them. It was strangely oppressive, as if someone had come during the night and tried to cage us in.

From the outside they were equally impressive, but scary. I didn’t get too close in case they broke free and tumbled down on my head. I am sure they could have done a lot of damage. Some days later they were gone, as mysteriously as they arrived. I have never seen icicles like these on the house again.

I am joining in with the Alphabet Photography Project on PODCast, why not pop over and see what everyone else found for the letter I.

H is for ...

G is for ….

F is for …..

8 responses to “Alphabet Photography Project: I is for …”

  1. Shay Noble says:

    Wow! A stunning, beautiful photo x

  2. Whoa…those are some serious looking icicles!! x

  3. Helen The good life mum says:

    wowzer those are impressive my daughter would love to have a suck on one #alphabet

  4. Charly Dove says:

    Wowsers they are seriously large icicles! They make for a fabulous photo though and a great letter I. I think the year might have been 2010, I remember it well as POD was born on Christmas Day that year. There was snow outside when I was in hospital! Great post, thank you for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  5. Elizabeth says:

    They are certainly impressive icicles! I do love icicles.

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