Alfie Jones and an uncertain future by David Fuller

January 21, 2015

Alfie Jones and an uncertain futureAlfie Jones and an uncertain future is the fourth in a series of books by David Fuller. Alfie Jones is a football mad boy who plays for his local team, Kingsway Colts. He dreams of becoming a professional footballer one day and firmly believes that he has to stay with the team to make his dreams come true. This belief has been backed up by a prophecy from Madame Zola, a mysterious fortune teller who appeared with a rush of wind chimes in the first book Alfie Jones and a change of fortune.

This book opens with Alfie scanning the table for the Middleton District Youth League Division 2. He comes to the horrified realisation that with three games to go in the season his team is bottom of the league. Kingsway Colts are in danger of relegation. The loss of two of two of their best players, Billy and Hayden, to the local professional club’s academy has taken its toll. Alfie is worried that if they get relegated his dream of becoming a professional footballer will die. He rushes off to share the news with the rest of the team. He quickly realises that a number of them are uncertain of their future with the club and relegation will mean an end to the Kingsway Colts.

What follows is a page turning ride which follows the last three matches for the team. Alfie desperately seeks guidance and starts looking for Madame Zola, but she is nowhere to be found. Strange fortunes keep turning up however, in a fortune cookie and in horoscope pages ripped from a girls magazine. Alfie decides this is just his sister trying to annoy him. In the end it all comes down to the last match, and Alfie works out that the outcome does not depend just on them winning but another team losing. This inspires his old enemy, Jasper, to strut along the sidelines during the game and taunt them with the score from the other match.  Will Kingsway Colts be relegated or will they survive to play another day?

If you have a football mad son they will love this book. Even if you do not know much about football you will get caught up in the excitement of each game, cheering on the Colts and hoping they win. The drama of each match is described nicely, keeping you on the edge of your seat until you find out what happens. The interaction between the characters is lovely as well, Alfie squabbles with his sister and falls out with his best friend over a simple misunderstanding. This all makes the book more realistic. It also gives a great insight into how seriously football at this level is taken.

I really enjoyed this book and now my son is reading it and enjoying it as well. The Alfie Jones series is great for encouraging boys who are reluctant readers, there is so much in it that they can relate to. If you haven’t read any in the series, what are you waiting for?
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I received the book in return for an honest review

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