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Alfie Jones and the Missing Link by David Fuller

Alife Jones and the Missing LinkAlfie Jones and the Missing Link is the third in a series of books by David Fuller. Alfie and his friends are young boys whose passion is playing football  for Kingsway Colts in their spare time.  I have previously reviewed the other two books in the series, Alfie Jones and a Change of Fortune  and Alfie Jones and a Test of Character, and was really looking forward to see what adventures Alfie got up to this time. First I had to wait until my son read the book, he loves the books too and couldn’t wait to read it.

This book starts with Alfie and his friends going to see Kingsway United play at home for the first time. They are really excited and looking forward to the game. They have been saving their money for ages to buy a souvenir of the match and you can sense the excitement as they try to figure out what they should buy.

Suddenly they are confronted by their nemesis, Jasper Johnson. He used to play for Kingsway Colts but circumstances had moved him on, to the boys relief. He was not a nice person and thought he was much better at football than he was. The boys are surprised to see that he has been chosen for Kingsway United Academy.  Digging further they find that all the players that have been recently selected for the Academy are not that good, and realise something must be going on.

Alfie is determined to get to the bottom of what is going on. Then the mysterious Madame Zola turns up. She is a fortune teller who has helped him previously and has a knack of making predictions that make things happen for Alfie. She leaves a discarded business card with him and Alfie is convinced this has the answers.

The book is a fast paced and interesting read. With a mix of football and a mystery to be solved there is plenty to keep your attention. Alfie is a great character, his passion for football really shines though and is mixed with a sense of fair play. He is not at all happy that the wrong people might be being chosen for the team and want to right that wrong, to ensure that his friends get a chance to be chosen. He wants his team to be the best for the right reasons. The football scenes show a great knowledge of the game and make you feel like you are there playing alongside.

I loved this book and so did my son. If you have a boy who is reluctant to read this book and the others in the series will soon get them reading.

Publisher: RDF Publishing (15 Nov 2013)
ISBN-10: 0957033923
ISBN-13: 978-0957033924


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