Adopting a Dragon with Dragon Adoptions

May 11, 2017
Dragon Adoptions

How would you like to adopt your very own dragon? Dragon Adoptions allows you to do just that. Why not surprise a loved one with a dragon to look after?

It should come as no surprise that I am a big fan of dragons. These mythical creatures have a strength and courage that you can only admire. It is no wonder that there are many stories and legends about them. In England we are familiar with St George and the dragon. Unfortunately the dragon came to a sad end in that tale. In other cultures dragons are gods. Yu is a Chinese rain god and a beautiful golden dragon.

All dragons share some characteristics. They are large creatures with tails and wings. Dragons love to collect gold and often can be found in caves sleeping on their hoard. When they are not sleeping they fly round the country looking for food.  Some of them breath fire and all of them are intelligent. Often in stories they speak. Dragons are also loyal and if you are lucky enough to befriend one they will be your friend for life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a pet dragon.

Adopting a Dragon with Dragon Adoptions

Recently I was lucky enough to adopt my own dragon thanks to the lovely people at Dragon Adoptions. They believe that by owning your own dragon it will help to unlock your courageous and fearless self. It is hard work to look after a dragon. They need to be fed properly, given love and kept clean. By looking after them well you will find strength inside yourself.  Dragon Adoptions make the whole process of adopting a dragon really easy. You just go to their website, choose the dragon you love and wait for him (or her) to arrive. There are a range of different breeds in different colours so can be sure you are picking one that will suit your lifestyle.

Dragon Adoptions

My dragon is a loveable red baby dragon with sparkly wings. Look at his eyes, how can you resist? He has a playful nature and loves nothing more than investigating his surroundings. The other members of the dragon family were soon playing happily with him. He is not yet aware of his own strength so I need to be a little careful when I pick him up. Fortunately he seems to be settling in well and enjoying his new home.

Dragon Adoptions Dragon

Dragon Adoption Pack

Each dragon comes with a dragon adoption pack which contains a certificate of adoption.  The pack also contains a lot of other things. Stickers, badges, postcards and colouring sheets. There is also a dragon mask so you can pretend to be a dragon yourself. When you adopt a dragon a £1 donation is made to charity so you are helping other people. The charities are Alder Hey, Stonewall and Community Integrated Care. With your dragon adoption you also get regular updates from the dragon community.

Dragon adoption pack

Dragon Adoption Pack

I really love the idea of dragon adoptions and I am sure any child would be thrilled to receive a dragon adoption as a gift. It is such a unique idea.

Where can I adopt my own dragon?

If you would like to adopt a dragon of your very own you can do this by visiting the Dragon Adoptions website Here you choose the dragon you would like to adopt. It is a hard choice, they are all so cute. Prices for the Dragon Adoption Combo pack are £23.99 or £26.99. This includes the dragon and the dragon adoption pack. Dragons are also available without the pack for £12.99 or £8.99. The price depends on the breed of dragon you choose. If you just want a Dragon Adoption Pack without a dragon this is £16.99. Rush out and adopt your own dragon today!

You can get a 25% discount on all Dragon Adoptions products by using the code: DRAGON25 in the online checkout.

My dragon still needs a name. If you have a suggestion let me know below.

I was sent the dragon adoption pack in return for an honest review. I did not have to say anything nice and my opinions are my own.

How to adopt a dragon

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  1. Awww this is such a cute idea … and perfect for you ! 🙂

  2. Galina V says:

    What a cute idea! Love the baby dragon, he is adorable and so cuddly.

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