About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog, Dragons and Fairy Dust. My name is Alison and I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne in North East England. I am happily married with one son, aged fifteen. I also have a dog, a rather lovable and cute King Charles Spaniel called Eddie.  This is my blog, which I started as some friends told me I really needed to have one. As a result it is a bit about everything. I think of it as a lifestyle blog as I tend to write about things I am interested in. You  will find a number of main themes running though it, these are beauty, cooking, books, technology, fashion and shoes.  You will also find my dog posing for a lot of photographs.I also like writing about places I have been and taking photos. I love writing my blog and I do hope you enjoy reading it.

Me and Eddie

In my spare time, not that I get much, I love to enter competitions, read books and cook. You can often find me in the kitchen baking at weekends. There is nothing nicer than the smell of home made cakes wafting around the kitchen. I love experimenting and creating new recipes as well as trying established ones. It is a great way to discover new foodie favourites like hummingbird cupcakes.

Hummingbird cupcakes

I am a bit of a techy geek and love gadgets. I love learning all about new technology. In the past I have worked with Samsung as a Samsung Mobiler and with TalkTalk as a Family blogger. This was a great way to find out about new and upcoming technology as I got to test out some of their products. I really enjoyed testing the Samsung K Zoom on our trip to Flamingo Land. I am mad about dragons and have collected them for a long time.

I love getting outdoors with my dog and family and am pleased to be a Forestry Commission blogger as I get a chance to ramble about in the forest. We love exploring Kielder Water and Forest Park, there are always new things to discover there. My family love going on days out and we often visit English Heritage, National Trust and other places of interest. We even found Vikings and Romans while we have been out and about. We love exploring the wealth of heritage we have in the North East and share information about our days out. 

We love going away as well and trying family friendly holidays. We have stayed in various places from YHA Once Brewed, to Ox Pasture Hall Hotel to a dog friendly holiday at Parkdean, Wemyss Bay. We also love eating out and trying new places like The Hop and Clever.

Sunset over park dean wemyss bay

Meet the Family

My family are a great help to me when I write my blog, happy to try out products, go on adventures and put up with me typing away at the computer. My husband will help me with photographs and is always happy to drive us where we want to go. My son is always happy to eat my baking. They also love helping out with modelling clothes.


Eddie, my dog, loves being photographed and is always happy to pose on my blog. He is great at reviewing products as well and it is fun living with a King Charles Spaniel.

Eddie the dog

Contact Me

I am happy to undertake reviews of products, services or websites for myself or family as long as they are something we can use. My family love to help try new products. I will do a through detailed and honest review. I will promote the review on social media and will include links and photos. I love competitions and am happy to host these on my blog. I find these are a very successful way to promote your product and my blog. If you would like to contact me for any of these purposesplease get in touch: [email protected]


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