A visit to the NE1 Motor Show

July 15, 2015

The first ever NE1 Motor Show took place on the 11th and 12th July 2015. My family love to visit events involving cars, previously visiting the Kielder vintage car rally and the Whitley Bay bus rally. How could we not go along to the NE1 Motor Show? We woke on Saturday to a grey day which threatened rain. Dark clouds loomed in the distance and a few droplets of rain could be felt in the air. Undaunted we set off into town to explore the motor show.  Luckily the sun was soon shining and the say became warm. The area from Grey’s Monument to Grey Street was filled with cars. Grey Street had been closed to traffic and although it was early the area was full of people who had come to see the NE1 Motor Show.NE1 Motor showAround the monument was the sponsors area where the dealers were displaying their cars. Benfield Motors were showing their Nissan range including the Nissan Leaf which is an electric hybrid. In this area you could buy merchandise and programs as well as try out a driving simulator and other games.  Aston Martin were there with their cars, made famous by James Bond. The Aston Martin Vanquish looked perfect for driving down a steep mountain road, taking sharp bends whilst pressing buttons to release the latest gadgets to stop the pursuers. The engine when running had an distinctive roar.

NE1 motor show
NE1 motor show
NE1 motor showWe also came across a Bentley and a Porsche underneath the shadow of Earl Grey atop his monument. Crowds surrounded the cars, eager to look inside. It was possible to sit inside some of the cars and get a feel for what it would be like driving them. My son tried out a Lamborghini but soon found out it was really difficult to get out of the driving seat once you were inside. The car is so low down it is hard to get up. I half expected a chauffeur to get out of the Bentley and open the door for me.
NE1 motor show
NE1 motorshowA Formula One racing car was also on display, it was interesting to see the difference between it and the other cars. There really is not much space inside for the driver.
NE1 motor showAlong Grey Street down to Mosley Street was the area where private owners could display their vehicles. Metro Radio had set up at the bottom of the street and their tunes added a lift to the event. There was a wide range of cars on display here, Ferraris, Lamborghini’s, Rolls Royce  and many more, from modern day to vintage.

NE1 Motor Show NE1 Motor Show NE1 motor show NE1 Motor ShowNE1 Motor showIt was fascinating seeing the range of vehicles on display. All of them are obviously well cared for. Some of the vintage cars brought back memories and made me think of old television series like The Prisoner and Thunderbirds. I would not have been surprised if Parker had opened the door of the Rolls Royce for Lady Penelope as we walked past.
The NE1 Motor Show was a great free event and we really enjoyed it. I hope that it comes back to Newcastle next year. Did you go along to the motor show over the two days it was on? I would love to know what you thought.
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  1. It’s great when there are free events like this. We have a few rally type events in Lincoln – a bike day, scooter day, VW / campervan day, classic cars – it’s fab to see people’s pride and joy on display in the city and makes for a good excuse for a walk along the marina.

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