A Spa Day at Indigo Shore

September 10, 2012

Some time ago I was lucky enough to win a spa day at Indigo Shore and I was able to take  friend with me. Indigo Shore offers a holistic approach to health so as well as offering relaxing treatments you can take advantage of different psychological interventions such as life coaching. I imagine this is really useful at times of stress.

I was really looking forward to going, I have never been for any spa treatments before so this would be a new experience for me. After rearranging the day a couple of times, which Indigo Shore were fantastic about, we finally managed to arrange a day to suit. We got to choose two treatments each from the treatment list, which was a difficult choice as there are lots of options. Finally I decided to have a facial and  gel nails and my friend decided to have a back massage and a pedicure.

Indigo Shore is based in Cullercoats, which is on the coast and not that far from where I live. We went this Saturday and met outside, not sure what to expect.

Indigo ShoreWe were greeted by two lovely ladies who took us in and showed us around. The shop looks small from the outside but it is like a tardis inside. It goes back quite a long way and is really nice inside with lots of different rooms for the treatments. We were showed to a room which we could use during the time we were there to keep our things in. It was lovely with a scented candle burning on the windowsill, relaxing music being played and a table with plates of biscuits and magazines and of course comfy chairs.  We were each given an incredibly fluffy bath robe to change into and soft slippers. We got a chance to sit and natter whilst filling in the information forms before the treatments started.

Indigo ShoreIndigo ShoreWe were offered tea, coffee and a selection of other drinks but we both chose juice as it was quite a warm day. We didn’t feel at all rushed, it was nice just to sit and chat while we filled in the forms. We then got taken for our first treatments.

I had the facial first and was taken into a treatment room with a couch. Again there was relaxing music being played and the lighting was dim, but not so dim you would fall over things. It was just lovely and restful. I was left to myself  take my dressing gown off and lie on the couch with a towel over me then the treatment started.  It  was really relaxing. Each step of the process was explained as it was done. First my face was cleansed and deeply cleansed which was done very gently. It was then examined under a light for signs of problems and then it was exfoliated. The next step of the process was a face and neck massage, which I had not been expecting. This was really relaxing and felt gorgeous. It was so relaxing that I could have easily drifted off to sleep.

Indigo ShoreAfter the massage a nourishing face mask was applied to my skin and I was left for ten minutes for it to work. It was really comfortable lying there listening to the soft music feeling really relaxed, even though I looked daft. I was brave and got my photo taken. The final stage of the treatment was to remove the mask and treat my skin with toner and moisturiser. The whole treatment took about an hour and I would thoroughly recommend having it done, it was fabulous.

After the treatment I got to sit back in our little room for a while, where I drank my juice and generally relaxed before being taken to get my nails done. This was done in the front of the front section, but the blinds were closed so you did not feel people were looking in at you. First I chose which colour I wanted to have my nails done and I chose an iridescent blue that reminds me of peacock feathers.

I have never had gel nails done before so was not sure what to expect, but the process was simple. First my nails were filed and buffed before the gel was applied.The gel is just like nail polish, it is applied in layers and after each layer is finished you need to place your hand under ultra-violet light to dry it.

Indigo ShoreI lost track of the layers but the whole process was simple and I am really pleased with the end result. My nails look lovely and glossy.

Indigo ShoreI was worried it might be hard to remove the gel coating later but apparently the whole process is really simple.

After the treatment I went back to our room and waiting for my friend to finish her treatments. She has also had a very relaxing time and was very happy. At this point we thought that we should have bought some champagne and nibbles so we could have had a nice lunch, but we will remember to do that next time.

I would like to say a big thank you to the ladies at Indigo Shore for a lovely morning and a great prize which we both thoroughly enjoyed. I have been walking on air all weekend feeling totally relaxed and unstressed and have had a number of compliments regarding my nails. I will definitely go back for a special treat and am hinting at my husband for my birthday.

Disclosure: I won a spa day at Indigo Shore from entering a competition but was not asked to write anything about them. I did because I had a lovely time and really enjoyed it.


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    Looks fabulous 🙂

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