A new bracelet from ChloBo

December 21, 2016
ChloBo grey agate star bracelet

A bracelet from ChloBo is a quick way to add a personal style to an outfit. Worn together or singly they can add a statement and make your look unique.

I am a big fan of bracelets. They are a great way to add a quirky touch to your outfit without much effort. You can easily change the mood of your outfit with a bracelet. A chunky bracelet is ideal for the office. You do not want stacks of bracelets rubbing together and providing a distraction. Picking a simple chunky bracelet can add a statement of power to your outfit.  For a more whimsical and romantic look add a stack of bracelets to your arm. Beaded bracelets add a boho look whilst a stack of thin metal bracelets will make people think of the gypsy lifestyle. A simple and ornate bracelet can add a touch of elegance to an outfit.

The secret lies in choosing the correct bracelet to add charm and style.  Before you buy a bracelet make sure it is something that you will wear a lot. Think about the outfits that you have and if it will match. Consider the type of sleeves you have on the outfit. If the sleeve is too long the bracelet will not be seen. A bracelet that will work with different outfits will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

A new bracelet from ChloBo

ChloBo is a jewellery brand that allows women to add their own statement touch to an outfit with their jewellery. The range is built around the spirit of adventure and freedom of travel. The jewellery is a mixture of silver, rose gold, gold and semi precious stones which are crafted into unique pieces. These bracelets and charms allow women to express their personalities whilst also carrying significance and meaning.

bracelet from ChloBo

Recently I was sent a new bracelet from ChloBo. There is a great selection to choose from on their site, which can be combined together to make unique and different bracelet stacks. They also look great worn on their own. Any of these bracelets will allow you to add a unique and quirky twist to an outfit.

The packaging is stunning. A pink bag with the ChloBo label emblazoned on it holds the box with the bracelet. The box also has the signature pink colour with a silver tag with the ChloBo name to allow you to open the box. Inside the bracelet nestles on a pink cushion inviting you to put it on.

ChloBo grey agate star bracelet

ChloBo Grey Agate Star Bracelet

I chose the ChloBo grey agate star bracelet. The bracelet is made from grey agate beads, a stone which is known to balance energy and bring good fortune. Between the grey agate beads there are rose gold loops which act to accentuate the stone and bring the colour to life. The rose gold star is an eye catching feature of the bracelet. The tar is a wish symbol and is meant to help bring wishes to life. Hopefully wearing this bracelet will help me help me achieve my wishes. Every ChloBo bracelet also has its own ChloBo designer tag which is discretely attached to one of the rose gold beads.

ChloBo grey agate star bracelet

ChloBo grey agate star bracelet

I think the bracelet looks simple and elegant, perfect for wearing everyday with many outfits. The simple grey beads are a great neutral colour and the rose gold provides a splash of detail to draw the eye. The star is the finishing touch which adds an eye catching feature to the bracelet. On it’s own it will add a finishing touch to any outfit.

Styling my ChloBo bracelet

The neutral grey beads allow the ChloBo grey agate star bracelet to be styled in many different ways. It would look great paired with a simple wooden bangle. Wood and stone are found in nature and would look great together. It would also work paired with a simple gold bangle which would bring out the gold of the star. I chose to style mine with a beaded blue stack of bangles which would be the perfect look with a sparkly top at a Christmas party.

ChloBo grey agate star braclet styled with a stacked blue beaded bangle

What do you think of my styling? How would you style a bracelet from ChloBo and which one would you choose? Let me know below.

You may also be interested in jewellery from Glamulet who make stunning and unusual necklaces.

I was sent a bracelet in order to style it for the purposes of this post. I did not have to be nice and my opinions are my own.

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3 responses to “A new bracelet from ChloBo”

  1. A beautiful bracelet, I do love the simplicity of it but with the rose gold detailing

  2. Marion A. Molinar says:

    Nice bracelets for beautiful women with a great outfit. This Holiday Season, occasions and parties are everywhere. So, if you are a woman who loves to wear party dresses with beautiful accessories such as bracelets, I think Chlobo bracelet is best for you. I love to wear simple jewelry because I’m just a simple woman. So, because of the simple yet unique style of Chlobo bracelet, it could be a perfect pair for my black bodycon dress for this New Year’s Eve. Thank you for sharing your Chlobo bracelet with us. Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year Everyone!

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