A New Bathroom

May 24, 2013

I love entering competitions, it is a fun hobby and results in some lovely surprises. Last year I had a really big surprise, I won a competition that Bathrooms.com were running on twitter and had £1000 to spend on their site. I was thrilled as my bathroom really needed a makeover.

A bathroom makeover

Bathroom before

These are the before pictures of my bathroom.
The toilet seat was mismatched and would not stand up properly. It also did not flush properly, there was a technique to getting it to work which would confuse visitors. I also had no storage space at all. I got some shelves to go under the sink but they looked unsightly and all my bottles got dusty.


The shower was adequate, but my son had managed to break the catch that held the shower head on so you couldn’t move it up and down. It really was time for a makeover.


Bathroom After

I was really excited but had absolutely no idea how to sort out what I wanted for a new bathroom. I sat down with a pen and paper and drew a floor plan. I did a lot of measuring then armed with the measurements decided what I wanted. I had some ideas in mind, I wanted a cupboard for storage.. Bathrooms.com were very helpful and didn’t mind at all that I took ages to make my choice. They even checked my order and added some bits I needed like plugs for the sink. Once everything was finalised the order arrived very swiftly and I put the boxes safely into the garage. This week I finally got round to getting everything installed.  It was quite a bit of disruption but I am very pleased with the result.

These are the after pictures. Bear in mind I still need to replace the flooring, get some wood to box in the pipes and do some tiling around the toilet.

The toilet is smaller so I have more space. It is so nice to have a toilet that works properly.


As you can see I now have a storage unit under the sink, the clutter is gone and it looks really smart. I changed the tiling around the bath, it now has some black tiles to make it more of a feature.

As for the shower, I now have a power shower and its fabulous. My son was amazed, he said it was the cleanest he has ever been after using it.


The shower screen is plain now as well which actually makes the room look brighter. I am so pleased with my new bathroom and once I do the final touches it will look brilliant.  What do you think of my new look bathroom? Thank you Bathrooms.com for an amazing prize.

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