A new addition to the family

September 1, 2011

My son has been desperate for a pet for a long long time but I have been a bit unsure about getting him one. He is now ten which seems a suitable age to take responsibility for an animal. He has spent a long time trying to decide what animal he should get, and kept going back to a dog. I was really not sure about this as I am not from a family who ever kept pets due to fur allergies. We did have a tortoise and I had hamsters but that is really not the same. We finally gave in and got him a dog. Here he is

He is a King Charles Spaniel and he is five months old. Luckily he is very placid and already house trained. My son has gone though a couple of names, he started off as Floppy but now is called Eddie. We now have a lot to learn but it should be fun and hopefully we will get fit taking him out for walks.

6 responses to “A new addition to the family”

  1. christine veronica taylor says:

    Aw what a cutie *waves Hello Eddie x

  2. Coistycat says:

    WOW what a cutie, you are going to love having him & will soon never know how you went so long without him xx

  3. krailton says:

    he look really sweet 🙂 x

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