A gift of flowers from Blossoming Gifts

June 25, 2015

How often do you get flowers? I love receiving bouquets of flowers, the sight of a bunch of blooms in my living room always puts a smile on my face. They add a lovely scent into the air making the house smell of summer. You notice the scent when you walk in the door, it adds a feeling of freshness to the home. I love being surprised with flowers, they always make me feel special. There is something soothing about unwrapping them, taking out a lovely vase and arranging them for display. Recently I had a difficult week. My poor dog was in real pain, squealing in agony whenever he tried to get up. It was torture to watch, you know they are hurt but they can’t tell you where. To see a dog that loves running around and enjoys long walks in so much pain is distressing. We had to take him to the vet on the Sunday but two days later he was no better. When he had x-rays they showed that one of the discs in his spine was misshaped and pressing on his spine. Luckily with lots of rest and relaxation and painkillers he now seems fine. I was really worried about him and when I received a lovely flower delivery from Blossoming Gifts it really cheered me up.

Blossoming GiftsBlossoming Gifts are a company that provide online flowers. The flowers arrive in a box and are sent by post. The flowers are guaranteed to stay fresh for seven days. As well as flowers Blossoming Gifts also do a range of hampers, wines and gifts. The bouquet I recieved was from their range of summer flowers. Called Summer Delight it is a lovely mix of roses and carnations. When I opened the box containing the flowers the perfume was delightful and made me think of sitting in the garden on a summer day. I happily set about arranging them in a vase.

Blossoming giftsThe resulting display looked gorgeous and really brightened up the corner of my room. I smiled every time I walked past them. It was a splash of summer in the corner of my room.

Blossoming giftsBlossoming Gifts also do a range of cheap flowers which are all under £20 so you can surprise the special person in your life even if you have a limited budget. Did you know you can also cook with flowers? I have recently been experimenting cooking with edible flowers and produced the perfect summer recipe for jasmine ice cream with cornflower butterscotch sauce and orange and marigold shortbread. A combination that is perfect for a summer dessert.
Jasmine icecream with butterscotch sauce

Blossoming Gifts Discount Code

How would you like to surprise the special person in your life with the gift of flowers and make them smile. Blossoming Gifts have given me a discount code to share with my readers which will give you 33% off their beautiful bouquets. The discount code excludes the flowers by post range so be aware of this when you order. The discount code is BGIFTS33
Blossoming GiftsWhen was the last time you received flowers? Was it for a special occasion?
I was sent the flowers in return for an honest review. My opinions are my own.

4 responses to “A gift of flowers from Blossoming Gifts”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your dog, Alison, hopefully he is fine now? Nice to get such a pretty bouquet of flowers in the post, I was surprised with one recently too

  2. What beautiful flowers. I always feel better when my room is filled with nice bright flowers.

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