Personalise a room with TenStickers

January 26, 2016

Decorating a room gives you a chance to put your own personal stamp on a space.Why not personalise a room with TenStickers?

When we moved into our home it was not decorated to our taste. The spare room was pretty garish with lime green and yellow wallpaper.

Gradually my husband and I have redecorated the rooms and now the house feels like our home. I say my husband and I, but in truth he did most of the redecorating. Wallpapering has a certain knack to it which I just don’t have.  I am happy with the way our home looks now and most of the walls contain pictures.

One thing I never thought of was adding stickers to personalise a living space. The other day I was at the hairdressers and they had white tiled walls on which large stickers in swirling script had been added. These had inspiration quotes like this one from Audrey Hepburn.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

It got me thinking that I could maybe add some motivational quotes to my walls using wall stickers. I found TenStickers online, they do a wide range of stickers. Wall stickers for the kitchen, bathroom, kids’ bedroom or anywhere else in the house you might want a sticker. They also have a range of laptop stickers, car stickers, in fact if you want a sticker they should be able to help. I had a quick browse on the site and found a number of different stickers I really liked, the only difficulty is choosing which is the nicest.


A lot of the stickers are functional as well, I love the blackboard stickers which would be perfect for scribbling on. It would be a great place to jot down appointments to be reminded of them as you leave the house. The cat blackboard sticker would be perfect in a hall, as well as being a talking point.


I was also pleased to find they had dragons. The cheeky dragon setting fire to a bookcase would make a great addition to a childs’ room. Alternatively if you have large picture windows you could add a dragon to one of them which would make a great focal point for a room.


If you are unable to find the perfect sticker for your room, you can try TenStickers’ personalised service. They can take any photo and turn it into a bespoke wall sticker. How about a sticker of your pet or your child to put on the wall? You could also create a personalised text sticker with a special message for someone. I really love the idea of using these stickers from TenStickers to personalise a room.

For more ideas on how to personalise your house why not have a look at my ideas for creating a sense of calm in the bedroom.

This is a commissioned post.

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  1. I think these wall stickers are such a good way to liven up a room without having to paint it, which can be a hassle when it comes to moving out.

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