A Rain Dance

When I was about nine or ten I was presented with my first camera. In those days cameras were not easy to use, you had to set the distance and the type of picture you were taking. The camera used real film, which you had to load into it carefully, making sure you did not expose any of it to the light. Every time you took a picture you had to remember to wind the film forward or you would get two pictures superimposed. My dad used to develop the pictures himself, in black and white. I remember him shutting himself into the kitchen and we were banned from entering or turning on the lights. I ended up with boxes full of black and white prints, some good, some blurry but all of them memories and windows on the past.

Recently I had a look though them and this photograph caught my eye. We had been on a trip to America and spent some time touring around Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. One day we visited a Cherokee Indian reservation and one of the Indians was telling us about how they used to live. It was really fascinating listening to stories of teepees and hunts whilst sitting under the hot sun.

IndianAt the end of his talk he jokingly said he was going to do a rain dance, got out his feathers and swooped them up into the air. That was it, he said it was so fast we had missed it. Just as I was taking the photo a young boy ran out of the crowd and stood next to him, looking up in wonder. I managed to snap the photo just at that moment and love the way it contrasts modern and old.

The photo was scanned in from a battered print so some of the quality has been lost, but the picture brings back memories of a holiday and adventure long ago. I love the way the black and white shows the contrast in the image, the leaves on the trees look so stark.

Magix Photo Manager Deluxe 12 Review

With the advent of cameras in phones and digital cameras it has become easier than ever to take loads of photos. If you are like me then you will find you have lots of pictures all over the place, on external hard drives, your computers hard drive and it is next to impossible to find the one you want. Magix Photo Manager Deluxe has come to my rescue, with its solution for storing and archiving pictures. Now I can find the photos I want, optimise them and share with friends and family from the one place.

When the Magix Photo Manager starts it imports all your photographs, from external hard drives, flash drives and anywhere else. It then adds them into it’s database. This means that you can easily find the photo you want when you want it, there are a range of search options. You can even search for a person’s face and find all the photographs of them. If you are stuck there is are plenty of videos which show you different features of software to help you out.

Magix Photo Manager

The photos are shown as thumbnails so you can easily find the one you want. If you see a photograph that needs some work it is easy to do this. Magix photo manager contains a number of tools for photo editing.
Magix Photo Manager
You can change brightness and contrast, remove red eye and add different effects. These are all really easy to do using the various sliders and other tools supplied for this task. If you do something wrong the original photo is unchanged so you can experiment to your hearts content.

When you have finished editing you can share your photos on line easily. There are options for sharing on facebook, you tube and flicker or you can create an album only family can see. The software also reminds you to back up your photos to CD or DVD and you can set up how often you want to be reminded to do this. I am finding this software really useful and now can find photographs when I want to, which saves me hours searching random directories.

Magix Photo Manager 12 is RRP £49.99

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of the software in order to provide an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.