Susan Posnick Brush On Block Review

Occasionally a product comes along which makes you wonder why no one has thought of it before. For me Susan Posnick Brush On Block was one of these products. It is a mineral sunblock that comes in a dispenser with a brush, that can be easily refilled.

Susan Posnick Brush On Block
It is very important that you protect your skin from the sun, these days we are all aware of the fact that sun burn can lead to skin cancer. Applying sun cream is the best way to prevent this. Susan Posnick Brush On Block makes it really easy to do this. It is also a fabulous size for carrying around as it will easily slip into a handbag or toilet bag for travelling. The mineral sunblock is SPF 30 so it has a good amount of protection from UV-B rays. The Brush On Block comes in a small tube like dispenser, you can see the mineral sun block at the bottom

BrushOnBlock2Slipping down the inside white plastic tube reveals the brush. This is a useful way to protect the brush and prevent the bristles getting trapped when you close the lid. The brush is very soft and spreads out when you use it.

BrushOnBlock3To get the sunblock out of the tube you need to twist the bottom to unlock it. You then shake the tube a few times and the sunblock will travel up the tube into the brush. When you have finished using it you just lock the tube again so there is no risk of spillage.

BrushOnBlock4The sunscreen glides onto the skin incredibly easily and you just can’t see it is there. There is no sticky residue after application and it does not discolour clothes like some sun creams do. There is no smell either, you really can’t tell it is there. This makes it brilliant for my son who hates wearing sticky sun cream. It can even be applied over make up and is waterproof and sweat proof for 80 minutes so can be used when swimming.

Brush on Block uses mineral ingredients, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to provide sub protection. It also contains green tea leaf extract which is a natural antioxidant, safflower seed for moisturising skin and chamomile flower and honeysuckle extract to sooth the skin and prevent inflammation.

You can obtain Susan Posnick Brush On Block RRP £23


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