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The trouble with being over forty is that you start to get wobbly bits. One day you wake up and find that a little bit of flab has appeared where you never used to have any. It might be your tummy that gets a little bigger or you just generally get a bit bigger all over. Your clothes start to feel a little tighter and you wonder what you are doing wrong. You have not been eating any more than normal but still the flab keeps appearing. Could it be aliens sneaking in at night and secretly adding fat to you?

If you follow my blog on a regular basis you will know that I have been working hard to lose the weight that seemed to sneak on gradually without me realising. I went on a sensible diet and took up exercise. I started running and strangely enough I really enjoyed it. I even managed to run 2 miles which to me was a real achievement. The fact that I could achieve this really made me feel good. In the past the only sport I was any good at was swimming, which I still enjoy.

Recently though I have not been out much, the weather has been very cold and the roads have been extremely icy and slippery. It has been hard enough getting out and walking, never mind doing any running. I have not given up on exercise entirely, I still walk the dog twice a day. I do not want the weight to start creeping back on again though and I really want to up my level of fitness. Exercise is a great stress buster and I feel much more able to cope with life when I am fit.  In order to do this I need a plan which will cater for exercise whatever the weather. I also need a target to aim for with regards to my running, at the moment I have just been running as far as I can.

So this is my cunning plan:

  • Do a form of exercise inside at least once a week. This could be zumba, or one of my exercise DVD’s. The aim is to use different muscles from the ones I do when running and tone up all over.
  • Choose a running training schedule and stick to it. I have decided I am going to aim for 5K to start with (which is about 3 miles). There are a number of on-line plans and I need to choose the one that fits in best with my lifestyle.
  • Watch my diet. I need to eat more fruit and vegetables rather than going for chocolate. I like fruit and vegetables so I need to make sure I add them to my shopping list.

Hopefully doing this I can keep up my momentum and Get Fit and Feel Epic!

Disclosure: This is my entry for the Get Fit Feel Epic competition from, hosted at Mum Reinvented



  1. January 30, 2013 / 10:37 am

    I hope you reach your goal! Feeling epic must be ace. I should probably follow your example really. It’s great that you’ve found that running is an exercise that you enjoy. Its much nicer when it’s not a chore to get fit. Keep it up!

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