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You may remember a little while ago I redecorated my living room. I was really pleased with the results but it made me realise exactly how shabby my carpets had become. With the family and the dog tracking in mud it was really dirty. Hoovering just did not get it thoroughly clean. I had tried scrubbing it by hand but that just made it wet and did not seem to move much dirt. I had been looking at Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine displays in supermarkets for a while and wondering if it was worth giving one a go. I was delighted when I got sent one to try out and see what I thought.

The Rug Doctor machine itself is quite bulky. The flex wraps round the handle neatly and the handle folds down which makes it easier to transport. It is slightly heavier than a hoover but it is easy enough to push around.

Rug DoctorTo use the machine you need to get some Rug Doctor carpet cleaner. The upper white part of the machine lifts off and you pour the carpet cleaner into the bottom part of the machine. You then top it up with warm water, put the machine back together and you are ready to go.

Rug Doctor Detergent areaThe Rug Doctor is really easy to use. You press the button on the top of the machine to turn it on. When you get the machine into the right place you press the button on the handle and it starts cleaning. It is quite noisy which the dog did not like.

This is the carpet before I started cleaning it. As you can see there is a definite stain where muddy feet have left a trail behind them.

Dirty CarpetYou can actually see the difference the Rug Doctor made whilst I was using it. The stain magically disappeared and when dry, the carpet was a shade lighter.

Removing stain using a rug doctorWhat is scary is the amount of dirt that came out of the carpet. The water gets sucked up into the top white container as the Rug Doctor cleans and this was the colour of the water when I finished. I am so pleased that dirt is no longer in my carpet. The carpets are left slightly damp after use but they dry really quickly.

dirt removed by Rug DoctorI was really pleased with the results I got from cleaning my carpets with the Rug Doctor. The difference is noticeable and the carpets feel fluffier as well. The Rug Doctor machine is really easy to use. There is also a range of accessories which enable you to easily clean up your stairs and other hard to reach places.The only hard part was moving all the furniture to clean under it. This took most of the time. If I was going to rent a Rug Doctor I would make sure I had moved as much of this as possible before I collected it.

You can rent Rug Doctor machines in various Supermarkets. It costs £30 for twenty four hours which is great value. You can find more information on the Rug Doctor website including where you can get a machine. I will definitely be hiring one again.

Disclosure: I was lent a Rug Doctor in order to do an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.


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