A Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

It is nearly Valentine’s day, an occasion where lovers express their love by sending flowers, cards, chocolates and other tokens of their affection. When I was a teenager we used to buy cards and send them anonymously, covering them with slushy rhymes and acronyms such as S.W.A.L.K (sealed with a loving kiss). The girls would swap rhymes and some had books full of verse. We used to buy large cards and the school would set up a postal service to deliver them secretly. Excitement mounted as we watched to see the object of our affection receive our card. If we received one it caused much speculation and guessing to work out who it was from.

Now I am older I know exactly who I am going to buy a gift for, my husband. If I get a card it has come from him rather than a secret admirer. There is something special about receiving a gift or a card after being together for years. You realise you are still important and it helps rekindle the romance. On Valentine’s day I will usually make a special meal and we spend some family time together.

I like to get my husband a card and a gift, although it is really hard to get gifts for men. I usually get a book or something else that he has hinted he wants. He will usually get me some chocolates or flowers which I love. I end up sharing the chocolates with him and my son though. I was really interested to see this infographic which looks at what women think is a perfect Valentine’s day gift. 72% of women want a day off from housework and child care!. I agree with that, I always seem to be running around after everyone else. I am somehow meant to know where my son has dropped his jumper or where my husband has put is phone. I can think of nothing better than relaxing with a few pampering treats and a good book.

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What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Do you have anything special planned?

Disclosure: I was sent some beauty treats in return for sharing this infographic. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.


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