Pancake Masterpieces

There are certain masterpiece paintings that everyone is aware of. Who is not familiar with the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci or The Scream by Edvard Munch. When Abra-ca-Debora got in touch and asked me if I would like to try and recreate classic works of art, using their pancakes as the base and toppings of fruit, nuts or anything that we fancied to create the art, I had to get involved. I set to work creating pancake masterpieces.

As Abra-ca-Debora are Dutch I decided to recreate a work of art from a Dutch master. Here we have The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer.
The girl with a pearl earringLovingly recreated using nutella, peanut butter, almonds and a cherry and blue cake sprinkles. What do you think? Does it resemble the original?  I think it is pretty close.

Next up my recreation of Claude Monet’s Water lillies. He actually did a series of paintings about Water lillies, this is one from 1917 with willow branches hanging over the water.

WaterlilliesI used a base of nutella, mint leaves to create the branches and grapes, cherries and almonds to create the water lillies. More blue cake sprinkles were used for the water.

 My final attempt was a painting from another Dutch master, Vincent Van Gogh. This time I attempted to recreate Starry Night.

starry night

 Chocolate orange pieces were used to create the tower, blue cake sprinkles for the sky and almonds and little Abra-ca-Debora pancakes used for the stars. The village was made with cherries.

Having put all that hard work into making pancake masterpieces they were then eaten and enjoyed by the family. I had never tried Abra-ca-Debora pancakes before, but will be getting them again, they are really tasty. As well as tasting delicious with sweet toppings I think they would be really nice used in a savoury combination. Definitely something to use to make a speedy supper.

If you want to see more examples of pancake art there are plenty on  Abra-ca-Debora’s Facebook Page.

I was sent a hamper of pancakes and ingredients to help me make pancake masterpieces.




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