I recently received two of the new lasting finish lipsticks from Rimmel London These are new lipsticks that incorporate Colour Protect technology. This apparently is enriched with 50% longer wearing colour boost pigments which give 25% more colour impact that ordinary lipstick. It is also meant to last up to 8 hours. Thats the science!

I received two colours, number 164 Tantrum which is a dark reddy pink colour and number 242 Fudge Brownie which is a much more subtle pinky brown shade.

My favourite colour of the two was the Fudge Brownie, it was much more subtle. The other colour was a bit too red for me and did not suit me that well.

When wearing them they had a nice soft feel on the lips and did not make my lips feel tight which a lot of lipsticks can do.  My lips definitely felt softer aftering using them.  Another bonus was that when I had a cup of tea they did not leave nasty lipstick marks on the cups.  This is a definite plus for me as I hate that!

The colours are definitely intense so the colour boost pigments are definitely doing something. They have a nice glittery look as well. One thing that also stuck me was the fragrance, its a really nice subtle smell.

The colour lasts well. I am not sure that it lasts the eight hours that it says that it will. It does have good staying power and as it wears off does not leave a ring round your mouth like some lipsticks do. I would definitely buy this again.