A bank, a meticulously planned hold up. They think they will get away with it but they have not counted on the Bricklayer. Before they know it they are tumbling out of windows wondering what hit them. The FBI have a problem, their operatives are being killed. They are being held to ransom, more people will die unless they pay out. They have already lost a million dollars and face losing more. Could it be an inside job? Who can they turn to for help?

Steve Vail, former FBI agent, now working as a Bricklayer, is approached by Kate Bannon, deputy assistant director. A maverick, who does not like authority, but is great at the job. Can he unravel the mess and find out who is killing the agents before it is too late?

A great book, with loads of unexpected twists and turns. Just when we think the case has been solved a subtle twist develops that leads the reader in a new direction. The characters are developed well and there is interesting chemistry between the two main characters. A third female character, district attorney Tye Delson, who is helping them with the case, adds to the mix introducing subtle edginess between the main characters.

From an explosive start the action does not let up and the ending is totally unexpected. An enjoyable book, well worth a read.