OiDroids Review

Have you ever dreamed of having a robot army to take over the world? OiDroids might be just the thing you have been looking for. OiDroids are new collectable trading cards aimed at Primary School children. They are a bit different from normal trading cards as each one contains a little robot that you can pop out and build.

 photo Oidroids_zps82503ae3.jpgEach pack contains four robot cards and at the moment there are 64 in total to collect. The robots are pictured on the inside of the packet so you can easily see which ones you have and which ones you need. My son quickly spotted that some were rare and some ultra rare that have foil on them.

 photo Oidroiods3_zps8dfcfd75.jpgThe robot cards themselves are about the size of a postcard. The little robot model easily pops out and there is also a little data card which tells you all about the robot.

 photo Oidroids5_zps3d09dd11.jpgThe OiDroids are really easy to build, you just fold along clearly marked lines and pop tabs into slots and a few minutes later you have your very own robot. There is no need for clue or scissors. How fab does he look? The printing quality is excellent.

 photo Oidroids6_zpsd7a16c9a.jpgMy son loved these and is now in the process of building an ever expanding robot army (dreams of world domination).

At the moment you can only buy the cards via the OiDroids website which is a bit of a shame. I am sure we will be seeing them everywhere soon. The prices are reasonable, a pack of four costs £1.50, a multipack of 12 is £3.85.  You can also sign up for an Annual Subscription for  £15 which gets you a pack a month for a year and access to any new exciting Oidroid developments. This would be great for a gift. These are great value for money, they kept my son occupied for ages just making them and that was before he even looked at their abilities and setting his collection out to make it look good.

Disclosure: I was sent some OiDroids in order to do an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.


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  1. April 25, 2013 / 3:57 pm

    I do think these look fantastic. I love that there are loads to build up a little robot army…and they’re nice and cheap so a great little treat when they’ve been good 🙂

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