A New Bedroom Blind

I seem to have the DIY bug at the moment. If you follow my blog you will know I have been decorating my living room and have just finished. I was really pleased with the result. A while ago I gave my kitchen window a makeover with a blind and it made the room look much brighter. I wondered if I could do the same in my spare bedroom. We had papered it a while ago and I love the wallpaper. The blind really let the room down, it was a Venetian blind which has been there for years and was starting to look the worse for wear.

BlindThe room was a bit untidy as well, I do tend to pile things on the windowsill. I had a browse for a new blind on Web-blinds and was really spoiled for choice. They have a lovely selection, but when I saw the photo blinds I knew I had to have one. I made a choice that I thought would go well with the wallpaper and sent off for it.

While I waited for it to arrive I removed the old blind. As soon as I did this I saw what a state the old window was in. It is the only wooden window in the house, the rest are double glazed. The frame was looking a bit worse for wear and would need some serious repairs. I nipped off to B&Q to get some plastic wood. Believe it or not the man at B&Q had no idea what I meant by plastic wood. Apparently its called wood filler. I think the term plastic wood is much more descriptive. I patched up the window, but then it needed a lick of paint. I got a white gloss from Crown, it is pure brilliant white and apparently gets whiter with age. Once the window was complete it was time to put up my bedroom blind. I was a bit worried it would be hard, but it was incredibly easy. I just had to drill four holes, screw the blind holders in and the blind just slotted into place.

As you can see the window looks much brighter after being painted. The blind also lets more light into the room. Can you guess what design I chose?

New Blind

As you can see it is a beautiful sunset. I think it goes perfectly with the wallpaper and is the perfect choice for a restful night sleep.

Bedroom Blind
What do you think of my choice? I love it.

Disclosure: I was sent a blind in order to do an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.


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