My Dog’s Dream Christmas

I have a dog, a King Charles Spaniel called Eddie. I asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he told me toys, toys and food. He is a boy of simple tastes as well as being very cute. Here he is:
King Charles SpanielTime for Paws  currently have a blogger competition running where you can win your pets dream Christmas items. I sat down with Eddie and we had a browse, these are the items he decided he wanted.

Christmas for my Dog

He had already told me that he wanted toys and more toys. His favourite toy is his Kong dog ball. It has got to the stage where I have to hide it as if he sees it he wants to play for ages and will woof and whine until I throw it. It is starting to look a bit battered so he needs a new one. He also loves soft toys and the Kong Braidz tiger looks durable. The reindeer I just couldn’t resist after all it is Christmas.

My dog then told me he wanted a new bed. He has had his current one since we got him and he has grown so it looks a little small. The dog bed I chose looks warm and comfy and I love the dog paws on it. Finally I chose a harness so that we can take him in the car safely and a mat to prevent the car getting muddy. I was not allowed to forget the dog treats, he looked at me with big eyes until I added a box of biscuits and a raw hide bone. Finally I added some flea treatment as I know that he does not want fleas.

We had great fun browsing the site and finding our choices and Eddie now has his paws firmly crossed.


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