Marshmallow Skewers

I usually spend some time cooking at the weekend and this weekend I wanted to try a very simple idea. I had seen some marshmallow skewers at the farmers market when I was there the other day, and my son really loved them. I wanted to try and recreate the idea at home as I thought they would be a great thing to make with Christmas being on the way.

All you need is a couple of packets of marshmallows, some cooking chocolate, a load of different cake decorating sprinkles, some skewers and an enthusiastic child.

First thread the marshmallows onto skewers. A mix of shapes works well.

AMarshmallow skewersNext melt the chocolate. You can either do this in a bowl in a microwave oven which is dead easy or you can use a pan of bowling water with a bowl of chocolate placed in it which seems to take forever. Then get the marshmallow skewers and cover them with chocolate.  Finally get your child to decorate enthusiastically with different sprinkles.

The final result. marshmallow skewers and a happy child.

Marshmallow skewersStrangely I found a hidden snowman on one of my son’s creations

Marshmallow skewersFinally eat, but make sure you have a wet cloth handy for those chocolate covered faces. A very quick and simple recipe but lots of fun.

Disclosure: I made marshmallow skewers as it seemed like a fun thing to try.



  1. November 16, 2012 / 9:59 am

    Mmmmm marshmallows… my favourite 🙂

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