Making pulled pork with Santa Maria

Pulled pork is one of those dishes that is perfect to eat in the summer. The trend for pulled pork has moved to the UK in recent years. American barbecue restaurants now seem to be everywhere. Ribs, pulled pork and pulled beef are piled on the plate with various seasoning accompanied by fries, coleslaw and beans. We have tried a couple of these restaurants in Newcastle and enjoyed both of them. It is difficult to decide if we preferred Longhorns Barbecue Smoke House in the city centre or The Hop & Cleaver at the quayside.

Pulled pork is a speciality of North Carolina. Barbecues are a social occasion which often took days to prepare. A pit was dug in the ground and filled with wood. This was set alight and left to burn down to the coals. Whole hogs were hung over the pit on skewers which were turned though out the night.  The next afternoon the skin was crispy and the meat could just be pulled off the joint.

Making pulled pork with Santa Maria

Pulled pork is quite easy to make at home. Just season a pork shouder joint with herbs and spices and leave it to cook slowly in the oven for five or six hours. When it is ready the meat is meltingly tender and falls apart. I have a recipe for  pulled pork with barbecue sauce done slowly in the slow cooker which works really well. Recently Santa Maria got in touch and asked if I would like to try out their pulled pork dinner kit.

Santa Maria Pulled pork dinner kit

The kit contains a special seasoning to create perfectly seasoned pulled pork in ninety minutes. It also has a seasoning mix for red onions, a chipotle barbecue sauce and mini tortillas for serving the pulled pork in. There is also a cooking bag provided. All you need to do is add some pork chops to the cooking bag with the seasoning mix and a little water. Make sure the chops are well covered with the seasoning and put in the oven for ninety minutes. Just before the chops come out of the oven chop up a red onion and pour over the onion seasoning. The chops can then be shredded and served in the tortilla with the onions and barbecue sauce.

Santa Maria pulled pork kit

How did it taste?

When I took the chops out of the oven they were perfectly seasoned. I was able to pull them apart but not as easily as when I cook the pork for a long time. Next time I think I would leave the pork in the oven for longer. After shredding the pork I added it to the tortillas with the onion mixture and the chipotle barbecue sauce. The pork had a lovely smoky taste reminding me of a barbecue. The onion seasoning had a sweet sour tang that was really nice. The tortilla wraps and the barbecue sauce were perfect when mixed with the pork and onion mixture. Overall it was a very nice meal. The whole family enjoyed it and I would definitely make this again.

Santa Maria pulled pork kit

While I much prefer to make my own pulled pork when I have the time, but making pulled pork with Santa Maria pulled pork dinner kit is a good alternative when you are pressed for time.

I was sent the pulled pork dinner kit to try out but was not obliged to say anything nice. My opinions are my own.



  1. August 2, 2016 / 2:26 pm

    I love pulled pork but i have never attempted to make it! maybe i should give it a go. I have used some Santa maria products, they are good.

  2. Suze - Luxury Columnist
    August 3, 2016 / 11:00 am

    You’ve got me feeling really hungry now, Ali! I absolutely love pulled pork

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