A living room make over

If you had to choose a room in your home to totally redecorate which room would you choose?I would give my living room a make over. We redecorated the room a couple of years ago and I am quite happy with the look we chose. The grey wall paper on the bottom looks lovely with the magnolia walls and the flowery border really sets it off. We made a feature over the fireplace by using black and silver wallpaper with buildings on it which sets the room off.

Living Room


 Sadly the whole room is let down by the rather ugly fireplace and gas fire which looks dated. We could not do much about this while we had the old back boiler behind the fire. Recently we bit the bullet and got a back boiler installed. Now the gas fire is gone and we just have a blank space where it used to be. I have been thinking of ways to update this space and decided that a tiled fireplace would be the way to go. You can see some of my ideas for a living room make over on the pinterest board below.

A living room make over

When looking for ideas I found a lovely blue tiled fireplace which uses blue and white tiles. This makes a great focal point for the room. The tiles cover the outside of the chimney breast and surround a lovely white fireplace. Looking on the Walls and Floors website I found two different styles of tile that might help complete this look. The first ones are Harika tiles which have a lovely geometric pattern which would look striking on the wall. The alternative was a mixture of two Antique Delft tiles which would add a Victorian effect to the space. If I went for this look it would be tempting to choose a fire that looks like a wood burning stove to make it look more rustic.

As well as tackling the fireplace I would replace the carpets with an wooden effect floor. A wooden floor has a classic minimalist look which would lead your eye to the tiled fireplace feature. There are two styles that would work really well, either the Antique wood tiles or the rustic flooring. Both of these have a rich warm colour which would add a sense of cosiness to the living room. A rug could be added to break up the wood and the union jack rug adds a sense of quirkiness.

To finish off the room I would add a tiled hearth to the fireplace. The hexagonal marble tiles work really well against the wood and would make an interesting pattern. I would add a few finishing touches like a cover over the radiator, a pretty reading light and some colourful cushions to complete the look.

What do you think of my ideas for a living room make over? Let me know below.

This is my entry into the competition that Walls and Floors are running to help bloggers transform their homes.


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