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This week it has been mainly snowing. The problem with the snow is it makes me want to eat. I look outside and see it is cold out there and my thought turn to hot warm food, cups of tea with biscuits and cake, hot warming stews. You get the idea. The cold makes me hungry. The other problem with the snow is it means I have not been out running.

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In fact I have been very lazy and not run for a while. I have been walking the dog but the paths are very slippy and it is very cold out there. I admit it, I am a wimp. I don’t want to go out in this weather, I want to stay in the warm. Bring on the spring!

Having said that we have been out playing in the snow. The dog loves it, which is strange as it is up to his chest. We took him for a long walk yesterday and he was bounding around like a jack rabbit in a very excited manner. He was really happy and even chased after snowballs and tried to pick them up as if they were real balls. We also went sledging yesterday on the top of the big hill behind our house. It was really busy, half the neighbourhood had come out with sledges, plastic bags and even for sale signs to use as a sledge. The top of the hill was treacherous, it was like walking on sheet ice. We were waddling along like penguins at one point. My son did manage a good few runs down the hill, but has not got the hang of steering the sledge. It was good fun but cold!

As to the weight, I am quite happy, I seem to have stayed the same. I still have a few pounds to lose but to be honest they can wait until its a little warmer! What’s the weather like near you? Have you been playing in the snow?

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  1. I feel exactly the same in the cold weather I have just made some nutella cupcakes and I will defo eat one while they are still warm.

  2. Sounds like you’re in a great place weight-wise, well done for getting there – and it’s always more motivating trying to lose weight for the warmer weather when you won’t be hiding under baggy jumpers ! xxx

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