LED Light Bulbs Review

In these days of increasing energy prices everyone is aware of energy saving light bulbs. Until recently filament light bulbs were in use in most homes but these have been phased out. I use energy saving light bulbs but I am not very keen on them. I find they take a long time to warm up and become bright and overall their light seems dimmer. I was very interested to learn that you can now buy LED Light Bulbs from LED Hut.

In case you are not aware, LED stands for light emitting diode. When these were first invented you could only get them in red. I remember being fascinated as a child when they were using in clock faces and scientific calculators to show the numbers. Technology has moved on since then and they now come in a range of colours. They now have many uses including backlighting LCD TV’s.

I was really keen to try the LED bulbs and see if they would be an improvement on low energy bulbs. The great thing about using LED bulbs is that they also have a low energy consumption. A normal incandescent light bulb loses a lot of energy as heat. LED’s are an improvement for a number of reasons.

  • LED’s are more efficient and use 90% less energy.
  • LED’s last longer. They last 25-30 years providing consistent light without breaking.
  • They create less carbon dioxide (a factor in global warming) . Switching all your bulbs to LEDs can save 56 tonnes of carbon dioxide being created.
  • They save money. You can save £9.15 per month by swapping 12 standard 50W halogen light bulbs to LEDs light bulbs which works out as £2,550 over the bulbs’ lifespan.

It all sounded great but I wondered how they would work out in practice.

The bulbs arrived in rather plain white boxes carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent breakages.


Opening the boxes I found the bulbs. They come in a range of different sizes that will fit most standard light fittings. You can even get LED Strip lights. I needed candle type bulbs and normal shaped bulbs to light my living room. You can get them in both screw fitting and bayonet fitting depending what you need.

The LED light bulbs come in different values of Watts, the same way ordinary light bulbs do. You can also choose the type of light you want, from cool white to warm white. The cool is more suitable for bathrooms and kitchens and the warm for living areas.
They look very much like normal bulbs until you look at them head on. When you do this you can see the LED’s inside the bulb, it looks a little bit like a flower.

So what did I think? I installed the LED light bulbs in my living room as it looks really gloomy with energy saving light bulbs. When I switched on I noticed an instant difference. The bulbs seemed bright instantly, I did not have to wait for the light to warm up and reach full brightness. I also thought that the room seemed a lot brighter with less lights on. I was very pleased with the results and will be looking at changing the bulbs in my other rooms as well. The great thing is that I am saving money while I am using these bulbs and they should not need replacing for a long time. The bulbs are slightly more expensive to buy up front but considering how long they last it is a worthwhile investment.  The standard bulbs I fitted are £12.83 and the candle bulbs are £8.60.

You can visit the LED Hut website for more information about LED light bulbs and to use their interactive energy saving calculator.

Disclosure: I was sent some LED Light Bulbs to try out and find out more about them in return for an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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  1. January 7, 2013 / 10:38 am

    We use LED bulbs instead of GU10 halogen bulbs – like you say they are instantly bright, use less energy, and they don’t emit heat like halogen ones. We made the switch when we moved into our new home – there were 30 GU10 bulbs around the house (the previous owners must have been fans!) and it was an expensive exercise to replace them all, but money well spent in the long run. I would definitely recommend them.

  2. December 18, 2013 / 5:14 am

    I would definitely prefer led lights over halogen lighting as LED lights are stylish, elegant, energy saving and Eco friendly. The only problem is the initial setup cost is high. So I still prefer it as its energy saving feature will cover the initial cost.
    Savin recently posted…Lighten Up Your Commercial Establishment with 2D LEDMy Profile

  3. July 8, 2014 / 1:29 pm

    Yes, a lot more people are now turning to energy saving bulbs and even more so in commercial and industrial premises where the cost of bulb can reach a high amount.

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