Justin Fletcher – Hands Up …. The Album

Any mum with young children will be familiar with Justin Fletcher. He makes frequent appearances on CBeebies, always with a smile and keeps the children glued to the television screen. You may well know him as Mr Tumble from Something Special, a number of different characters from his show Gigglebiz or possibly from his newest show Justin’s House.

Justin had just released a new album aimed at preschool children which is due for release on March 5th 2012 but can be pre0rdered now.  It is no surprise that the album contains a mix of children’s classics along with other songs. I was expecting this to be in the same vein as a lot of other children’s albums which are just background noise to me. I was pleasantly surprised as this is really up beat and lively. I found myself dancing along to it whilst doing the housework.

This would be a fabulous album for a children’s party, it would have them all dancing round the room in no time. There are classic songs you can do the actions to like Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and the Wheels on the Bus.  There is also new music like Justin’s Hands Up, the song of the title which is incredibly catchy and gets you moving in no time. The song Teddy Bears Picnic makes you feel that there are really bears creeping though the woods towards their picnic. Each of the songs while familiar classics have been given a unique and distinctive sound. It is a great album for children and also a secret pleasure for grown-ups, you really have to stop yourself singing along.

You can find Justin Fletcher on Facebook and Twitter.

RRP £8.97

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