Just In Time Board Game Review

My family love playing board games, in fact there is nothing better than a board game night with snacks. It always gets very competitive with everyone trying to win. A while ago I reviewed Indigo from Ravensburger Games and we really enjoyed playing it. I was delighted to get the chance to try another of their games, this time it was a board game called Just In Time.

Just  In Time Board GameThe aim of the game is to place your tiles on the game board faster than the other players which sounds simple. It is not quite as simple as that, as well as placing your tiles fastest you need to try and score points in order to win. The game can be played by two to  four people.

In the box you will find 52 tetris shaped tiles, they come in blue, yellow, red and green and you get 13 of each colour. There are also 40 play boards (10 for each player), 27 challenge cards, a scoring board and an hour glass timer.

The game is played over 10 rounds and each round uses a different game board. To start with the youngest player picks a game board which had a shaped area containing numbers. On the back of the game board is a number.

Just In Time Board GameYou need to choose a challenge card matching this number and it tells you which of the tiles you need to use. You take these tiles out and put the rest to one side.

Just In Time Board GameEveryone starts the round at the same time. You need to fit all your tiles within the shape on the card. The pieces can not stick out the sides of the shape and you also need to leave as many of the numbers squares uncovered as you can. These numbers make up your score. The first player to finish sets the timer marking the end of the other players time. The exposed numbers are added up and the score tracked on the game card. At the end of the ten rounds the person with the highest score wins.

The game play was fast and furious and it encourages problem solving ability. My son found it quite hard to fit the shapes on the board at first but soon got the hang of it. The game is aimed at children aged 8 and above. It is a fun game which we will be playing a lot of over the winter.

The Just In Time board game is RRP £19.99

Disclosure: I was sent the Just In Time board game in order to do an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.


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