Holiday Postcards

Back when I was a child we went on a trip to the USA with my parents. It must have been in the late 1970’s when I was around eight or nine. It was one of those trips I dream of making again. At the time I had no camera so I spent large amounts of my pocket money on postcards. These were stuck into a scrap book which I uncovered the other day. It brought the memories flooding back.

The trip took in California and Arizona. We started in the Sierra Nevada mountains where I spent my time looking for bears. We never saw one to my great disappointment and my parents relief. We saw plenty of other wildlife though, deer and skunks. I remember the intense heat outside and the relief of going into an air conditioned diner and stopping for a cold drink.

The giant redwoods were amazing to me. I had read of the redwood that stood across the road  with an arch in it that you could drive though. I have no idea if it is still there, but we admired the huge trees which towered above us. Yosemite was another amazing park, for its vast size and towering mountains. You could easily get lost out here, a vast space of amazing beauty.

Holiday PostcardsBy contrast the arid desert of Arizona, where rattlesnakes abound. Giant cacti surrounded us, we learnt they were called Saguaro cacti and that owls made their home in them. We marveled at the Hoover Dam and the engineering that had gone into it. Driving though Death Valley and its baking heat, we were scared in case we broke down. If we had had an egg we would have tried to cook it on a rock just to see if it worked. We viewed the Grand Canyon and wondered how the river had managed to create such amazing valleys. A night was spent in Las Vegas, not able to use the slot machines but wondering at the people who sat entranced pulling the handles on the machines.

Holiday PostcardsWe ended in California and Disney Land, a special day with a brightly lit parade at night.  Driving the Pacific Coast highway taking in Cartmel and Monteray and its aquarium where we saw sea otters. Visiting San Francisco and staring across the bay at Alcatraz. Taking the time to visit China Town and a trip on the tram. The postcards bring it back and it is as if I was there again. I wish I could go back with a camera and capture it.

Disclosure:  This is my entry into the Travel Supermarket Holiday Postcards competition



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