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I like to think that generally I am a happy person and tend to have a positive look on life. Sometimes life can knock you down and you find that you are feeling a little blue. Autumn and Winter especially can be hard, the shorter days and darkness in the morning can be hard to deal with. The weather is cold and your body feels that it is slowing down. At times like this you need have to work hard to see the positives in life and sometimes it can be a struggle. This is where Happify comes in, it is an on-line program that aims to teach you the science behind happiness. Scientific research has indicated that 40% of our happiness is within our control. Happify aims to give us the strategies to maximise this 40%. The idea is that happiness can be influenced by skills that can be learnt. The more you practice the easier it gets.

I was really interested to find out how the science of happiness would actually work. I signed up to Happify and logged in. At this point I had to take a happiness test to gauge how happy I was. I was then offered a series of tracks to choose from, which all focus on different aspects of life.
Each track is broken down into a series of tasks that you can complete each day. The tasks focus on five essential skills for happiness: Savor, Thank, Aspire, Give, Empathize. Each of the tasks only take a few minutes, some you pledge to go away complete and write down how it goes. Each of them allow you to take some time to think about yourself and your happiness. As part of the Happify program you are encouraged to follow other members and they can follow you. You can like and comment on others posts and they can do the same for you. You also have the option to keep things private if you wish. I found other people liking my posts acted as an incentive. I have played games, completed activities I had to think about and found it very enjoyable.
There is no pressure associated with Happify. You can log in and do the track every day or you can just complete it at your own pace. If you decide you want to do a different track you can switch half way though.
I found doing the activities in the morning helped to centre me for the day. Being a busy mum I often find I have little time for myself and realised I am not savouring moments with my son and family as often as I could be. I found I am often charging about trying to get everything done, now I plan in more time for myself and others. I have enjoyed using Happify and will continue to use it on a regular basis.

You can try Happify for free. There is also a premium version which gives you access to more tracks.

Disclosure: I have been trying Happify for free, I was involved in the beta version as a pioneer. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.


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