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In the centre of Newcastle we have Fenwicks Department store. Every year, for as long as I can remember they have an amazing Christmas window display. The whole front of the department store is taken up with a moving display which plays music. Every year you can see parents queueing up with their children to view it and every year the display is different. It must take a lot of work to put together.

We were in town on Sunday and I managed to take some photos which I am putting on here. The photos start at the first window and move along until you reach the end. There is some reflection off the windows but it gives you a good idea of how magical they are.

Fenwicks Windows

Fenwicks Windows


Fenwicks Windows

Fenwicks Windows
Fenwicks windows

Fenwicks windowsI love this years traditional theme. Does you have anything special in your town for Christmas? I would love to know.

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  1. Gorgeous. We have a Christmas market, Father Christmas abseils down the town hall belfry, they install a free outdoor skating rink and have outdoor parades and things … but it won’t be kicking off for a while yet.

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