Feel Good Family Fun with Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers recently got in touch with me to invite me to take part in the Feel Good Blogger Challenge. It seemed appropriate as now I am in my forties I find maintaining a stable weight more of a challenge. It is much easier to pile on the pounds rather than lose them. Lots of the food we eat contains hidden fat, sugar and salt content and it is hard to decide what food is good for you. There are plenty of faddy diets around and eating a well balanced diet seems to be frowned upon.

Food should not be something we are scared of, we should be able to eat the food we want and feel good about it. Our diets should be healthy and well balanced, with room for a treat now and then. Weight Watchers challenged me to have some family fun and find out if it was possible still enjoy the foods we loved as a family. In order to help us in the task they sent us a hamper of Weight Watchers products. We had a great day, getting outdoors with the dog and playing family games as well as eating.  I produced a video to show how we got on.





I was really surprised by the selection of food, there were a number of things that I would not have expected I would have been able to eat on a diet. There were crisps, wine, and sweet treats as well as the building blocks for making your own delicious meals in a hurry.

Weightwatchers foodEach of the products is well labelled to show the ingredients in it as well as the number of Weight Watchers ProPoints so you can work out your limits for the day. The food is very family friendly as well, everyone in my family enjoyed it.

Weightwatchers wineI was happy I did not have to go without my glass of wine on a Friday, it is nice to relax with a glass after a long week. Alcohol is empty calories and can pile on the pounds. The wine was crisp and delicious and I knew how many points I was having in a glass.

Weightwatchers cakesMy son was delighted to find Weight Watchers cakes and crisps. The cakes were delicious and I really liked the way they come in individual boxes so you don’t feel you have to eat the whole box once they are open. They are the ideal size to pop into a lunch box as well.

Weightwatchers ready mealsI usually make most of my meals from scratch but sometimes you are pressed for time and Weight Watchers have a range of ready meals that are tasty and quick to make. These are great if you have been out all day and just want something quickly.

What I took away from taking part in this challenge is that when you are on a diet it does not need to be boring, you do not need to just eat salad all day (or rabbit food as my husband calls it). Maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight is all about making informed choices. You can have a cake as long as you make sure you balance it with other things. If you plan what you eat you can enjoy your food and not give up the food you love.

I was sent a hamper of weightwatcher products in order to take part in the challenge.




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