Epic Movie Review

I remember going to the pictures with my son a while ago and watching the trailer for Epic. It looked amazing but we never got round to seeing it at the pictures. Epic DVD
I was delighted to learn that the Epic is currently available on TalkTalk On Demand. You can download the film for £3.50 and it is then available for you to watch for 48 hours. Last night my son and I got the popcorn and chocolate ready and sat down to watch.

The film is about a 17 year old girl Mary Katherine or MK (Amanda Seinfield) who goes to stay with her dad. He is an eccentric who has set up his home to help him in the search for Leafmen, little people who he is convinced live in the forest.  The Leafmen are real and help protect the forest from the Boggans, who want to destroy it. The time has come for the queen of the Leafmen (Beyonce) to choose an heir, she picks a pod to carry the life of the forest. This must bloom or the forest will die. Just as she picks it the Boggans attack and the queen tries to escape. MK has left her fathers house, intending to leave for real as she is fed up with him. As she does their dog Ozzy escapes into the forest and she follows him. She comes across the queen as she dies. MK catches the pod and is swept into an adventure where only she can save the forest. She is aided in her quest by the commander of the Leafmen (Colin Farrell) and one of his rebellious soldiers (Josh Hutchinson) and Mub and Grub, a snail and a slug.

So what did we think? Epic was an absorbing story that makes you think about the forest and how important is is to us. There is something magical about the idea of little people looking after the forest who move too fast for us to see. The story has its dark side as the Boggans try to capture the pod and turn the forest dark but this is balanced by light moments and humor. The film is made by the makers of Ice Age and the animation is beautiful, the human characters look almost real. The film is fast paced with plenty of action and kept us both absorbed.

My son loved the characters of Mub and Grub, they provided plenty of comic moments though out the story but played their part in trying to save the day. I loved the dog Ozzy, a pug with three legs and one eye who is old and loyal.
Epic is aimed at children aimed 7 and older. My son is twelve and he enjoyed too. It definitely has an educational point as it brings out the important of the forest and why we need leaves and plants. Epic is an enjoyable movie and we loved watching it.

Disclosure: I was given the movie to download from Talk Talk in order to do an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.



  1. Cynthia Grlx
    October 12, 2013 / 3:57 pm

    This adult loves those kind movies, always. loved watching children’s movies, Both when I had children and still do to this day. Inside my mind the child is still alive and well. Check out my Blog :o)

    Thank you for sharing this interesting movie

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