Dreaming of a Bathroom Floor

My bathroom is very small and it does not have enough storage space for everything I want to keep in it. As a result it looks very cluttered. I have plans in place to improve this and am about to install a new bathroom suite. The new sink is set in a cupboard and I can’t wait to close the door on the clutter instead of having it in full view.

The toilet, bath and shower are also going to be replaced and the new bath panel is a lighter colour which should helpbrighten the room a bit. The one thing that is not going to be replaced though is the floor. This really does need to be done A few months ago we removed the tatty old carpet from the room. To replace it we used a bit of lino which we fitted ourselves and this is where it all went wrong.

There are large gaps at the edges and beside the toilet which look unsightly.

Bathroom Floor

Even worse than that, in the middle of the floor is a section which was patched together.

Bathroom floor

You can see where the pattern does not match up correctly. It annoys me every time I look at it.  I dream of having a bathroom floor that looks good and is easy to clean. Ideally I would love some stone look tiles.

I have my eye on these Seashell Antique Limestone tiles from Wickes.

Bathroom TilesI think they would make the bathroom look really light and airy and add a touch of elegance. They would also be really easy to clean. The other thing that really annoys me about my bathroom is that there is no where to put towels, currently we have a bar thing that is attached to the radiator but it does not work very well. I would love to replace the radiator with a heated towel rail, possibly this Straight Towel Radiator from Wickes.

PhotobucketWith the new bathroom suite in place and these final touches I would have a bathroom fit for a queen.

This is my entry for the Make It and Mend DIY Competition


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