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Domino’s Pizza have recently launched a new promotion, Domino’s Pizza Box Office which allows you to buy your pizza and rent a movie at the same time. The movies can be watched on PC, ipad or Mac and the combination would be perfect for a family viewing night in, a children’s sleepover or just a date night in. Domino’s kindly offered to pay and let me sample the world of Domino’s pizza delivery for myself. My son had a couple of friends round so this seemed like a perfect opportunity.

If you are hungry do not look at the photo! I had never ordered pizza on-line previously but I was really impressed at how simple it all is. You go to the Domino’s website, put in your postcode and then you can choose from lots of different options.  The different tabs list all their current deals, then you can also look at pizza, sides, drinks, desserts, wrapzz and of course the movies. It is all very simple and easy to understand and you have plenty of time to choose the things you want. You can even customise your own pizza adding extra toppings and different sauces and choose if you want stuffed crust or not.

PhotobucketIf you are not keen on pizza then there are chicken wings and strips available as well which is great.

This was our order:

1x Feed Four for £5 Each
Garlic Pizza Bread
Potato Wedges
Large (10 slices) Hawaiian
Large (10 slices) Hawaiian
1.25ltr Coca Cola
1x 500mL tub Ben & Jerry’s – Baked Alaska
1x 21 FRANK’S® RedHot® Wings
1x 14 FRANK’S® RedHot® Wings

It all came to a grand total of £48.22. I made a small mistake on the order as my son interrupted me and we ended up with two Hawaiian pizzas. I had actually meant to order a different one but that was my fault. We ordered two different portions of chicken wings as we love them but I have to say they were red hot.

When I ordered I specified a delivery time and you can watch using the pizza tracker to see how close your order is. It goes though the different stages from preparation to baking to quality control and finally delivery. It arrived exactly at the time I had ordered which was brilliant, there is nothing worse than having to wait when you are hungry.

The food was lovely and plentiful, the pizza was just cooked right, the wedges were tasty and the wings were succulent. We even had herb dipping sauce with the pizza to dip our crusts into. My son and his friends were delighted and the idea of renting a movie to finish off the evening is great as well.

Disclosure: I was given £50 to spend at Domino’s in order to sample their service and write an honest review. I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.


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  1. January 6, 2013 / 10:37 am

    We did this for New Year’s Eve – you get a LOT of food for £50 !!

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