Dentyl Active Mouthwash Review

Dentyl ActiveI am always very careful with my teeth and have encouraged my son to be the same. We usually have a bottle of mouthwash in the bathroom. I was recently sent some Dentyl Active Mouthwash to try and I was keen to see if it was any different. The Ultra Cleanse on the bottle suggested that it should do a good job.

Dentyl Active Mouthwash comes in a number of different varieties. There is Enamel Restore, Complete Care, Ultra Cleanse and Plaque Fighter. The Dentyl Active Ultra Cleanse variety comes in a Fresh Mint Flavour. It contains Bicarbonate of Soda which is used to neutralise plaque acid. It is also alcohol free so it will not dry your mouth and is meant to leave your mouth feeling deeply cleansed and kill 99.9% of the bacteria in your mouth.

It sounded good so I gave it a try. The Dentyl Active mouthwash is a nice blue colour which looks quite smart on the shelf. I had a little bit of trouble opening the lid, it is a plastic lid which has little bits that you need to break in order to unscrew it. I had to ask my husband to help and he opened it easily. It could just be that I am weaker then most.

I did my teeth and then tried the mouthwash. It has quite a minty taste but there is definitely a distinctive bicarbonate of soda taste to it. I find this is an acquired taste. I didn’t mind it but my son absolutely hated it. Having said that it is not as bad as some other mouthwashes can be and my son did use it on a regular basis. After use my mouth did feel much fresher and cleaner than normal.

Dentyl Active apparently works by attracting the bacteria as you swish it round your mouth and will provide long lasting freshness and fresh breath for up to 18 hours after use. It will also help to protect the teeth from plaque build up for up to 18 hours. I can’t vouch for this but my mouth did feel much fresher for most of the day which was good.

I would use this mouthwash again but I think I would try one of the other flavours to see if I could find one that my son liked better. I did like the cleansing effect and the fresh feeling it left in my mouth.

Dentyl Active is available in most supermarkets.

Disclosure: I was sent some Dentyl Active mouthwash to try but was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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