Christmas Gift Ideas for Phone Addicts From Trendz and giveaway

These days’ phones do so much more than just make calls. I know I would be really lost if I misplaced my phone. As well as using as an address book and diary it stores all my phone numbers and contact information. It is handy to grab my phone when I want to take a quick photo of something when I am out and about and it is also useful for browsing the internet and catching up with my emails when I am on a bus. The kindle app allows me to read a book when I want and if I want to relax with a game there it is on my phone. I usually play plants vs zombies but those pesky zombies tend to end up eating my brains. With a phone being such an essential part of our lives there is nothing worse than being out and about and finding it has run out of charge. This happened to me the other day, I usually charge my phone up at night so it is ready for the day. Just as I was leaving the house I noticed it hadn’t charged. I need my phone to keep in touch … Continue reading →

Tidy Away Cables with D-Line

Have you noticed how everything these days needs to be attached to the internet? In the past the internet was slow to load and could be accessed via a dial up modem. Your computer needed to be near the telephone and you would wait while you got a series of bings and bongs indicating the internet was being connected. Once it was you would fire up Netscape and search for a short time to find things out, often being cut off when someone picked up the phone to use it. These days access to the internet is faster, all homes have a router and more than your computer can be connected. Smart televisions, x-boxes, play stations, dvd players all need internet access. Smaller things are now getting connected as well, it is now possible to control your heating system via the internet and you can even buy kettles that can be turned on via your smart phone. This technology is great, we can now access on demand tv, information twenty four hours a day and keep track of our bank accounts on-line. The only problem is that in order to have this technology in the house everything needs to be … Continue reading →

Great Shows For Less With TalkTalk

Do you ever find there is nothing you want to watch on telly? Many a night I have spent ages flicking from channel to channel trying find something to watch. TalkTalk are now making it easier to find great shows by offering the Sky Movies Boost for half price for three months. It is now £7.50 a month instead of £15. By adding the Sky Movies Boost to your account you get access to thousands of on demand movies. There is plenty for the whole family to enjoy with the latest blockbuster movies like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy or How to Train Your Dragon 2. There is also a great selection of other films with eleven  movie channels to choose from. I watched Enemy of the State again the other night, which I really enjoyed. It is good to catch up on movies you may not have seen for a while. If you are looking to keep your children entertained the Kids Boost is also half price at only £2.50 a month. This adds 16 channels to your television including Disney Channel, Nick Jr, Disney Junior and Cartoon Network. Your kids can happily watch shows like Transformers Robots In … Continue reading →

Splash – water resistant spray for phones

Have you ever had a phone ruined by water? My son was on a school trip and had his phone in his pocket on a rainy day. When he came back it refused to work, the rain had damaged it. Luckily it was not an expensive phone but we still had to go to the expense of replacing it. These days phones can do so much and are often expensive. On rainy days I worry about using my phone to take pictures in case the water damages it. It can even be a problem when you visit theme parks, like the splash zone in Flamingoland. Luckily help is at hand with Splash, water resistant spray from Reviveaphone. You spray it on your phone and it creates a water resistant barrier around your phone which helps protect the insides from damage. It does not make your phone waterproof so you won’t be able to use it while swimming, but it will protect it from accidental spills and rainy days. What do you get in the box? The box is quite small and contains a bottle of Splash water resistant spray, a microfibre cloth, a small plastic card to help you apply … Continue reading →

Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor and PagerTag

A little while ago I was asked if I wanted to try out the Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor and Beets Blu Key Finder Pager Tag technology. I am always happy to try out new technology and was actually interested to find out how well these devices perform. Both devices sounded useful to me. The Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor would be another way to monitor my activity during my running sessions and the Pager Tag sounded like a great way to help to locate my garage key. My son has a habit of taking his bike out and throwing the key down randomly and then we can never find it. Anything that would help me locate the key without searching for ages would be helpful. Beets Blu Pager Tag The Beets Blu Pager tag is a small key fob that you attach to your key ring. It is paired to your phone using blue tooth. When you lose your keys you just go into the PagerTag app on your phone and select the option to make the tag make a beeping sound. You can then track down your keys by listening for the beeping sound. I was concerned that … Continue reading →