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These six ways to add personality to your home will help you make a home that feels welcoming. This will make visitors feel comfortable and want to linger.

Have you ever walked into a home and felt like you are entering a show home? It really doesn’t feel welcoming. The pristine condition makes you feel uncomfortable and not wanting touch anything. A home should make you feel at home. By adding touches of your personality to your interior your home will reflect who you are and what you love.

Adding personality to your home can be simple and cheap. It can be as simple as using your favourite colour to paint the walls or adding a few family photos in a prominent location. These are six simple ways you can add some personality to your home.

Six Ways to Add Personality to your Home

Use your hobbies to make a statement

Using your hobbies in your home decor will add instantly add personality to your home and make a statement. Do you practice yoga? Why not create a zen corner and create an instantly relaxing space in your home? Maybe you run in races and have a collection of medals.  Create a space where you can showcase these achievements. If you are a keen photographer get some of your photos put on canvas and display them on your walls. Not only will these items look good they also create a talking point when you have guests.

Show off your books

Books are a great way to make your home feel more personal. The titles speak of your personality, interests and passions. In my home you will find lots of cookery books sharing shelves with thrillers, chick lit and historic novels. I would love a library like they have in some stately homes. Every wall containing shelves of books with ladders that you can move round to access them easily. Modern homes are space constrained so this is not practical. Instead get a few bookcases or floating shelves.

My son has piles of books spilling off the cupboards in his room. To organise these and also to add some decorative accents into his room I got some cat scratch bookends from Uncommon Goods. I think they add a quirky touch to his room. They are also keeping his books in one place so they are not longer all over the floor.

Cat bookends from Uncommon Goods

Cat bookends from uncommon goods

If you are looking for quirky items to add personality to your home Uncommon Goods have a great selection. The firm began in 1999 and has its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. They feature unique jewellery, designer decor, hand crafted gifts and much more. Half of the products sold are made by hand and a third of the collection uses recycled or upcycled materials. I could spend hours on the site browsing. There are just so many unusual items that are great for home decor. 

Add ornaments and plants

Ornaments are a great way to show off your personality. If you have a collection of objects get a display cabinet and show them off. I have a corner of my living room where I display my collection of dragons. There are also a number of quirky ornaments and scented candles on my fireplace. In the corner of the fireplace you will find a stone gargoyle. The most recent addition to my ornaments is this Deep Sea Sand Art from Uncommon Goods.

Deep Sea Sand Art from Uncommon Goods

Deep Sea Sand Art from Uncommon Goods

I find this sand sculpture absolutely fascinating. Turn it round and the sand will move and fall into a new position. The mix of light and dark sand flows and falls creating a new landscape every time. There is something calming about watching it.

Plants are another way to add a sense of calm to your house. Add a plant into a corner for a splash of greenery. Just don’t forget to water them.

Show off your art

Pictures and paintings look fabulous on walls. You can pick up canvas prints quite cheaply in budget stores which look great. Why not frame some of your photos and hang these on the walls? It is a way to enjoy some of your family memories. If you have a favourite artist you could get a print of some of their paintings and frame these.

Add a splash of colour

Adding a splash of colour to your home is an easy way to show off your personality. Pick your favourite colours and show them off. This can be done by adding cushions, pillows or throws in these colours. Throws can help make a bedroom look cosy.  Colourful cushions look inviting and brighten up a sofa. Add a colourful rug to your floor. These splashes of colour bring a fresh lively look to your home. My favourite cushion is a personalised one that looks like my dog, Eddie. It makes me smile whenever I look at it.

Personalised cushion from Mr Nutcase

Make the most of your outside space

Do you have a garden or back yard? Make the most of your outside space by making it an area the whole family can enjoy. Invest in some garden furniture so you can eat al fresco in the summer. Add some garden ornaments into a corner to make a feature of it. Encourage nature into your garden by planting wild flowers to attract bees or adding a bird feeder for the birds. I have a bird table and I really enjoy watching the birds. They have their own personalities and traits which provide some entertaining moments. There is nothing nicer than sitting outside on a sunny day so make the most of your garden.

These are my six ways you can add personality to your home. Do you have any tips you can add? Let me know below.




How would you like to adopt your very own dragon? Dragon Adoptions allows you to do just that. Why not surprise a loved one with a dragon to look after?

It should come as no surprise that I am a big fan of dragons. These mythical creatures have a strength and courage that you can only admire. It is no wonder that there are many stories and legends about them. In England we are familiar with St George and the dragon. Unfortunately the dragon came to a sad end in that tale. In other cultures dragons are gods. Yu is a Chinese rain god and a beautiful golden dragon.

All dragons share some characteristics. They are large creatures with tails and wings. Dragons love to collect gold and often can be found in caves sleeping on their hoard. When they are not sleeping they fly round the country looking for food.  Some of them breath fire and all of them are intelligent. Often in stories they speak. Dragons are also loyal and if you are lucky enough to befriend one they will be your friend for life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a pet dragon.

Adopting a Dragon with Dragon Adoptions

Recently I was lucky enough to adopt my own dragon thanks to the lovely people at Dragon Adoptions. They believe that by owning your own dragon it will help to unlock your courageous and fearless self. It is hard work to look after a dragon. They need to be fed properly, given love and kept clean. By looking after them well you will find strength inside yourself.  Dragon Adoptions make the whole process of adopting a dragon really easy. You just go to their website, choose the dragon you love and wait for him (or her) to arrive. There are a range of different breeds in different colours so can be sure you are picking one that will suit your lifestyle.

Dragon Adoptions

My dragon is a loveable red baby dragon with sparkly wings. Look at his eyes, how can you resist? He has a playful nature and loves nothing more than investigating his surroundings. The other members of the dragon family were soon playing happily with him. He is not yet aware of his own strength so I need to be a little careful when I pick him up. Fortunately he seems to be settling in well and enjoying his new home.

Dragon Adoptions Dragon


Dragon Adoption Pack

Each dragon comes with a dragon adoption pack which contains a certificate of adoption.  The pack also contains a lot of other things. Stickers, badges, postcards and colouring sheets. There is also a dragon mask so you can pretend to be a dragon yourself. When you adopt a dragon a £1 donation is made to charity so you are helping other people. The charities are Alder Hey, Stonewall and Community Integrated Care. With your dragon adoption you also get regular updates from the dragon community.

Dragon adoption pack

Dragon Adoption Pack

I really love the idea of dragon adoptions and I am sure any child would be thrilled to receive a dragon adoption as a gift. It is such a unique idea.

Where can I adopt my own dragon?

If you would like to adopt a dragon of your very own you can do this by visiting the Dragon Adoptions website Here you choose the dragon you would like to adopt. It is a hard choice, they are all so cute. Prices for the Dragon Adoption Combo pack are £23.99 or £26.99. This includes the dragon and the dragon adoption pack. Dragons are also available without the pack for £12.99 or £8.99. The price depends on the breed of dragon you choose. If you just want a Dragon Adoption Pack without a dragon this is £16.99. Rush out and adopt your own dragon today!

You can get a 25% discount on all Dragon Adoptions products by using the code: DRAGON25 in the online checkout.

My dragon still needs a name. If you have a suggestion let me know below.

I was sent the dragon adoption pack in return for an honest review. I did not have to say anything nice and my opinions are my own.

How to adopt a dragon


An Imagise personalised clock takes one of your own photographs and turns it into a clock. It is a great way to display your photo memories.

Do you have hard disc drives and CDs that are full of photos? This is one of the problems of the digital age. It is so easy to take lots of photos. It is not so easy to view them.  In the days of film photos always got printed and displayed. Now they sit on computers and are not so easy to view.

Fortunately there are plenty of companies out there who can help and Imagise is one of them. They take your photos and turn them into personalised gifts or phone and tablet cases. The range of gifts include your photos on slates, jigsaws, mouse mats and clocks. These would make a nice surprise and a special gift for anyone.

Imagise Personalised Clock

Recently I had the chance to create my own personalised clock from Imagise. I chose a photo of my dog, Eddie and me which was taken when we were on holiday at Wemys Bay. I was holding Eddie as we went on the ferry across to the Isle of Bute. Usually I take most of the photographs so it is rare to find one of me. The final product looks great.

Imagise personalised clock

Creating your personalised clock

It is easy to create your personalised clock on the Imagise website. First you need to chose clock under the personalised gifts section. When you click the create my design button it brings up the designer. This allows you to upload your photo, add text and the clock face.

How to create an Imagise personalised clock

The designer is really easy to use.  The basic clock face appears on the right and you use the tools on the left to add things to the clock. The upload button allows you to add your photo to the clock face. Once you have done this you can add other things to your design. The background button alters the background colour. Text allows you to add text. Finally you can chose a clock face under the Elements > Shapes menu. You can add different styles of numerals and face designs. When you are happy with your design you can save it and add it to your cart. Imagise then print your clock and ship it to you. Delivery was actually quite fast.

Creating imagise personalised clock

What did I think of my clock?

The clock arrives in a cardboard case which gave it some protection. It was easy to remove from the packaging. After taking out the clock I found it was made of glass. If I had read the information on the website properly I would have known this. The glass gives the clock a great finish and the printing on the photo is good quality.

Imagise personalised clock

The clock takes one AA battery which you will have to supply. It fits in the mechanism at the back of the clock. Once the battery is in the clock runs silently. There is no loud ticking noise. This is a bonus as I can often hear the ticking of clocks at night and it keeps me awake.  The clock can be easily hung on the wall with a picture hook.

Imagise personalised clock

I am really happy with my personalised clock and suspect I may be giving one of these as a gift at some point.

Imagise Personalised Clock Giveaway

How would you like to put one of your photos onto a personalised clock? Imagise are kindly giving my readers a chance to win a personalised clock of their own. If you would like to win one all you need to do is comment on my blog below letting me know what picture you would add to your clock. When you have done this fill in the rafflecopter widget to let me know you have done this. This entry is mandatory. There are only entry options available for subscribing by email, following on twitter and instagram, tweeting on twitter and visiting facebook but these are optional. The more you do the more chances you have to win. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Rules

  • There one prize of a Imagise personalised clock – the prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered.
  • Open to UK residents aged 18 and over, excluding employees and relatives of Dragons and Fairy Dust and Imagise
  • Closing date for entries is on 11:59pm GMT on 17th May 2017
  • Only one entry per person
  • Entrants must log into rafflecopter and leave a comment on the blog answering the question.
  • Optional entry methods are to follow on twitter, visit facebook and instagram, tweet on twitter and subscribe by email.
  • The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries.
  • Automated entries will be disqualified.
  • The winner will be informed within 14 days of the closing date and will need to respond with a postal address within 14 days or a new winner will be chosen.
  • The winner’s name will be available on request.
  • Imagise is responsible for prize fulfilment. The prize will be sent within 28 days of receiving the winner’s address.
  • This is a joint promotion between Dragons and Fairy Dust and Imagise
  • Entry to this confirms that participants have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions



Dealspotr is a deals website with the aim of helping you find deals and discounts to help save you money. When money is tight it is a great way to make sure you get the best deal.

These days whenever I need to make a purchase I always look for the best deal. It is usually possible to find coupons and discounts on-line that help you save money. Often these discount codes are out of date which can be frustrating when you come to use them. Recently I have been looking at Dealspotr. This is a site which aims to bring you the most up-to-date deals, offers and voucher codes saving you money. The twist is that the users of Dealspotr post and verify that the deals work. Each submission made is commented on by others to ensure that you know the deal is live and still works. Dealspotr is a discount site with a social twist.

Dealspotr – How does it work?

When you go to the Dealspotr website you can see all the deals without being a member. This is great if you just want to find a deal without logging in. At first sight it looks like all the deals are for the USA. To view the UK deals just put UK in the search bar and you will see all the deals for the UK.  These range from promo codes to discounts or free shipping, it is easy to find what you are looking for.


To get the most from the website you need to be a member. This allows you to post deals, update and validate offers and also refer friends. By doing these things you earn points which can be converted into Amazon vouchers. This ensures all the deals are reliable and up-to-date as members gain rewards for keeping it this way. 

You can earn 5000 points by signing up via my referral link for Dealspotr. You need 10,000 points for a $10 Amazon gift card so you will be half way there. 


promotional codes

After creating an account you get a list of actions to take to help you earn points. You also have the option to personalise your feed. This allows you to select which deals are relevant to you so they appear on the feed in your profile. You can choose from companies you want to see as well as selecting your interests. Dealspotr will then make suggestions for other stores you might want to follow.


How to Earn Points on Dealspotr

There are a number of different ways to earn points on Dealspotr. When you get 10,000 you can swap them for a $10 Amazon voucher. If you are a gold influencer you can also get paid with paypal but you do need a blog for this. The main ways to earn points are as follows:

  • Add a new deal – to do this just click on the big blue Add a Deal button on the homepage. dealspotr
  • Validate a deal – use it and prove it works by using a screenshot of your shopping basket.
  • Complete your daily checklist – a little list of tasks that will earn you 200 points. This can be things like share a deal on social media or spot a deal.
  • Refer a new member – you earn 10% of points generated from your referrals

It is a bit of a learning curve to start with but having deals that are checked and verified by a crowd of people can only be a good thing. It means when you go to buy something you are sure you are using a valid discount. You can also earn from verifying the deal yourself. It only takes a couple of minutes to grab and post a screenshot. The site is free and as it gets more UK members there will be more UK deals. It is definitely worth signing up and trying it out.

Do you use any discount websites on a regular basis? Would you use Dealspotr? Let me know below.

I was made a gold member for writing this post


National Stationery Week 2017 is a celebration of all things stationery. Notebooks, pens, pencils – anything that we can use to get writing.

Are you a stationery addict? I know I am. I have a cupboard full of notebooks, pens and colouring pencils all ready for use when I need them. This year National Stationery Week runs from the 24th – 30th April and celebrates all things writing.

What is nicer than receiving a hand written letter or card to say thank you? When I was little writing was a big part of life. Most teenage girls kept a diary to record their thoughts. To do lists and homework had to be written and clear handwriting was important. If your handwriting was bad people would not understand what you were trying to say. Sadly writing seems to be a dying art. People are more likely to send a text or an email than sit down and write on a piece of paper. The art of expression though writing is being lost due to technology. Writing by hand is still important. It is much more personal to send someone a letter or a thank you card instead of an email.

Stationery for National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week  2017 – #natstatweek #writingmatters

Why not get involved in National Stationery Week this year? It is a good excuse to treat yourself to some new stationery. It is also a chance to get your children writing and encourage them to learn new skills. There are plenty of ways to get involved listed on the website. Why not go on a stationery crawl and check out all the local stationery shops in your area? You could pick up a pen and write a letter to someone you haven’t seen for a while? Encourage your children to get crafty and make posters?  Give them a notebook and encourage them to start a diary. Writing Matters!

Every day of National Stationery Week has a special theme to inspire you to find some stationery and get writing. Have a look at their website for more stationery ideas. Why not follow along with the seven days of stationery and create something inspirational.

Seven Days of Stationery

Monday – Pen and Pencil Day – #PenAndPencilDay

Why not take the chance to sort out your pencil case? Get rid of any pens that are leaky or not working and replace them with some new ones. If your pencil case is looking tatty get a new one. There are some great designs our there now and some come ready filled. This pencil case from Maped is full of useful stationery. I particularly like the pens with stencils on the top which allow you to get really creative. Get your children to sort out their pencil cases as well and write a list of what new items they need.

Pencil case from maped

For younger kids take a look at these Writesize pencils which come in different sizes to suit smaller hands. This helps make writing easier.


Pencils of different sizes

Tuesday – Get Crafty – #GetCrafty

This is a great chance to make posters, design invitations, personalise a calender or diary. Get your children to think of ideas of what they can make. I am not a very crafty person but this year I made a bullet journal. I couldn’t find a diary to suit me and I was able to customise the journal to perfectly suit my needs. It takes a while to set up but the effort is worth it. I now know what my plans are ahead of time. There are many articles that describe how to create a bullet journal so I won’t go into detail here.

All that you need is a notebook, a pen and a ruler. Decide what layouts you want and then spend a busy few hours setting up the pages. My bullet journal is very plain and functional. If you want you can get artistic and add colour and pictures. It is a great organisational aid.


Bullet journal

Wednesday – World Stationery Day – #WorldStationeryDay

Why not treat yourself to some stationery that has a theme from different countries? I love these items from Mustard. A pineapple pen box is reminds me of tropical islands while the lucky cat pen toppers bring a touch of Japan to my desk. As a dog owner how could I resist these dog page markers? They are great for marking important pages in my diary. If you are always using post it notes then Froot have a great selection of tropical post it notes with coloured pencils to match.

Stationery from Mustard

Pencils from froot and post it notes

Thursday – Thank You Thursday – #ThankYouThursday

A thank you letter always brings a smile to the receivers face. Get your children to sit down and write a thank you letter to their Grandparents for a gift or a thank you note to a teacher at school. Get out some colouring pens and get them to design the notepaper to make it extra special.


Friday – Fountain Pen Friday – #FountainPenFriday

When was the last time you used a fountain pen? Why not treat your children to a calligraphy set and get them to practice copper plate writing? It is fun and allows them to learn a new skill. You could ask them to write Shakespeare quotes on special paper and put the attempts on the wall. I had a go at calligraphy when I made lemon and raspberry possets. It was a bit of a challenge.

Saturday – Signature Saturday – #SignatureSaturday

Get the kids to practice their signature by getting them to sign for things. Make a fun game of it. If they want their dinner get them to sign to say they are at the dinner table. If it is the day they get their pocket money get them to sign to say they have got it. They can have fun thinking of things you can sign as well.

Sunday – Write a Letter Day – #WriteALetterDay

Take the opportunity to sit down and write a letter to a friend you haven’t seen for a while. I am sure they will be pleased to hear from you. When I was young I had a penpal in New Zealand and we would exchange letters and gifts. It is fascinating to hear about life in another country. Maybe you have a friend who lives abroad with kids. You could ask if they would like be penpals with your children and get your child to write a letter of introduction.

National Stationery Week 2017 - Writing Matters. The week of 24th - 30th April celebrates all thing stationery.


Will you be taking part in National Stationery Week this year? Let me know below.