Fashion and Shoes

Fashion and Shoes

Surfdome are currently running a competition for bloggers where you can win a £250 voucher. I wasn’t sure if I would find anything I liked on the site as I had this strange idea that Surfdome just provided clothes for surfers. When I looked I was pleasantly surprised at the choice of lots of different clothes. I was really struggling to find something to put on my wishlist, not because I couldn’t find anything but because there was far too much that I liked.  In the end I managed to narrow the choice down to four items which you can see here.

PhotobucketI absolutely fell in love with these The North Face Jozie II Boots.


They look so cosy and also appear to have non-slip soles. I spent this morning sliding precariously round the park while walking the dog. The paths had turned to sheet ice. These look perfect for keeping my feet warm. I am thinking that if this weather keeps up much longer I am going to have to train the dog to pull a sleigh. They cost £139.99 so it takes a large chunk of the £250 budget but I think they would be worth it.

To go with the boots I found a pair of Dr Denim Kissy jeans in black which cost £37.99

PhotobucketI think these would look great with the boots. To complete the look I chose this Fat Face Lara T-shirt in sweet grape which cost £19.99

Photobucketand teamed it with this Oakley Whimsical Winter hoody for £44.99
PhotobucketI loved the name of this hoody as well as the design on it which resembles crashing waves. The entire look costs £242.96 but I would be happy with just the boots which are now firmly on my shoe wish list. If I do manage to train the dog to pull a sleigh I will take some pictures but I suspect he is a little bit too small.

Disclosure: This is my entry for the Surfdome blogger challenge.


It is nearly December and the time for parties. This normally means wearing high heeled shoes to dance the night away. I always find wearing high heeled shoes is hard work. I totter around precariously on them and at the end of the evening my feet really need a rest. They are also not ideal for walking on those slippery pavements outside. This is where I decide that I should have worn flat shoes and wish I had a pair in my bag.

Recently I discovered Redfoot Shoes. These are flat ballerina pumps that you can fold in half and carry around in your handbag. They do not take up much room and come with their own little carry case. Perfect for slipping on after parties to get you home.

They come in a range of colours and styles as well, all of which look pretty and stylish. I love these royal purple Miranda shoes. These would not look out of place with that party dress and maybe you can find a prince to escort you home.

Redfoot ShoesFor the animal lovers amongst you how about this pair of leopard skin pumps?

Redfoot ShoesYou can pad home in style with a rarrr in your step wearing these pumps.  Finally I love these black studded pumps with a little skull detail.

redfoot shoesPerfect for adding a touch of rebellion to your outfit.

The great thing about these pumps is they are so light, they weigh less than 200g. The sole is synthetic as well so they are durable enough to wear on pavements. The other benefit of having a pair of these in your handbag is that you can slip them on if you need to drive. I find it impossible to drive in some heels and find these invaluable to change into to drive safely. Do you own any of these shoes? Do you find them useful?


Deep in my heart I am a rock chick and like to wear flamboyant styles. Sadly grown up life got in the way and for work I have to look much more understated. Shoes are the one place where I can still make a statement and at the moment studs are very much in. I love studs and shoes or boots  with studs, buckles and silver embellishments are very much on my wish list. They add a touch of rock to an outfit without making it look too over the top which appeals to me.

I had a browse though to see some of the styles that were out there and I have been adding some to my shoe wish list. If money was no object I would get some New Rock boots. They have a great selection including these Motorock black boots.

New RocktI love the different types of studding on these boots and the silver embellishment on the heel. They have silver buckles as well and little skulls discretely hidden. They are a bit out of my price range though at £246.99.

A shoe I could happily wear for work is this lovely court shoe from Abbey Dawn. It is called the Holly Chart Topper Platform.

Court ShoesI love the rivet detailing and the tartan lining. These are shoes that actually look really elegant as well as slightly unique.

My final choice would be these Buffalo Dendzi boots in black.

Buffalo BootsThey are an elegant looking boot with just a touch of silver studding and buckling done in a very understated way. These would look perfect with a number of different outfits and I would definitely wear them to work with trousers.

There are so many studded styles out there that I am really spoiled for choice. Do you like the studded shoe trend and which one would you choose?


I have a dilemma. I need to choose some new shoes for the winter. I have decided I need some warm and cosy boots. They need to be sturdy, after all I am going to have to walk the dog in all weathers.  He does not understand the concept of staying in when it is raining, he knows it is time for a walk and jumps all over me. Any boots I choose are going to be splashing though puddles, stomping though mud, wandering though the woods but still have to look smart enough to take me to work. I need something hard wearing that looks good but will survive all I put them though.

I currently have narrowed my choice down to two different pairs but still can’t decide which would be best. I have deliberated for ages but that final decision is eluding me.  These are the two pairs I am trying to decide between. First we have a pair of Caterpillar boots, which are oddly named Molten.

Caterpillar boots

These remind me of the boots you see Eskimos wearing in films. I wonder if I can train my dog to pull a sleigh? They definitely look warm and cosy, but even better they have a non slip sole. I hate walking on ice, I always have visions of descending less than elegantly to the floor as my legs give under me. This will surely prevent that. They will go nicely under trousers for work and should survive walks in the park. I already own a pair of Caterpillar boots and they have lasted very well so I have no worries on that score.

The second pair I have my eye on is this pair of Merrell boots called Tremblant Wtpf (not a very catchy name).

PhotobucketThese are much more like walking boots but the fur cuff gives them a certain style that I like, These look lovely and sturdy and they have an insulating lining so I know my feet will be lovely and toasty. The problem is I just can’t choose. Which ones do you think I should pick?


If you read my blog then you will know that recently I have started doing a lot of running. I run using barefoot shoes which are great but recently I have found that my feet have been getting rather wet. As winter is coming I thought I would have a look for some trainers that I could wear with socks. As well as trainers I really need a warm track suit due to an earlier incident where the dog decided to eat mine! I will also be looking for some gloves and a woolly hat. I had a browse and decided I liked the look of some Reebok Realflex Fusion trainers. Apparently the shoe has 76 sensors that assist foot movements while adjusting to its shape. It sounded very high tech to me, but more importantly they look cosy enough to run though puddles with.  They also look stylish, I love the red detailing on the side.

RunningThe rest of my outfit I chose from JD Sports, the running bottoms and hoody look really cosy and the top looks perfect for wearing under a hoody allowing freedom of movement (and also letting me put my phone on my arm in an arm band so I can track how far I have gone). With this outfit and a pair of cosy socks I should be running well into the winter.

Disclosure: I received vouchers for writing this post but I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.

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