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Christmas is a time for being with family and friends. A pet is a big part of the family. Would you know how to deal with a pet emergency at Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas? I am just about there. I just have a few last gifts to wrap and I am looking forward to spending a few days relaxing with my family. I love to spoil my dog, Eddie at Christmas. He always gets a few treats and a new toy or two.

Eddie's job

Christmas can be a dangerous time for pets. Their home is invaded with trees, decorations and often people bearing gifts. This can be stressful and bewildering. Their routine may change and they may not get their normal walks as we fit in our celebrations. Pulling crackers round the dinner table may scare our pets.

Dangers to pets over Christmas

As a pet owner we should be aware of the dangers for pets over Christmas. Many of the foods we have on our table during Christmas day can harm our dogs.  Chocolate, onions, nuts, blue cheese, fruit cakes, puddings and mince pies are all toxic and can poison your pet. Make sure any boxes of chocolates that you have wrapped are not under the tree. It only takes a moment for your dog to discover them with his keen sense of smell and eat them.

Have you thought about what you would do if your pet got ill over Christmas? Sadly many animals get ill over Christmas and it can often be fatal. Vets are closed during the festive period so it can be hard to find help.Vets Now, the out of hours emergency vet provider, see a 41% increase in pet emergencies over Christmas. Sadly a third of pet owners experience an emergency over the holidays.  62% of cases are caused because a pet has eaten novelty festive items. 9 out of 10 poisonings are caused while a pet is in its own home, the pet has eaten or been given something that is harmful to them unknowingly.

Fortunately Vets Now have created an emergency pet plan which you can download for free to ensure heaven stays a place on earth for your best friend. Planning in advance will save vital time getting your pet help if their is an emergency and this plan will help you do this.  Hopefully you and your pet will have an enjoyable Christmas without any emergencies but it is better to be prepared.

Pet Heaven

To help raise awareness of the dangers that cats and dogs face over Christmas Vets Now,   have created a couple of videos of cats and dogs enjoying their one night in pet heaven. Cats enjoyed the worlds first catnip bar with catnip laced cocktails. Dogs enjoyed an opulent dogs dinner with only ingredients that are safe for dogs to eat. Enjoy the dogs video below and see what a great time they are having.



Have a Happy Christmas

All that remains is for me to wish you a very Happy Christmas. I hope you and your family have a lovely restful holiday and that the New Year brings answer to all your dreams.

I was gifted some chocolate in return for sharing this post and raising awareness in order to keep your pet safe at Christmas.


Winter brings dark mornings and dark nights which can make it difficult to enjoy walks with your pet. Here are some ways to make winter dog walking more fun.

Walking your dog during the winter months can be a challenge. The days are short so often you find yourself going out when it is dark. It is hard to see where you are going and also where your dog is when he is off the lead. Normally when walking a dog can chase balls and other toys to make his time outside more fun. The darkness makes this difficult as neither of you can see where the toy has gone. Winter weather also brings it’s own unique challenges. Constant rain makes it muddy meaning when you get home you have to deal with a dirty dog. Snow and ice make it difficult to walk safely and your dog may get too cold while he is out.

Making winter dog walking more fun

I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Eddie and have been finding the shorter days really challenging. When ChuckIt! dog  toys got in touch to ask if I wanted to trial a pack to make winter dog walking more fun I was happy to try it. The pack includes products to make walks in the dark safer as well as toys that were perfect for darker days.

Making Winter Dog Walking More Fun

When I take Eddie for his walks part of the way is lit by street lights but the rest has no lighting at all. I can just about see the path but Eddie tends to disappear into the gloom when he is off the lead. I can occasionally see his tail waving but often he can’t be seen. He could easily disappear or be knocked over by an oncoming bicycle.

Walking the dog in the dark

Keeping your dog safe

Orbiloc Dog Safety Light RRP £21.00

To make winter dog walking more fun it is essential that your dog can be seen in the gloom. The Orbiloc Dog Safety Light helps with this.  The light comes with a number of attachments to fit it safely to the collar, the easiest is just to slot it on to the collar and fasten the collar up.

Orbiloc Dog Safety Light

The light remains off until you turn it. If you turn it one way you get a flashing red light and if you turn it the other the light is steady. Having a light on Eddie makes it much easier to see him in the gloom. Even if he runs a little way along the path in the dark I can still easily spot where he is.

Orbicloc dog safetly light

Now I can walk Eddie safe in the knowledge he can be seen in the dark.

Playing with your dog

Toys are great to have on a walk. There is nothing Eddie likes more than chasing and fetching things while he is on a walk. He will also chase the occasional rabbit when he spots them but has never managed to catch one yet. It is difficult to find toys that Eddie can play with in the dark but ChuckIt! Dog toys came to the rescue with a selection of great toys that glow in the dark.

Max Glow Ball and Max Glow Erratic Ball Medium, RRP £7.49

Max Glow Ball and Max Glow Erratic Ball dog toys from ChuckIt

Eddie loves chasing balls and these are perfect for him. They are the ideal size for him to carry in his mouth and he will happily chase them for ages. I love the fact that they glow in the dark. They just need exposing to a light source for a little while and then when it is dark they have an eerie green glow. This means when I take Eddie out in the dark he can see where the balls are and chase them. He loves the balls so much he will play with them in the house as well.

Eddie with max glow ball

Whilst the balls look similar one bounces erratically which means Eddie is never sure which way it will bounce when I throw it. This can make for some comic moments as he runs the wrong way.

Max Glow Launcher Pro 18 medium with Tennis Ball. RRP £18.99

Max Glow Launcher Pro 18 medium with Tennis Ball, RRP £18.99.

Anyone who has a dog knows that when you are out for a long walk and they keep dropping the ball at your feet it gets tiring bending down to pick it up. The Max Glow Launcher is perfect for scooping up the ball and throwing it a long way ahead. This allows Eddie to have lots of fun chasing the ball without me having to do lots of bending. Even better it glows in the dark as well so I can see what I am doing. It would be good if the tennis ball supplied was glow in the dark as well but I can easily use the Max Glow balls instead

Max Glow Zipflight, RRP £13.99

Max Glow Zipflight,

I wasn’t sure how Eddie would take to the Max Glow Zipflight as I have never used a frisbee with him. He absolutely loved it. When I threw it he pounced on it immediately and started running around the garden with it in his mouth. Chasing the Max Glow Zipflight is now is favourite activity of all time. It is easy for him to pick up and carry and as it glows in the dark we can take it out and have some fun on a night time walk. This means Eddie gets more exercise and comes home happy.

Dog playing with max glow zipflight

Keeping your dog clean

Winter weather can be a nightmare. The rain leaves paths muddy and Eddie goes out with white legs and comes home black. The smell of a wet muddy dog is not a pleasant one and we often need to bath him when he comes home.

Fluff & Spruce Smellin’ Good Frequent Use Deodorising Shampoo, RRP £6.00

Fluff & Spruce Smellin' Good Frequent Use Deodorising Shampoo

Fortunately Fluff & Spruce shampoo is perfect for tackling wet muddy dogs and getting them smelling nice again. It also turns Eddie into a fluff ball which makes him look really cute. It is good to know I can quickly get Eddie clean after a long muddy walk. I wouldn’t like any of the mud to get caught in his paws and irritate his pads.

What do you do in the winter to make dog walks more fun? Let me know below.

You may also be interested in how to choose the correct dog toy for your dog. Eddie also recently tried Pedigree Light dog food which is perfect for him now he is on a low fat diet.

I was sent some products for Eddie to try to see if it made winter walks more fun for him. I was not obliged to say anything nice and my opinions are my own (and Eddie’s).



Pedigree light complete dog food with chicken is a dog food which is low in fat. Pedigree dry food is designed to help protect your dog’s health, skin, coat, digestive system and immunity.

My dog, Eddie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an integral part of the family. When we come back to the house having been out he greets us happily springing up to meet us.  He is very set in his routines knowing exactly when it is time for his walks and letting everyone else know. There is nothing he likes more than being petted and will often be found snuggled up beside one of us snoring contentedly. For a little dog he snores loudly. The snores reverberate around the room and you know that Eddie is asleep.

Dog alseep and snoring

As well as sleeping a lot Eddie loves exploring. He loves his walks and takes great pleasure in guarding the garden. He will spend ages patrolling the perimeter and if any birds come near he will bark furiously. Recently we installed a bird table in the garden and we get a particular wood pigeon who delights in visiting. He spends ages walking round the table pecking up the food. Eddie is not at all happy about this wood pigeon, Woody. If we open the back door and Woody is at the bird table Eddie will spring out barking furiously. Woody needs to take flight quickly before he loses his tail feathers.

Dog guarding garden

The importance of the right diet for dogs

A little while ago we had a bit of a scare with Eddie. He became ill and was just lying there looking listless. His tummy was sore and he was not able to jump up or move about. There is nothing worse than watching your pet lying there clearly ill and you are not able to do anything about it. It is not like they can tell you what is wrong. We took him to the vets and the vets took him into dog hospital in order to do blood tests. They discovered he had Pancreatitis. This is a nasty disease where the pancreas starts trying to digest itself and makes the dog really unwell.

Eddie was in hospital for a couple of days on fluids and antibiotics before he was discharged. We visited him and although he couldn’t move he still managed to wag his tail. Fortunately Eddie is fine but we now have to be really careful that he gets a low fat diet. This will hopefully prevent the condition happening again. Pancreatitis can be caused by a high fat diet although some breeds are more prone to it. This Christmas please be careful what you give your dog. There are many foods that are fine for humans that are dangerous to dogs. Fatty meats like sausages or ham can cause pancreatitus. Chocolate can poison your dog. Raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure. It is best to make sure your dog sticks to a diet of dog food with the occasional doggy treat.

Pedigree Light Complete Dog Food with chicken

Eddie now has to eat a low fat diet which sounds easy but it is really hard to work out which dog foods are low fat. There is only a very limited selection on the market and Eddie is really fussy. He has turned his nose up at most of them. I have been having to feed him a diet of cooked chicken and pasta which he loves. Recently Pedigree got in touch and asked me if Eddie would like to try some of their dried dog food. I explained that Eddie was on a low fat diet and they were able to provide a dried food that is low in fat. Pedigree Light Complete Dry dog is low in fat and contains chicken and vegetables.

Pedigree vital light

Pedigree dry dog food is designed to help protect your dog’s health, skin, coat, digestive system and immunity so it sounded as if it was worth a try. My only concern was if Eddie would eat it. He is very fussy when it comes to food. We had tried numerous low fat wet dog foods and he just refused to eat them. After placing these foods in his bowl he would give one sniff then walk away.

When opening the Pedigree dry dog food Eddie showed a lot of interest. He was sniffing the packet and looking at me. The food is in fairly large kibbles some of which are orange and green. Presumably these are the carrots and other vegetables. I put some of the kibbles in his bowl and to my surprise he ate them straight away.

King Charles Spaniel eating pedigree dog food

How Eddie has been getting on with Pedigree Light

I have been feeding Eddie a mixture of his chicken and pasta diet for one meal and the Pedigree Light Complete dog food for his evening meal. I think a mixture of wet and dried dog food is better for him. It is also better to introduce a new dog food gradually to give your dog time to adjust. So far he has been doing really well on the Pedigree. He is his normal inquisitive self who is happy to play at times and sleep at others. A big bonus for me is that he is actually eating the Pedigree Light Complete. It was frustrating coming home with different foods only for Eddie to refuse to eat them. Now I have Eddie’s diet sorted out I am happy that he will stay in good health.

Do you have a dog? Are they fussy about their food? How do you deal with that and get them to eat? Let me know below

You may also be interested to read about choosing the correct dog toy for your dog. If you want to treat your dog to a selection of different treats and toys every month then have a look at a Pawsomebox, a subscription box for dogs.

I was sent some Pedigree Light dog food for Eddie to try and see how he got on with it. My opinions are mine (and Eddie’s own). If he did not like the food he would not eat it.


I love treating my dog Eddie and recently was asked if he wanted to try a Pawsomebox. A Pawsomebox is a subscription box for dogs that contains treats and other items. I love the name, Pawsomebox, it made me smile. If you have a cat then you can treat them to a Purrfectbox instead.

The Pawsomebox contains 6 products which can be treats, toys, accessories or hygiene products. The box is sent out once a month and costs £19.90 for a month subscription. Subscriptions are for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months and the longer you choose the cheaper it is. When ordering you need to choose the size of your dog, tiny, small, medium or large. I like the way it is tailored to the dogs size as not all toys and treats suit smaller dogs like Eddie.


The Pawsomebox is dispatched around the 15th of each month and an email is sent out to let you know it is on the way. When the box arrived Eddie seemed to know it was for him and sat excitedly waiting for it to be opened. He was really interested to find out what was in the box, I think he could smell the treats. I finally put him out of his misery and opened the box.

The pawsomebox arrives

Contents of the Pawsomebox

Inside the August Pawsome box we found a great selection of goodies. There were three toys, two different types of treats and a fabric  water bowl. The box also contains paw notes which is a great little magazine with information about dogs. The section about learning to speak your dogs language was really interesting. It explains why dogs do not like to be approached from front and  other things I never knew.

Inside Augusts pawsomebox


The options water bowl will be very useful. When we go on trips with Eddie I take water in water bottles for him but he finds these difficult to drink out of. The fabric bowl is ideal for packing for long walks and trips in the car and can be folded away when not in use. We will have to go on a trip soon and try it out. I will have to add it to my list of essentials for travelling with dogs.

The Gimdog pudding was a totally new product to me. It is a creamy pudding which is used to top dried dog food. Only a few teaspoonfuls need to be used at one time. Eddie loved this and lapped it up very quickly.  The sushi rolls were also a great success. They contain fish and Eddie absolutely loves them.

Toy from pawsomebox

When it comes to toys Eddie knows what he likes and he made a beeline for the squeaky ball toy. He has had great fun playing with this and it is his new favourite toy. As well as being ball shaped it has legs which makes it much easier for him to pick up in his month. There were two other toys in the box, a squeaky plastic teddy bear and a soft squeaky bone. Whilst he has played with these they have not been as much as a hit as this orange ball. Every dog is different so a selection of toys is a great idea. You may also be interested in this post about five ways to play with your dog.

What did we think of the Pawsomebox?

The Pawsomebox contains a great selection of treats and toys for your dog. Eddie loved the toys and was happy with the treats. I was also really pleased with the water bowl which will get a lot of use while we are out and about. If you love to spoil your dog the Pawsomebox is a great idea. It would also make a lovely gift for a dog owner. The value of the products was certainly around the same price or more than the cost of the box and it is nice to open the box and be surprised. The packaging of the box was thought out really well and inside the tissue paper wrapping had paw prints on which was a nice touch.

If you would like to try a Pawsomebox for your dog I have a code that will give you £5 off the price of your first box. Just use the code: ukbycvid at the checkout.

pawsomebox discount code


Have you tried a dog subscription box before? What did you think?


How much time a day do you spend playing with your pet? Do you spend at least fifteen minutes playing with them every day? There are many benefits to playing with your dog. A dog is a social animal and playing with them helps them learn about relationships. Playing with your dog regularly will teach you about your dogs personality and will prevent your dog becoming bored. It is also a great way to provide exercise for your dog.

MORE TH>N have just launched a new campaign to encourage people to spend an extra fifteen minutes per day playing with their dog or cat.  This extra play will make your pet happier and healthier strengthening the bond they have with you. Spending some extra time playing with your pet will put a smile on your face as well and you will appreciate your pet more. MORE TH>N are donating £1 to the RSPCA for each Play More Pledge they receive. You need to upload a picture of you and your dog or your dog to the play more pledge page.  After you have done this you can share via Twitter or Facebook to encourage people to join in.  The aim is to help the RSPCA reach their £20,000 goal to build a sensory garden for rescue dogs and fund a cattery refurbishment.


Five ways to play with your dog

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Eddie. He has a loving and playful nature. There is nothing he loves more than curling up beside you.  It is easy to live with a Cavalier King Charles, they are very easy to please and accepting dogs. MORE TH>N  challenged me to play with Eddie every day for a week and report back on my findings. Eddie does love to play but sometimes he can be a little lazy and needs some encouragement. Here are five ways to play with your dog.

Discover your dogs natural play personality

Different dogs like different activities. What does your dog do when he is excited? Does he chase things or pounce on them?  Does he like to seek things out that have been hidden? Experiment with different toys and mimic his natural play behaviour. There are four main types of games dogs like to play:

  • Pounce and shake – use soft squeaky toys
  • Chase and retrieve – use balls
  • Hide and seach – this can be done with food, toys or people
  • Tug of war – use rope toys and rubber rings

Playing with your dog cavalier king charles


Eddie loves playing pounce and shake and these soft furry toys are perfect for this. It seems to be his natural instinct as he did not need to be shown what to do with them. He will shake them about and then bring them over for a tug of war with you.

Teach your dog what to do with a toy

You can’t just give your dog a toy and expect them to know what to do with it. Encourage their interest by shaking it and talking in excited tones. When they show interest reward them with a treat or praise. Turn away from your dog and occasionally drop the toy then snatch it back. This will encourage them to compete for the toy. The more time you spend playing with your dog the more quickly they will learn. Soon there will be no stopping them. Getting a dog to play is about patience.

Pledge to play

Use treats to give them something to work for

Combining food with toys is a great way to encourage a dog to use his mind. Eddie has a great sense of smell and could smell that I had hidden dried sausages, his favourite, in a dog intelligence test toy. I had to show him a few times how to open the doors to get the sausages out. It took a little while but eventually he figured it out and got a reward for doing so. The next time I got the toy out he was much quicker and more confident about what to do

Cavalier king charles spaniel

Kong toys are great for this as well. You can hide some food in the hole in the centre or just smear some peanut butter inside and your dog will spend ages trying to get it out.

playing with your dog Cavalier king charles


Games do not always need toys

Sometimes all a dog wants to do is play chase. I was trying to interest Eddie in a toy and he kept running up and pouncing on me. In the end I just chased him round the garden. He was really happy to play this game. He would sneak up behind my back and tag with with his paws then run away when I tried to catch him.  It was great fun and Eddie was barking excitedly by the end. We also took Eddie out in the car for a trip to Duddo, a stone circle in Northumberland. The trip involved a longish walk though a hay field and Eddie really got excited exploring somewhere new. He did lots of running about and sniffing.

Cuddles are play as well

Sometimes all a dog wants is a few cuddles and tickles/  Eddie loves getting his ears and his tummy tickled and this can often turn into a fun game where he attempts to catch your hand. All this can be hard work and Eddie then loves to cuddle up with his favourite toy and go to sleep.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


How did the week go?

We really enjoyed the week of playing more with Eddie and he has learnt to use several new toys. I learnt a lot about the sort of games that he likes to play naturally and it was lovely to take him out with us for a day. He has got much better about going in the car, he used to really hate it. Eddie has benefited from more exercise and is sleeping much better at night. MORE TH>N  sent us a Whistle Activity Monitor which is like a fitbit for dogs. It monitors Eddie’s activity though the week allowing you t0 track his progress. With the extra play during the week he got much more exercise.

whisltle activity monitor sceen


What games do you play with your dog? Have you any ideas I haven’t thought of? Let me know below.

Don’t forget MORE TH>N will donate £1 to the RSPCA for each photo uploaded to their play more pledge page, Why not pop along and get involved now.

Pledge to play


I was sent a Whistle Activity monitor and some dog toys and treats in order to take part in the pledge to play challenge. My opinions are my own