Porridge for a cold morning

Have you noticed how the mornings are much darker and chillier? I woke up this morning to find my feet were freezing. I think it is time to put on a thicker quilt. When I took the dog out for his morning walk I was able to watch the dawn. It was magical, streaks of gold were running across the sky which gradually turned red and disappeared. The ground was wet with dew and spiders had been spinning webs which hung from the plants, scattered with silver droplets. The cold air worked cold breath inside my fleece, leaving me cold and glad to step into the warmth inside. Whilst I usually have cereal for breakfast, like the Special K range I recently tried, on a cold morning there is nothing better than some thing warm. Porridge is ideal for a warming breakfast. Whether you make a large pot on the stove with milk or use one of the sachets you add hot water to, a steaming bowl of porridge is good for the soul. Just looking at it steam makes you feel warm inside and the carbohydrates in the oats will release energy slowly, giving you the strength to face … Continue reading →

Back to school with Special K cereals

It has been hard this week getting back into a routine. My son has started back to school and instead of having long lie-ins, he has had to get out of bed early again. I have had a couple of weeks off work during the summer but usually get up early as the dog makes an excellent alarm clock. He starts squeaking if I am not up when the light comes in the window. Easing my son back into school routine was made a little easier as Special K had sent me some of their new range to try out. He loved trying new cereals when he got up in the morning. The new porridges, cereals and snack bars launched in July as part of the brand’s ‘Live in Colour’ campaign – encouraging women to live a life full of variety, choice and fun. That definitely sounded like a good way to start the day. Tess Daly’s Recipe The first product we tried was Tess Daly’s recipe which is a blend of Special K with red apple, almond and vanilla. Tess was fully involved in the cereal making process making the final flavour choices in her home. The outcome is … Continue reading →

Sunday Lunch at Brewers Fayre, Dunelm Ridge

Sunday is usually a leisurely day for me. I like to spend Sunday with the family having a nice Sunday lunch or going out visiting places of interest. If the weather is nice we will head out for a drive and explore places like Wallington or Seaton Delaval Hall. Often we go off on random adventures, like the time we tried to find High Force Waterfall and ended up in a farmers field. This weekend we were invited to come for Sunday lunch at the Brewers Fayre, Dunelm Ridge. It has just been refurbished and we were looking forward to seeing it. Brewers Fayre, Dunelm Ridge The Brewers Fayre, Dunelem Ridge is situated close to Durham, an ideal place to stop for a meal if you have visited Durham catherdral or the nearby Diggerland. It is situated just outside the small village of Pity Me, part of the Arniston Retail Park and right next door to Premier Inn. It was really easy to find, just off the main road. There is plenty of parking and a nice view over open fields beyond. The Brewers Fayre has a large outdoor area, which is perfect for sitting at on a sunny day, … Continue reading →

Wine & Sympathy – Wine and Cheese Subscription Boxes

Do you love fine wine and gorgeous cheese and enjoy discovering new ones? If so you may be interested in Wine & Sympathy. Wine & Sympathy is a French wine subscription service that has been operating in France for a number of years under the name Vineabox. They have recently launched in the UK and offer a selection of wine, cheese or wine and cheese subscription boxes. Wine & Sympathy aim to increase our knowledge about wine and cheese. Their selections are designed to be enjoyed and shared with friends, over a meal or during a sunny afternoon relaxing and enjoying each others company. The selections are meant to be discussed and discovered. To help Wine & Sympathy pick wines that will delight their subscribers they work in partnership with Franck Thomas, who was regarded as the best Sommelier of 2000 in France and Europe. They source wines mainly from France finding them in renowned and remote regions. Every month subscribers receive wines selected by a special tasting committee and approved by Franck Thomas. Recently Wine & Sympathy started offering cheese subscription boxes as well, selecting an artisan cheese-maker in Brittany who visited all the suppliers to make sure the … Continue reading →

Evening dinner in the garden

The weather recently has been glorious. There is something about sunshine that really lifts the mood making you feel happy. There is nothing nicer than enjoying a relaxing evening dinner in the garden on a hot day. The sun is still warm enough to be nice but not so hot that it is unbearable. If you are still you might get a chance to practice your wildlife photography. We had blue tits nesting in a box at the end of the garden and blackbirds nesting in our tree. They have hatched now but the baby blackbird is still expecting his mother to feed him. I managed to capture the baby waiting hopefully for his mother. It is funny watching how he keeps an eye on where mum has gone, waiting expectantly for a worm. Quite happy to fly but not to fend for himself.Hot days often take the edge off hunger. Meals need to be filled with taste and flavour rather than be filling. For our evening dinner in the garden I decided to bake some tuna steaks. Cooked long enough to be cooked though but still juicy and full of flavour they made the perfect dish. I served them … Continue reading →