Christmas Gift Ideas from Hotel Chocolat

Christmas is a time for indulging in chocolate. There is nothing nicer than watching the latest blockbuster films on the sofa with the family and passing around a box of chocolates. There is usually plenty of chocolate around at Christmas, we always buy a tin of some sort. Santa will usually bring a selection box and chocolate coins and usually we get some as a gift as well. Chocolate makes a lovely gift at Christmas, when it is cold outside it feels like a lovely indulgent treat. There is nothing nicer than a special box of chocolates to eat slowly and indulge in. If you want to spoil someone special in your life you can’t do better than some christmas gift ideas from Hotel Chocolat. The Patisserie Sleekster Britain has some gorgeous desserts which make a perfect end to a meal. Think of brownies, caramel cheesecake or carrot cake and I bet your mouth will start to water. Imagine some of your favourite cakes and desserts recreated and turned into a box of chocolates. This is exactly what Hotel Chocolat have done with the Patisserie Sleekster box. The box contains a range of dessert recipes in chocolate form. Fancy a … Continue reading →

Friday Favourites

Sometimes a week can seem very long. Have you ever had a day when you have gone all day thinking it’s Thursday when in fact it is Wednesday? I did this the other day and this can make a week seem so much longer. These darker nights and mornings do not help, sometimes I feel like hibernating and waiting for the Spring. Little things can help get you though a week and these are some of Friday favourites, things that helped me get though a long week. Sunrises and Sunsets Darker mornings and darker evenings mean that it is possible to catch a glimpse of a sunrise or a sunset. These have been quite spectacular recently and I love watching the sky as it changes colour. They do not last long and the colours soon fade away. I managed to capture these images recently whilst out with the dog in the morning. Dinosaurs with Chicago Town The other day I came home to find a dinosaur had been delivered. At the moment Chicago Town have a promotion on back where you can win a dinosaur every 15 minutes between 8am and 8pm. The promotion runs until the 29th November and … Continue reading →

Giant Crumpets From Warburtons

In the last few days the weather has turned really Autumnal, the rain has been lashing against the windows and venturing out means you will get soaked. Fog has been hanging over the fields, making it difficult to see far ahead. The wind has been swirling around lifting leaves in a mad dance in the air. On days like this all you want to do is to curl up in front of a roaring fire or failing that huddle inside with the heating on, wrapped up warmly. These days are perfect for a cup of tea and a freshly buttered crumpet, with butter oozing into the holes and dripping onto the plate. There is something comforting about a crumpet making it the ideal for serving in the afternoon with a steaming cup of tea. Recently I received a nice surprise, a hamper containing some new giant crumpets from Warburtons as well as items to help me make the perfect tea. Giant crumpets bring snacking to a whole new level, they would be ideal served for breakfast, a lunchtime snack as well as traditionally with some butter and jam. The giant crumpets come in packs of two, RRP £0.69 and are … Continue reading →

Making smoothies with Russell Hobbs Mix and Go

I love smoothies, they are a great way to get a helping of fruit in a tasty way. They are easy to make, throw some juice and fruit into a blender, whisk up and pour into a glass. I love experimenting with new flavours and recently have been incorporating a lot of raspberries into my smoothies. I had a bumper crop of raspberries this year. Luckily they freeze well and my freezer is currently full of bags of frozen raspberries. I recently discovered that frozen raspberries are great to use in a smoothie. They make it lovely and cold which makes it more refreshing to drink. In fact my current favourite smoothie is a mixture of pomegranate juice, blueberries and frozen raspberries. Whisk this all up and you get a lovely and refreshing smoothie which tastes great. Until recently I was only able to make smoothies to drink at home. A blender is not very transportable and I never thought about decanting a smoothie into a bottle to take with me to work. If I could have done this quickly it would have been perfect for those days when I have been so busy rushing around that I did not … Continue reading →

Porridge for a cold morning

Have you noticed how the mornings are much darker and chillier? I woke up this morning to find my feet were freezing. I think it is time to put on a thicker quilt. When I took the dog out for his morning walk I was able to watch the dawn. It was magical, streaks of gold were running across the sky which gradually turned red and disappeared. The ground was wet with dew and spiders had been spinning webs which hung from the plants, scattered with silver droplets. The cold air worked cold breath inside my fleece, leaving me cold and glad to step into the warmth inside. Whilst I usually have cereal for breakfast, like the Special K range I recently tried, on a cold morning there is nothing better than some thing warm. Porridge is ideal for a warming breakfast. Whether you make a large pot on the stove with milk or use one of the sachets you add hot water to, a steaming bowl of porridge is good for the soul. Just looking at it steam makes you feel warm inside and the carbohydrates in the oats will release energy slowly, giving you the strength to face … Continue reading →