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Recently we went for afternoon tea at the Copthorne Hotel Newcastle. This hotel is found on Newcastle’s quayside overlooking the famous bridges.

Afternoon tea is a delightfully British institution. It is more of a formal occasion than the serving of a hot drink.  Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford in the 1830’s,  can take the credit for the creation of the afternoon tea tradition. As  it became possible to light houses late into the evening the evening meal became later. Anna would get hungry mid-afternoon in the break between lunch and dinner. She began inviting her friends to take light refreshment and tea mid-afternoon. The tradition caught on in high society leading to the afternoon tea we know today.

I recently went to the launch of NovelTea in Fenwicks, This is alcoholic beverage perfect for the afternoon tea occasion. This made me realise I should take my son for afternoon tea as he had never been. I found a deal on Living Social for Prosecco afternoon tea at the Copthorne Hotel Newcastle. It was £19 for  tea for two instead of the standard £38. I made a booking to go along.

Come along inside… We’ll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place. – Kenneth Graeme,  The Wind in the Willows

Travel to the Quayside

Our booking for afternoon tea at the Copthorne was on a Sunday afternoon. Coincidently the same afternoon that Newcastle were playing to see if they got promotion to the Premier league. Anyone who knows Newcastle knows that the toon is home to passionate football fans. The outcome was dependant on Brighton losing  their match and Newcastle winning. There was a buzz and excitement in the air and the town was full of Toon fans making their way to the match. My son had his phone close at hand to find out the score was from my husband.

The Copthorne Hotel can be found on Newcastle’s quayside and is a short walk from the city centre and the train station. Newcastle’s quayside is one of my favourite areas to walk around. It is a lovely stroll along the quayside with a great view of the river Tyne and Newcastle’s famous bridges. You can walk across to Gateshead over the Millennium Bridge to visit the Baltic, a centre for contemporary art. The quayside has plenty of shops, restuarants and nightlife as well as history. If you ever get the chance to tour the Swing Bridge it is fascinating.

Newcastle's quayside

Quayside Market Newcastle

Every Sunday Newcastle Quayside Market takes place between 9am and 4pm. The market has been part of the quayside as long as I can remember. Like the quayside it has undergone changes over the years. When I first came to Newcastle it was a fabulous place to buy cheap towels and sheets as well as fresh produce. Market traders would shout about their bargains and it was a bustling hive of activity. These days it features independent traders selling handcrafted goods. It is also a great place to pick up local produce. You will find a great mix of artists, jewellers and food producers and street food. The market is still vibrant and bustling and a great place to wander around.

We had seen many of the food producers recently when visiting the Proper Food & Drink Festival in North Shields. I took advantage of the chance to stock up on some more Geordie Bangers, delicious sausages and some Pete’s Pudding. This delicious flavoured pease pudding is great with sandwiches. Resisting the street food as we were looking forward to afternoon tea, we went over the bridge to the Baltic and took some photos of the river from their viewing platform.

Quayside market newcastle

Quayside market newcastle

quayside market newcastle

Quayside market

Quayside market

Quayside market

Quayside market


The Copthorne Hotel Newcastle

Soon it was time for our afternoon tea and we made our way to the Copthorne Hotel. As we went back over the Millennium Bridge we could hear cheers ringing from St James Park. From the noise we knew that Newcastle had won the league and were going up as champions. My son soon got a call to confirm this which made his day. Afternoon tea would be the perfect celebration of the occasion.

I have been to the Copthorne Hotel before when I took part in some cupcake decorating classes. As well as decorating some cupcakes we got a tour of the hotel and a peep in the bedrooms. I knew that it is an impressive place. My son has never been inside. After walking into the foyer and seeing the grand piano he was really looking forward to his tea. He was expecting something special.

Copthorne hotel Newcastle

Afternoon tea at the Copthorne Hotel

We made our way to the tearoom and were shown to our seat which had a lovely view of the river. We were able to watch the world going by as we ate.  Whilst busy the room was not crowded and service was swift. The staff were courteous and attentive without being in your face.  Shortly after sitting down a glass of prosecco was brought for me to enjoy. This was crisp and refreshing, a lovely accompaniment to the afternoon tea. . My son had to make do with a glass of pop. I was given the option of having tea or coffee. After choosing tea a cake stand was brought to the table, to my son’s delight. Never having been for afternoon tea before he was not sure what to expect.

The cake stand hid three layers of deliciousness. On the bottom plate were delicately cut finger sandwiches. Scones with jam and cream took centre place and pretty cakes took pride of place on the top. A small pot of tea came with the cake stand, containing enough for two cups of tea. Some more hot water would have been nice, but to be fair I never asked for any.

Afternoon tea at the Copthorne hotel

Afternoon tea at the copthorne hotel

Afternoon tea at the copthorn hotel

Afternoon tea at the copthorne hotel

The afternoon tea

As its traditional we began with the sandwiches. It is always difficult to choose which to have first.  With a selection cheese and pickle, ham and tomato, egg mayonaise and tuna and cucumber it took a while to decide. The sandwiches were lovely and delicate with the crusts cut off. The cheese and pickle was our favourite with a great savoury flavour and the tang of pickle. The scones had a lovely home made look and were obviously freshly made. I had the endless debate with my son about goes on the scone first, jam or the cream. To me it is obvious that the jam must be first with cream as the topping. He was not sure but did agree that the jam and cream was a delicious combination. The jam was particularly tasty adding a lovely fruity tang to each bite.

Afternoon tea at the copthorne hotel


Afternoon tea at the copthorne hotel

AFternoon tea at the Copthorne

The top layer of the cake stand had three dainty cakes each. A Victoria sponge, a chocolate brownie and a slice of carrot cake. These were dainty and delicate portions but I could easily have eaten a slightly bigger slice. Maybe I am just greedy! The chocolate brownie oozed chocolate flavour and the layer of chocolate icing on the top made it feel decadent. The carrot cake was was lovely but the overall winner was the Victoria sponge which was light and airy with flavourful jam and cream in the centre.

Overall thoughts on afternoon tea at the Copthorne Hotel

Overall our experience of afternoon tea at the Copthorne Hotel was a good one. The service was great, the food was good and we enjoyed the view over the river.  Even though it was busy due to it being a match day our food came quickly and we did not have to wait. It would have been nice to have some extra water to top up the teapot. This was a minor niggle and I am sure it would have been bought if I asked. I would definitely recommend afternoon tea at the Copthorne and it is worth keeping an eye out on discount sites for a bargain.

Now I have tried afternoon tea at the Copthorne hotel I am on the lookout for other great places in Newcastle to try. I know my son is looking forward to trying out other place. Do you have any recommendations? Let me know below.


Battle of the burger at Wylam Brewery has ten burger vendors competing to be the best. Who will win the crown of best burger 2017?

Over the Easter holidays the battle of the burger was held at Wylam Brewery. The concept is simple, ten burger vendors battle it out to win the title of best burger 2017. Each vendor produces a 100g burger representing the best on their menu. The public votes for their favourite and the one with most votes takes the title. We previously went to the battle of the burger at the Tyne Bar so knew it would be a fun day out.

Exhibition Park and Wylam Brewery

Exhibition Park is a large park near the centre of Newcastle. Originally Queen Victoria’s Royal Jubilee Exhibition was held on the site in 1887. The North East Coast Exhibition, a fair to encourage heavy industry was there in 1929. This saw the construction of several art deco buildings in the park. In 1951 the park held the Festival of Britain, part of a national exhibition.
In the last couple of years the Exhibition Park has undergone a rejuvenation. Wylam Brewery is inside The Palace of the Arts building. This is the only remaining building from the 1929 exhibition. It was Museum of Science and Engineering for many years until becoming derelict. Now home to Wylam Brewery it is an impressive sight beside the lake.


Wylam Brewery

Wylam Brewery is a 30 barrel micro brewery that serves up craft ales and beers. They have been here for two years. Inside the brewery is a tap room and events also take place on a regular basis. My husband enjoyed Wylam Breweries  beer when we ate at the Coop Chicken House. We plan to try Sunday lunch at the brewery one day. Today my son and I were here to eat burgers. Walking round the lake we could see the hustle and bustle at the side of the brewery.

Wylam Brewery

Battle of the Burger

Before we could sample the burgers we had to get the tokens inside the brewery. Each token cost £3 and entitles you to one burger. This is great value as the burgers are a good size. To vote for the best burger you can download a free app. The event is free and you can enjoy music whilst trying the burgers. After purchasing our tokens we went outside to find out what was on offer. There was a great mix of our favourite local vendors as well as some we haven’t tried before. We took our time choosing which burgers to try.

Battle of the burgers at Wylam Brewery

These are some of the vendors who were there:

Zapatista Burrito Bar

The first stand we came across was Zapatista Burrito Bar. A popular burrito bar in the centre of Newcastle they have been on my must try list for some time. The food does look tasty. Their creation was the Nacho Normal Burger, a Mexican style topped burger on a bed of nachos.


Longhorns Barbecue Smokehouse is one of our favourite vendors. We have visited Longhorns on Mosley StreetLonghorns on Mosley Street where we tried  their tasty BBQ pulled meat boards. They are often at foodie events like this and we know that their food is always going to be good. The Pepper Don’t Preach burger did look good. The pretzel bun contains  a hog and beef patty, monterey jack cheese, bacon jam, red cabbage pickle and burger sauce. Temping but we decided to try a vendor we hadn’t tried before.


Lola Jeans

Lola Jeans are another favourite of mine, their burgers are always really tasty. I have yet to visit their restaurant but have heard good things about the food and the cocktails. Their offering was the James P Sullivan burger. This consists of two patties, mature cheddar cheese, prime rump steak,  shoestring onions, creamy steak sauce, bbq dip, red onion jam and topped with a pickled onion monster munch. This was the burger that won the crown.
Lola Jeans

Flippin’ Burgers

Flippin’ Burgers

I am not familiar with Flippin’ Burgers but they were offering a Ground Chunk Burger as well as a Crispy Fried Monkfish Burger which was the only seafood option. The van is rather retro as well.

Flipping burgers van

Jam Jar

Found in Jesmond Jam Jar offers a range of different burgers. Their Jam burger contains a beef patty, crispy bacon, Red Leicester cheese and tangy tomato jam. My son tried this burger and whilst it did look nice he was not that impressed. The patty did look a little rare which put him off a bit. It may just have been because they were really busy at the time.

JamJar Jesmond

JamJar burger

Fat Hippo

Fat Hippo is in the centre of Newcastle and is another of those places that is on my must try list. The list keeps getting longer and longer. The queue was long and an efficient line of Hail to the String burgers were being made. The beef patty is topped with Monterey jack cheese, chilli and bacon string fries, pickle back slaw, chorizo butter and finally covered with signature Fat Hippo sauce. The burger is held in a soft brioche bun.  This was my choice and it was really tasty. The signature sauce adds a little twist.


Fat Hippo

Fat Hippo Burger

A wander round the park

Having eaten our burgers we went for a wander around Exhibition Park. The last time I was there was when I did the 5K MoRun and I was so busy running I didn’t see much of the park. There are plenty of facilities there now including a skate park, tennis courts and a playground for the kids. We went for a walk round the lake. Near the lake we found this clock. This  clock tower was a gift from  the Freemen of Newcastle when the park was part of the Festival of Britain in 1951.

Freeman clock in Exhibition park

In 1951, the park was the centre for Tyneside’s contribution to the Festival of Britain, and the clock tower gifted by the Freemen of Newcastle remains as reminder. Strolling round the lake the path went into a patch of reeds. If you look from the other side it looks like people on the path are walking on water. There were plenty of birds out on the lake and I took the chance to practice my wildlife photography on a passing swan. A passing moorhen then struck a pose.

Exhibition park by the lake

A swan

A moorhen

We had a fun day at the Battle for the Burger at Wylam Brewery and hope to go back to try some beer next time. Did you go to the Battle of the Burger? What was your favourite burger? Let me know below.

Battle of the burger at Wylam Brewery, Newcastle Upon Tyne





Soul on Sunday at Revolution Newcastle allows you to have a delicious Sunday lunch whilst enjoying the sounds of soul music from a live band.

Revolution Newcastle is on Collingwood Street. It is round the corner from Central Station and near to Newcastle Castle. The building is Grade II listed and is one of the more impressive buildings on the street. Walking past you can’t help but notice the impressive array of bottles in the windows. Last weekend we went to Revolution for Sunday lunch. Soul on Sunday serves up delicious Sunday lunches while the house band plays soulful classic songs. It is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Revolution Newcastle

Inside Revolution the building is equally impressive,  the original features are intact. There is plenty to look at whilst dining. Large ornate pillars rise up to an impressive sculpted ceiling. The bar  and windows make a great statement and centrepiece to the room. The sounds of Motown filled the venue, providing that feel good factor. The music was not too loud but did make you tap your feet and want to boogie. The music was live, courtesy of the house band, Watson and the Elements. They have the Sunday vibe down to perfection.

Inside revolution Newcastle

Soul on Sunday at Revolution Newcastle

We chose to have an early lunch, at 12:30pm. Whilst the bar was not full it was busy. The atmosphere was relaxing and we didn’t feel rushed. The new Sunday menu is  in the style of a newspaper which is a quirky touch. It is well worth a read. You will find the menu, fun facts and quirky stories and information about the house band.

Menu at revolution Newcastle

Whilst we were reading the menu our drinks came. Revolution has an extensive cocktail menu which features many exotic cocktails. The large headline in the menu, BLOODIES/MIMOSMAS caught my eye and I tried a mimosa. It was a good choice, refreshing and delicious with a bit of a kick. Revolution also offer a range of craft beers and my husband tried one of these. Cocktails are £7.95 each or 2 for 1 with a Revolution Card  if you have one.

Mimosa at Revolution Newcastle


Beer at Revolution Newcastle

The Sunday Lunch Menu at Revolution Newcastle

The Soul on Sunday lunch at Revolution has the option of two courses for £15 or three courses for £18 which is very reasonable for the centre of town. There is the choice of four different starters, four mains and four desserts. If you want extra vegetables with your meal you have the option of adding these for £3 each or £10 for four. We went for the three course option. After all it was Sunday


For our starter both my husband and I chose the Breaded Halloumi with Hummus, Dukkah, House Flatbread & Pomegranate. Halloumi is one of those things I have never tried but always wanted to. The starter was beautifully presented on a flat plate with warm triangles of flatbread and halloumi. These perched on a bed of hummus. Pomegranate added a bright red flash of colour to the plate. The cheese and flatbreads were both warm and were delicious with a scoop of hummus. The starter was a nice size as well.

 Breaded Halloumi with Hummus, Dukkah, House Flatbread & Pomegranate starter at Revolution Newcastle

My son tried the mango chicken & ricotta salad with homemade flatbread & pomegranate. Again this was beautifully presented in a stack with splashes of orange mango. My son felt that the flatbread was a little dry and maybe could have done with a little more hummus. He did enjoy it though and the plate was soon empty.

mango chicken & ricotta salad with homemade flatbread & pomegranate starter at revolution

Main courses

The main courses are traditional Sunday lunches of beef, pork or chicken. There is also a vegetarian option of sweet potato and bean roast served with balsamic onion which sounds lovely. The chicken comes as a sharing crate for two and my husband and I went for this option. There was something fun about a whole chicken arriving at the table in a crate with a knife to carve it yourself. Also in the crate were roast potatoes cooked in duck fat with honey roast parsnips, carrots and a balsamic onion. Two large Yorkshire puddings nestled beside the chicken. Alongside the crate were two small jugs of gravy.

chicken sunday lunch at revolution Newcastle

The chicken had a lovely smoky taste and was lovely and tender. The potatoes were perfect, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle.  The parsnips and carrots made a lovely sweet addition. The gravy just added perfection to the plate. We chose a side of cauliflower cheese to go along with our main. The cauliflower was perfectly cooked with strings of cheese dripping from it.

My son  went for the pork loin with chargrilled apple with sage. It came to the table piled high on a plate with a giant Yorkshire pudding topping the dish. He was very happy with his choice.

pork loin with chargrilled apple with sage sunday lunch at revolution newcastle


Whilst we were full from the starter and main course we did manage to find room for a dessert. The only hard part was making a decision on which one to have, they all sounded lovely. In the end my husband and son opted for the chocoberry sundae. This was delicious. Lashings of ice cream, chocolate, caramel and berries in a glass.

Chocoberry sundae at Revolution Newcastle

My choice was the cheesecake which was a lovely end to the meal. The creamy vanilla cheesecake came with a garnish of strawberries and cream adding a hint of fruitiness.

We left Revolution feeling full and relaxed, the mix of Sunday lunch with soul music works well. It is the perfect venue for a relaxing Sunday lunch. The staff are attentive to detail, making sure you have everything you need without rushing you. The band were  enjoyable as well adding a lovely vibe to the venue.

Soul on Sunday at Revolution, Newcastle. Sunday lunches served with soul music for a relaxing vibe

We were invited to try a complementary meal at Revolution to try out the Soul on Sunday experience. My opinions are honest and my own.



If you know me you know I love pizza. Today I am treating you to a  post inspired by Shine Media about the top 7 pizzerias in Newcastle.

The view along the Newcastle quayside at sunset

I love cooking, but sometimes after a long day, I just don’t feel like it! There’s nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to have a pizza night with the family. We like to make pizza night a special occasion by popping a movie on or playing some fun music and eating picnic-style in the living room. It’s a fantastic way to liven up the evening and energize your week with a little variety. Of course, you can’t have a successful pizza night without hot and tasty pizza! We’ve tried most of the pizza in Newcastle, and these are our favourites!

1. Pizzeria Francesca

This authentic Italian pizzeria brings the pizzazz (and the pizzas!) of Italy into the heart of Newcastle. This restaurant is owned and operated by an Italian family, so you know you’re getting the real deal! The pizzas are excellent and the portions are huge!

2. Pizzaholic

I didn’t think “pizzaholic” was a real word, but after tasting the pizza from this Newcastle pizzeria I’ve changed my mind! Pizzaholic delivers reasonably priced pizzas, garlic bread, and other Italian options along with burgers, chicken, and kebabs if you need a change of taste.

3. Manny’s Pizza Deli

Pizza from Mannys pizza deli Newcastle

Manny’s is a very trendy pizza place, as it features New York Style pizza and even American beer!  Just like in America, you can order your pizza by the pie or by the giant slice.  Take the family out to their chic, deli-style bar or order their gourmet pizza delivered straight to your door via Hungry House!

 4. Pizza Express

We love going to Pizza Express when we feel like going out for a pizza because the atmosphere is amazing.  The chefs all wear striped T-shirts and toss pizza dough high into the air before topping it and sliding it into the oven.  Just like the movies!

 5. Pizzeria Santanas

Pizzeria Santanas specialises in making real Italian pizza and delivering it hot and steaming to your door.  We love ordering from this local pizzeria when we need a quick, cheap meal because they have some of the best prices in the area.  They also have an excellent vegetarian special for any non-meat eaters in your family!

 6. Vincenzo’s

 Vincenzo’s arancini starter.

Vincenzo’s is a traditional Italian restaurant with no frills and gimmicks, just great pizza and Italian food.  Their authentic pizzas are a hit with my family and friends, and if you want to surprise the kids, order their arancini starter.  These fried risotto balls are to die for and they’re fun to eat, too! 

 7. The Herb Garden

This place is a bit fancier, so if you’re looking for some takeaway to impress the in-laws or to celebrate a special occasion, this is my top recommendation.  With ingredients like pecorino cheese, walnut, and bresaola, The Herb Garden is definitely some of the most interesting and best pizza in Newcastle.

Pizza isn’t just satisfying comfort food for a lazy evening; it’s also a great way to bond with your family and introduce a little spice into your routine.  Why not plan your next one for this evening!


Jamie’s Italian, is one of a chain of restaurants from celebrity chef Jaime Oliver. Serving meals with rustic charm it is a contemporary Italian diner found in the heart of Newcastle.

Jaimie's Italian Newcastle the outside of the resturant

Last weekend was my birthday and to celebrate we  went for lunch at Jamie’s Italian, Newcastle. We had been invited to try the Super Lunch menu which offers two courses for £11.95 or three courses for £13.95. This is only available Monday to Friday between 12 – 6pm. Jamie’s Italian is situated opposite Grey’s Monument in Monument Mall, a prime central location. If you are searching for Great North Snow Dogs there is one just outside. As it is the city centre there is no parking outside. The city centre has plenty of car parks within walking distance and Monument Metro station is right outside.

Inside Jamie’s Italian, Newcastle

Inside the restaurant is huge. From the outside it does not look like there is going to be as much space as there is. Downstairs there is a bar area with plenty of seating in different styles. The restaurant is upstairs and accessed by a spiral staircase at the rear of the bar area.  The lift access is not immediately obvious which may cause a problem if you have limited mobility.

Jamie's Italian Newcastle - the bar area

Upstairs the restaurant oozes with charm and ambience. It has a rustic feel with plenty of quirky touches to draw your eye. From murals on wall, to pans hanging from the ceiling to racks of wine bottles in the corner. The restaurant feels cosy and welcoming. There is plenty of seating in a range of styles to suit the size of your group. The overall feel is of an Italian cosy country restaurant, even the blinds on the windows add to that feeling.

Jamie's Italian, Newcastle - inside the restaurant

Jamie's Italian, Newcastle - inside the restaurant

Jaime’s Italian Super Lunch Menu

The super lunch menu offers a selection of four or five different choices for starters, mains and desserts. Some of the selections are included in the main menu and some are special to the lunch menu. At £13.95 for three courses it provides great value for the centre of town. The drinks menu contains an extensive choice of cocktails, wine, soft drinks and beers. The beers are Italian and chosen by Jamie specially for the restaurant. If you want to start your meal in authentic Italian style you can even have an aperitivo in the form of an Aperol Spritz.


Since it was my birthday we went for the three course menu. To begin with the service was quick and efficient, our waiter was Italian which made things feel more authentic. The starters came quickly. My son went for the creamy celeriac soup which was served with a rosemary focaccia. The soup was really hot and took a while to cool down but he really enjoyed it.

Creamy celeriac soup at Jamie's Italian


My choice was the silky pate bruschetta, the chicken liver pate is mixed with panacetta, vin santo and Parmesan to make a delightful starter. The pate has a gorgeous taste and I could easily have eaten more. The bread was lovely and crisp and the pate silky and smooth with plenty of flavour.

silky pate bruschetta at Jamie's Italian

Truffle tagliatelle was my husband’s choice, hand made pasta in black truffle oil with Parmesan. It looked nice on the plate but he thought it was luke warm and lacking in taste.

truffle tagliatelle at Jamie's Italian

Main course

After the starter the restaurant became rather busy and we had to wait quite a while for our main course to arrive. As the place got busier the waiter was finding it harder to be attentive. He was trying his best but there were only two waiters for the section we were in. We were ready for our main course when it came. Rather predictably my son chose Gennaro’s Chicken Club which is a chicken burger. I am sure he is determined to try a burger in every restaurant that we visit. The bun comes packed with marinated free-range chicken, crispy pancetta, spicy ‘nduja mayo, fontal cheese, tomato & rocket and was big enough to please him. Strangely it does not come with any side dish, a portion of fries would not have gone amiss.

Gennaro's chicken club burger at Jamie's Italian, Newcastle

Gennaro’s tagliatelle bolognese was my choice and it was well presented on the plate. Sadly the flavour was a disappointment, the whole dish was rather bland. I always expect bolognese to be bursting with tomato flavour but this dish lacked that. It is a shame as a good bolognese is a delight to eat.

Gennaro's tagliatelle bolognese

Somewhat unsurprisingly my husband chose the Italian steak and fries, which there is a £3 supplement for. This is steak served in true Italian style, cut very thin and flash grilled. It came with garlic butter, fries and a red cabbage slaw. The steak was delicious, I was allowed to try a little bit, and well worth the wait. The slaw was lovely as well, it had some kind of vinaigrette dressing on it which really set off the flavour.

Italian steak and chips at Jamie's Italian


Comfortably full we did manage to choose a dessert. It would have been rude not to considering it was my birthday. My husband wanted to try the wobbly panna cota but sadly there were none of these left. He opted for the tiramisu pavlova instead which is coffee meringue served with chocolate ice cream and hot chocolate sauce with smashed hazelnuts.

tiramisu pavlova at Jamie's Italian

My son and I both went for the Epic Brownie which did not disappoint. A warm meltingly soft brownie topped with flavourful salted caramel ice cream and caramelised pop corn it was a fitting end to the meal. Perfect for a birthday treat.

Jamies Italian epic chocolate brownie

In conclusion, at just under £55 for a three course meal for three of us in the centre of Newcastle the meal was good value. Jamie’s Italian is a lovely spacious place to eat and the rustic look and feel of the place is spot on. If it hadn’t been for the disappointing pasta dishes the whole lunch would have been delicious but these let it down. If I went again I would opt for the steak as that was gorgeous and worth the £3 supplement.