Days out

Days out

Recently we went for afternoon tea at the Copthorne Hotel Newcastle. This hotel is found on Newcastle’s quayside overlooking the famous bridges.

Afternoon tea is a delightfully British institution. It is more of a formal occasion than the serving of a hot drink.  Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford in the 1830’s,  can take the credit for the creation of the afternoon tea tradition. As  it became possible to light houses late into the evening the evening meal became later. Anna would get hungry mid-afternoon in the break between lunch and dinner. She began inviting her friends to take light refreshment and tea mid-afternoon. The tradition caught on in high society leading to the afternoon tea we know today.

I recently went to the launch of NovelTea in Fenwicks, This is alcoholic beverage perfect for the afternoon tea occasion. This made me realise I should take my son for afternoon tea as he had never been. I found a deal on Living Social for Prosecco afternoon tea at the Copthorne Hotel Newcastle. It was £19 for  tea for two instead of the standard £38. I made a booking to go along.

Come along inside… We’ll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place. – Kenneth Graeme,  The Wind in the Willows

Travel to the Quayside

Our booking for afternoon tea at the Copthorne was on a Sunday afternoon. Coincidently the same afternoon that Newcastle were playing to see if they got promotion to the Premier league. Anyone who knows Newcastle knows that the toon is home to passionate football fans. The outcome was dependant on Brighton losing  their match and Newcastle winning. There was a buzz and excitement in the air and the town was full of Toon fans making their way to the match. My son had his phone close at hand to find out the score was from my husband.

The Copthorne Hotel can be found on Newcastle’s quayside and is a short walk from the city centre and the train station. Newcastle’s quayside is one of my favourite areas to walk around. It is a lovely stroll along the quayside with a great view of the river Tyne and Newcastle’s famous bridges. You can walk across to Gateshead over the Millennium Bridge to visit the Baltic, a centre for contemporary art. The quayside has plenty of shops, restuarants and nightlife as well as history. If you ever get the chance to tour the Swing Bridge it is fascinating.

Newcastle's quayside

Quayside Market Newcastle

Every Sunday Newcastle Quayside Market takes place between 9am and 4pm. The market has been part of the quayside as long as I can remember. Like the quayside it has undergone changes over the years. When I first came to Newcastle it was a fabulous place to buy cheap towels and sheets as well as fresh produce. Market traders would shout about their bargains and it was a bustling hive of activity. These days it features independent traders selling handcrafted goods. It is also a great place to pick up local produce. You will find a great mix of artists, jewellers and food producers and street food. The market is still vibrant and bustling and a great place to wander around.

We had seen many of the food producers recently when visiting the Proper Food & Drink Festival in North Shields. I took advantage of the chance to stock up on some more Geordie Bangers, delicious sausages and some Pete’s Pudding. This delicious flavoured pease pudding is great with sandwiches. Resisting the street food as we were looking forward to afternoon tea, we went over the bridge to the Baltic and took some photos of the river from their viewing platform.

Quayside market newcastle

Quayside market newcastle

quayside market newcastle

Quayside market

Quayside market

Quayside market

Quayside market


The Copthorne Hotel Newcastle

Soon it was time for our afternoon tea and we made our way to the Copthorne Hotel. As we went back over the Millennium Bridge we could hear cheers ringing from St James Park. From the noise we knew that Newcastle had won the league and were going up as champions. My son soon got a call to confirm this which made his day. Afternoon tea would be the perfect celebration of the occasion.

I have been to the Copthorne Hotel before when I took part in some cupcake decorating classes. As well as decorating some cupcakes we got a tour of the hotel and a peep in the bedrooms. I knew that it is an impressive place. My son has never been inside. After walking into the foyer and seeing the grand piano he was really looking forward to his tea. He was expecting something special.

Copthorne hotel Newcastle

Afternoon tea at the Copthorne Hotel

We made our way to the tearoom and were shown to our seat which had a lovely view of the river. We were able to watch the world going by as we ate.  Whilst busy the room was not crowded and service was swift. The staff were courteous and attentive without being in your face.  Shortly after sitting down a glass of prosecco was brought for me to enjoy. This was crisp and refreshing, a lovely accompaniment to the afternoon tea. . My son had to make do with a glass of pop. I was given the option of having tea or coffee. After choosing tea a cake stand was brought to the table, to my son’s delight. Never having been for afternoon tea before he was not sure what to expect.

The cake stand hid three layers of deliciousness. On the bottom plate were delicately cut finger sandwiches. Scones with jam and cream took centre place and pretty cakes took pride of place on the top. A small pot of tea came with the cake stand, containing enough for two cups of tea. Some more hot water would have been nice, but to be fair I never asked for any.

Afternoon tea at the Copthorne hotel

Afternoon tea at the copthorne hotel

Afternoon tea at the copthorn hotel

Afternoon tea at the copthorne hotel

The afternoon tea

As its traditional we began with the sandwiches. It is always difficult to choose which to have first.  With a selection cheese and pickle, ham and tomato, egg mayonaise and tuna and cucumber it took a while to decide. The sandwiches were lovely and delicate with the crusts cut off. The cheese and pickle was our favourite with a great savoury flavour and the tang of pickle. The scones had a lovely home made look and were obviously freshly made. I had the endless debate with my son about goes on the scone first, jam or the cream. To me it is obvious that the jam must be first with cream as the topping. He was not sure but did agree that the jam and cream was a delicious combination. The jam was particularly tasty adding a lovely fruity tang to each bite.

Afternoon tea at the copthorne hotel


Afternoon tea at the copthorne hotel

AFternoon tea at the Copthorne

The top layer of the cake stand had three dainty cakes each. A Victoria sponge, a chocolate brownie and a slice of carrot cake. These were dainty and delicate portions but I could easily have eaten a slightly bigger slice. Maybe I am just greedy! The chocolate brownie oozed chocolate flavour and the layer of chocolate icing on the top made it feel decadent. The carrot cake was was lovely but the overall winner was the Victoria sponge which was light and airy with flavourful jam and cream in the centre.

Overall thoughts on afternoon tea at the Copthorne Hotel

Overall our experience of afternoon tea at the Copthorne Hotel was a good one. The service was great, the food was good and we enjoyed the view over the river.  Even though it was busy due to it being a match day our food came quickly and we did not have to wait. It would have been nice to have some extra water to top up the teapot. This was a minor niggle and I am sure it would have been bought if I asked. I would definitely recommend afternoon tea at the Copthorne and it is worth keeping an eye out on discount sites for a bargain.

Now I have tried afternoon tea at the Copthorne hotel I am on the lookout for other great places in Newcastle to try. I know my son is looking forward to trying out other place. Do you have any recommendations? Let me know below.


The Dacia Magic Weekend is an annual event showcasing the sport of Rugby League. A full round of six matches between the twelve super league teams takes place in one stadium.

There is nothing Geordies like more than a party and the Dacia Magic Weekend fits the bill. It is the Betfred Super League’s biggest party of the year.  A carnival atmosphere descends on the city with the arrival of over 65000 rugby league fans. As well as the rugby inside St James Park plenty of fun family events take place outside the ground. It is an event the whole family can enjoy.

We have been attending a few sporting events this year. Recently we went to the East of Scotland Annual Disability Championships. My son won a gold medal for judo. He is taking  part in the 2017 Sheffield Special Olympic Games over the summer which is exciting. When we were asked if we wanted to go along to the Dacia Magic Weekend we jumped at the chance. My husband and son  are great sports fans and I was looking forward to seeing St James Park.

Dacia Magic Weekend

Dacia Magic Weekend Newcastle

This year was the eleventh year of the Magic weekend. It is the third consecutive year its been in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  Over its history Newcastle holds the records for the biggest attendances. This is not surprising, Geordies are well known for their hospitality. St James Park has a great location in the centre of the city and is easy to get to on public transport. The seating capacity of over 52,000 ensures there is plenty of room for all the fans.

We made our way to the stadium though the crowds of rugby fans. There was a buzz and excitement in the air. Many of the fans were wearing their teams colours or fancy dress. There was a great sense of camaraderie between them.   We made our way to the Milburn stand where our seats were. The stewards were really helpful, directing us to Heroes Club which was our venue for the weekend. This is a recent addition to the club’s hospitality suites.

St James Park

Anyone who lives in Newcastle will be aware that St James Park plays a big part in the city. Newcastle fans are some of the most loyal and passionate football fans. If you are ever in town during the match you can hear this. The sound of the fans singing can be heard ringing round the city. It is odd that my first visit to St James Park was to see rugby rather than  football.  My husband and son regularly go to matches but I have never been. On our way to the Heroes Club I took the opportunity to look around the stadium. Plenty of the history of Newcastle United is on display in the ground. Pictures of players past and present adorn the walls. There are also cabinets displaying the trophies we have won. You can learn more of the history of the Toon Army with old newspaper cuttings and memorabilia from the past. You really get a sense of the pride that Geordies have in their team.

St James PArk

St JAmes Park Memoribila

St James Park Memorabllia


Heroes Club

Arriving at the Heroes Club we got our event passes along with a token for a free drink which was a nice touch.  The room is light and airy with a contemporary feel. Different types of seating are available, from tables and chairs to bar stools and sofas. The staff were welcoming and friendly. They were circulating the room with food from a grazing menu. These were small bowls of food which was really tasty. Nothing was too much bother for the staff. My son managed to tighten his wristband so tight that it was hurting his wrist. They found a knife to cut it off and a replacement band. As it got nearer the time for the first match anticipation rose. We went into the stadium to find our seats.

Heroes Club St James Park

Heroes Club St James Park

Magic Weekend Matches

Over the Magic Weekend there are six matches between the twelve super league teams. The super league is rugby leagues equivalent to the premier league in football. Three matches take place on the Saturday and three on the Sunday. You can choose to attend one match, the full day or for the full weekend. Walking into the stadium there was a party atmosphere. Fans were ready to support their teams, wearing their colours or fancy dress. There was a great mix of fans, families and couples.

Cheerleaders were helping build anticipation as the team banners were unfurled. The teams then ran onto the pitch and it was game on. The pace was fast and furious and the players really do slam into each other with force. Watching the game live makes the skill of the players much more obvious and it is more exciting than it is on tv. In the crowd giant foam hands and try cards were waving in excitement. Television screens around the stadium let you see replays of the action. They also confirm when a try is  scored. The fans also let you know that as they cheered on their teams.

There was entertainment before the matches and during half time too. Before the game there was a space hopper derby involving some of the fans. A giant tin of mushy peas was overseeing the game as well as some cheerleaders. During half time children from the SkyTry programme got a chance to play in St James Park. There was always something going on.


Dacia Magic Weekend

Dacia Magic Weekend

Dacia Magic Weekend

Dacia Magic Weekend

Dacia Magic Weekend

Dacia Magic Weekend

Dacia Magic Weekend

Dacia Magic Weekend


Dacia Magic Weekend

Magic Weekend Fanzone

In between the matches we went to have a look around the fanzone. This was on the road outside the stadium and downstairs near the St James Park Metro station. There were plentiful food and drink facilities as well as opportunities to buy merchandise. A Fan Zone stage was set up and player interviews were taking place here. You could also get your photo taken with the Super League trophy and the England team.

There were plenty of other fun activities in the fanzone. You could test your skills on the Batak Machine or take part in a rugby passing, High Striker or rodeo rugby ball games. Newcastle Thunder, one of the local rugby league teams, also had merchandise on sale. There was certainly plenty to try.

Dacia Magic weekend fanzone

Dacia Magic weekend fanzone

Dacia Magic Weekend fanzone

Dacia Magic weekend fanzone

Magic Weekend New Strips

Every year the teams taking part in the Magic Weekend have new strips designed for the occasion. This year the great reveal was on #SuperHeroDay. Some of the strips took on the theme of superheroes. Leeds Rhinos were Captain America themed and Hull FC had a Hulk theme. Wakefield Trintiy went for Spiderman, Catalans Dragons were Iron Man and Warrington Wolves took Thor.

Castleford Tigers strip features their fighting tigers. Leigh Centurions have a magic themed strip. Huddersfield Giants strip features the logos of the Giants 16 community clubs. It also has a tribute to Ronan Costello, a youth prospect who died playing the game he loved. Salford Red Devils strip is raising awareness for State of Mind. This is a charity that works for mental health issues in sport. St Helens have a multicoloured jigsaw design to raise awareness of autism.

The most striking strip was Widnes Vikings. Their strip features Newcastle Stripes and was sponsored by the Bobby Robson foundation. Bobby Robson was a much loved Newcastle manager who sadly died of cancer. The Bobby Robson foundation is a charity which raises money to fund the early detection and treatment of cancer. Over the past three years Widnes Vikings have raised over £80,000 for this cause. The strip was the smartest one there.

Magic Weekend 2017 Fixtures and Results

Saturday May 20th

  •  2:30pm: Widnes  Vikings v Wakefield Trinity ( 12 – 34)
  • 4:45pm: Hull FC v St Helens (0 – 45)
  • 7:00pm:  Wigan Warriors 24 – 24 Warrington Wolves (24 – 24)

Sunday May 21st

  • 1.00pm: Catalan Dragons v Huddersfield Giants (10 – 18)
  • 3:15pm: Leigh Centurions v Salford Red Devils (22 – 36)
  • 5:30pm: Castleford Tigers v Leeds Rhinos (29 – 18)

In Conclusion

Visiting the Magic Weekend in Newcastle was a really enjoyable experience. It is a really family friendly event and even if you do not know much about rugby you will enjoy it. The atmosphere is really friendly and it feels like everyone is taking part in a big party. Watching the matches themselves is a thrilling experience and makes you really appreciate the game. I hope the Magic Weekend comes back to Newcastle next year so we can enjoy it again.

We were guests for the Magic Weekend but my opinions are honest and my own.


The Proper Food & Drink Festival, North Shields brings together the best street food vendors and food producers in the region. Relax and enjoy some music whilst you eat.

One of the signs that summer is on the way are the food festivals that take place across the region. One of these is the Proper Food & Drink Festival. The first festival took place in North Shields in 2012. This year the event is taking place in six different towns around the North East. We took advantage of a sunny day and went to the North Shields event, the first of the year.

The Proper Food & Drink Festival has the slogan, Proper Food for Proper People. As well as being able to enjoy live music in an outdoor picnic area, there is a licensed bar, street food and the best artisan food producers from around the region. It is a free event and a great addition to the food market scene in the region.

Proper Food & Drink Festival, North Shields

The North Shields event takes place in Northumberland Square. This is an elegant space, Georgian town houses surrounding a small park in the centre. The buildings provide an interesting backdrop to the Proper Food & Drink festival. The square was busy, lots of people were enjoying the food and sunshine.

Proper Food & Drink Festival North Shields

Artisan Food Producers

On the road round the park we found the artisan food producers from around the region. The stalls were busy and it took us a while to explore them all. Whilst we were exploring we saw a large chicken wandering round with an egg in hot pursuit. They were a great attraction for the kids.

There were plenty of different stalls with everything from chocolate to sausages to beer and nuts. Take plenty of money and a shopping bag as you will find lots to tempt you. There are also lots of samples on offer so you can try before you buy.  Our first stop was Geordie Bangers where we picked up some sausages. Their hog roast sausages are delicious and perfect for a Sunday breakfast or a barbecue.

We also picked up some pease pudding from Pete’s pudding. I have made my own pease pudding before but this pease pudding has flavourings. The gammon and leek is really tasty in a ham sandwich. French Oven Bakery is familiar from the Grainger Market and we love their freshly made bread. There was plenty to try and new stalls to discover.

Geordie Bangers at Proper Food & Drink Festival North Shields

Petes pudding at proper food and drink festival North Shields

French oven bakery at proper food & drink festival north shields

Ellies cupcake kitchen at proper food festival north shields

Hadrian border brewery at Proper Food Festival North Shields

La Mini Macaron at Proper Food & Drink Festival North Sheilds

Street Food Vendors

All that shopping is hungry work. Fortunately there were plenty of street food vendors on hand to stop us from starving. We found them inside the park along with a picnic area and a stage with entertainment. It was lovely to sit in the sun for a while and enjoy the music. Deciding what to eat was hard as many of our favourites could be seen. 

The burgers from Fat Hippo were a hit for me when we went to the Battle of the Burger at Wylam Brewery and their distinctive van was there. The red colours of  Zapatista burrito bar also caught my eye. I keep meaning to try them but somehow always get distracted. Sorry guys. In the end I went with a falafel from Papa Ganoush which was very tasty. My son and his friend had burgers from The Northumbrian Smokehouse and my husband tried the Tokoyo Kitchen.  Drinks were also available, either an exotic coconut or from Wylam Brewery. We left the Proper Food & Drink Festival full with plenty of food to take home to try later. It is a great day out.

Fat hippo at Proper Food & Drink Festival

Zapatista at Proper Food & Drink Festival

Northumbrian Farmhouse at Proper Food & Drink Festival

Tandori Nann at Proper Food & Drink Festival

Tokoyo Kichen at Proper Food & Drink Festival

Proper Food & Drink Festival

Proper Food & Drink Festival


Other events in 2017:

If you want to catch the Proper Food & Drink Festival in one of the other locations over the summer these are the dates to put in your diary.

  • May 27th -29th,  10am -5pm: Bents Park, South Shields
  • June 17th-18th, 10am -5pm:  Spanish City Plaza, Whitley Bay
  • July 29th, – 30th 10am -5pm: Seven Oaks Park, Cramlington
  • August 5th – 6th, 10am -5pm: Saltwell Park, Gateshead
  • August 12th -13th, 10am -5pm: Ridley Park, Blyth

Have you been to the Proper Food & Drink Festival before? Let me know below. I suspect we may visit a couple more this year.



Noveltea takes  tea and infuses it with gin or rum then serves it over ice. The perfect twist to serve with afternoon tea this summer.

Afternoon tea is a quintessentially British pastime. The very thought of afternoon tea conjures up images steaming pots of tea served with the best china. Arrangements of delicate sandwiches with the crusts cut off sit on  plates. A cake stand is essential with a selection of treats and scones with cream and jam.  Think of afternoon tea and images of tea on the lawn on a sunny day come to mind. Butlers would be dancing attendance making sure your cup was never empty. The thwack of cricket balls hitting bats and lawnmowers would make up the background music.

It is no wonder afternoon tea is so popular and can be found on the menu of most bars and restaurants. You can even enjoy a glass of champagne or prosecco with your afternoon tea if you fancy living more dangerously. The idea of drinking alcohol with tea was the inspiration behind the new alcoholic tipple Noveltea. The blend of alcoholic spirts with tea poured over ice is sure to become a summer sensation. The drink recently launched in Fenwick Food Hall which is the first retailer to stock it.

Noveltea bottles

Noveltea Launch Event

I was invited along to Noveltea launch event at Mason & Rye inside Fenwick Food Hall and took the opportunity to learn more about the product. There are two distinct blends of Noveltea available – The Tale of Earl Grey and the Tale of Tangier. Both are made with cold brewed tea which has been infused with alcohol. The blends or “tales” are completely different. With the slogan Tea.Spirit.Experience each blend aims to be a different experience in a glass and it succeeds.


Sipping the Tale of Tangier transports you to a Moroccan souk. The blend of green tea and rum has a hint of mint and spice that comes out when you drink it. It is a light and delicate drink which is perfect for sipping on an hot summer afternoon in the garden. The Tale of Earl Grey blends Earl Grey tea with gin, bergamot and botanicals creating a darker and more brooding combination. Not being a gin lover I didn’t expect to like this blend. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tea lifted the gin to a new level creating  drink that is perfect for afternoon tea. It is difficult to choose a favourite, they both suit different occasions.

The Creation of Noveltea

A talk from the founders of Noveltea gave us some of the history behind the concept. Noveltea is the brain child of two German nationals, Vincent Efferoth and Lukas Passia. They came to Newcastle university and, like so many people, fell in love with the city. During afternoon tea at the Baltic they hit on the concept of combining alcohol and tea into one  drink. Noveltea was born. The final product took many hours  of research, trying out different teas and discovering the local heritage behind them. 

Fenwick Food Hall is the perfect place for the launch of this product. It is within walking distance of Grey’s monument which is dedicated to Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey. He is best known for the reform bill in 1832 but is known for the creation of Earl Grey tea. This makes the choice of Earl Grey tea in one of the Noveltea blends very apt.  The creators of Noveltea have worked hard to perfect the product and the drink is one that I am sure will become a hit. After the talk we were able to sample the delicious afternoon tea which completely complemented the drink.


Noveltea lauch event

Noveltea launch event

Noveltea launch event


Whilst Noveltea is currently only available in Fenwick Food Hall I am sure it will not be long until bars and restaurants are stocking it. It is definitely a drink to look out for this summer. Would you like to try Noveltea? Let me know below.






The East of Scotland Annual Disability Judo Championships is a Special Olympics GB Qualifying event. This year it took place in Livingstone, near Edinburgh.

Recently my son took up  Judo at school. He is really enjoying it and shows a natural talent for the sport. Judo is a martial art that originated in Japan. It is also an Olympic sport. The name Judo means “The Gentle Way”. The aim of the sport is to throw or bring your opponent to the ground and immobilise them by pinning them down. To be good at judo you need to learn the technique which requires discipline. This discipling applies to other parts of life not just judo.

East of Scotland Annual Disability Judo Open Championships

At the end of April we sent off to Livingstone so my son could compete in the East of Scotland Physical and Intellectual Annual Disability Judo Open Championships. Livingstone is between Edinburgh and Glasgow and it takes about two and a half hours to drive there from Newcastle. We set off very early in the morning in order to arrive for registration between 8:30 and 9:00. There are a couple of ways to get there and we took the more scenic route. The A68 takes you though the wilds of woolly, into rural Northumberland and then into the Scottish borders through the centre of the Chevoit Hills. Wildlife was abundant. A deer ran across the road in front of the car, a pheasant ambled happily down the middle of the road and lapwings flew overhead.  It is a good job my husband is a good driver. The scenery was stunning and in the early morning sun it was  a pleasant drive. We have been to Northumberland National Park many times but not along this road before.

We arrived in time for registration at the Craigswood Sports Centre.  My son went off to register, find out what weight group he would compete in and get changed.  In the meantime my husband I took our seats waiting for the event to start. We met up with the rest of the school team who were ready to take part.  The place was full and everyone was buzzing with excitement. The competitors practised their moves and warmed up getting ready for the championships to begin.

Opening Ceremony

East of Scotland Physical And Intellectual Annual Disability Judo Opening Cereamony


Soon it was time for the opening ceremony. All the athletes left the hall and after a short break filed back into the hall. They stood in two lines under the flags whilst speeches were made to open the championships. People of all ages were competing and you could tell they were nervous and excited. Soon the championships would begin.

A quick summary of the tournament rules

Competitors fight in weight groups and the number of people in each group can vary. Each group member has to fight every other group member and points are awarded during the fight. The number of points have a name:

  • Ippon – a full point
  • Waza-ari – or almost ippon, a half point
  • Yuko (almost waza-ari)

The contest ends when one contestant scores an ippon. If neither score an ippon then the person with the highest number of points wins.


These can be gained by doing the following:

  • Executing a throwing technique where the contestant ends up being thrown largely on their back with force or speed
  • Holding someone in a pin for 25 seconds
  • A contestant giving up because they are unable to continue.
  • The other contestant being disqualified for not following the rules
  • Applying an effective stranglehold.
  • Earning two waza-ari

Fighting in the Judo Championships

My son’s fight was not until the afternoon so he had time to watch everyone else whilst becoming more nervous. There were two mats where the fights were going on with judges overseeing them. Our school team did well winning several of the fights. Soon it was time for my son to go on. He had five fights which were filled with drama.

fighting in the judo championships

fighting judo

Fighting in the judo championships

fighting in the judo championships

The fights varied in intensity. Some went on right until the end the competitors trying to gain an advantage and pin each other down. One was really hard fought lasting ages and providing much drama. Another was over quickly after only forty seconds. After what seemed like forever the bouts were at an end and we just had to wait to find out the results. Who would be taking home the medals?

Medal Ceremony

There was a brief intermission during which the hall was readied for the medal ceremony. The competitors all then sat down and the results of each group was made known. Each of the athletes then had to make their way to the podium and get their medals. Finally it was time for the winners of my son’s group to be announced. Unbelievably he had won the gold medal. My son had spent his time telling us on the way to the competition not to expect too much as he wasn’t that good. He then went away with a gold medal and is the champion of East Scotland for his weight. We were really proud and pleased for him.  He also had a black eye and a split lip, the mark of a true judo champion. The school team did really well as a whole with plenty of silver and bronze medals between them.

Gaining the gold medal at the Judo Championships

Gold medal winner


It was a thrilling day and my son did really well. Now he can compete in the Special Olympics Games in Sheffield in the Summer. It will be a great experience for him and he is looking forward to it. Do your children do any sports? How are they getting on? Let me know below.