Braun Silk-Épil 7 Skin Spa Epilator

Looking outside today you could almost think that Spring was here. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. With the onset of warmer weather it is time to start thinking about stepping up the beauty routine. Legs that have been hidden in trousers all winter can now go on show in pretty skirts. It is essential to spend some time preening before stepping outside with bare legs. Whilst shaving is convenient, I find it leads to quick regrowth and sometimes I manage to cut myself. Waxing just strikes me as time consuming and I hate the smell of hair removal cream. I have always wondered about epilation, the results are meant to last longer. I was really excited to try the Braun Silk-Épil 7 Skin Spa Epilator.

Braun silk epilThe Braun Silk-Épil 7 Skin Spa  is more than just an epilator, it also has an exfoliation head to keep skin super soft. There is also a shaver attachment. More importantly the Braun Silk-Épil 7 can be used wet and dry, so you can use it in the bath or shower if you wish.

Braun silk epilEpilation

The epilation head contains around 40 mini tweezer that act to pull out the hair from the surface of the skin leaving it hair free. You just need to move the device over your skin and the hair is removed. There is a handy guide light which acts to show you which parts you have done and what you have missed. You can also choose from two different speeds to suit your skin sensitivity. The epilator will remove hair as large as a grain of sand, so you don’t need to wait for the hair to grow and results will last up to four weeks. Over time your hair will grow back smoother and finer so you will need to use the device less often.

Braun silk epilHaving not used an epilator before I was not sure what to expect but the process was relatively painful. Occasionally I could feel a slight tug but it was just like using a shaver. The documentation warned that you could experience some redness after use, but I had no problems. I think it just depends on how sensitive your skin is.


The Bruan Silk Epil also provides a body exfoliation system to keep your skin soft. Having recently been trailing the Braun Face Beauty Edition and seeing how well this worked it was nice to see the same attachment for the body. The head contains 10,00 fine bristles that gently sweep away dead skin cells and help to stimulate skin regeneration. As well as keeping your skin soft it also helps to prevent ingrowing hairs.

Braun silk epilIt is really nice to use this attachment after epliation and finishing the process off with some moisturiser will ensure super smooth legs for the summer.

Shaver Attachment

The Braun Silk Epil also has a shaver attachment with different caps that allow you to use the razor on different areas of the body. The heads clip on and off easily allowing you to pick the right tool for the job.

Razor attachmentThe tool needs to be charged before use, the power cable has a two pin plug so you will need an adaptor. Once it has been charged it should provided forty minutes running time. This is plenty of time to carry out a full expilation treatment. The device also comes with a pouch, allowing you to keep all the attachments together.

The Braun Silk epil is quite pricey at £169.99 but when you consider  that is also acts as a razor and exfoliation device it does seem more reasonable. The system does work really well and I will not be moving back to shaving again. The tool is really easy to use and fits easily into my beauty routine. I can be confident that I will have super soft legs this summer than I can bare with confidence.



I was sent the device to try in return for an honest review.

Four beauty products for Spring

Despite the cold and ice at the moment there are signs that Spring is starting to appear. Mornings are getting lighter and I have seen hints that Spring flowers are on the way. There are buds bravely appearing on the end of the bare tree branches and this morning I saw a hint of a daffodil shoot peaking out of the ground. Many of us have started a new heath regime to prepare for the Summer when we will not be able to hide the fat that has crept on over the Winter under layers of clothing. It is time to start thinking of beauty products which will help prepare us for the warmer weather. Recently I have been trying out four beauty products for Spring and wanted to share these with you.

1. Radox Citrus Shower Range

There is nothing harder than getting out of bed on a dark morning. Many of us have made resolutions to exercise and it is hard going when it is cold outside. The Radox citrus shower range has some great uplifting scents to help boost your mood and get you going.

 Radox citrus shower range You will find the shower gels in four varieties, Invigorate, Revive, Uplifting and Energise. The brightly coloured bottles look great in the bathroom making you feel that Spring has come. The scents are great, I loved the Invigorate which is a lovely zesty lemon with a rosemary twist. It left me feeling awake and energised for the day. My son seemed to use most of the Energise, its key lime and peppermint scent appealed more to him. Uplifiting is a Pink Grapefruit & Basil scent whilst Revive is Mandarin & Lemongrass. The Radox shower gels leave your skin feeling soft and you ready to face the day. They are also the ideal size to slip into your gym bag and the handy hook makes them easy to use in the shower.

Radox citrus shower gelsThe Citrus Shower range is available nationwide at Boots, Sainsbury’s and Tesco with an RRP of £2.15

2. Silvikrin Style and Heat Protect Spray

If you have hair like mine then the wind and wet mean you end up with wild frizzy hair, which is not a good look. I have recently been trying Silvikrin sytle and heat protect spray. This features an innovated ThermoFlex technology which provides protection against heated styling tools up to 230°.

Silvikrin Style & Heat Protection SprayThat sounds highly technical but it works to create a protective layer to stop the heat damaging your hair whilst also providing a smoothing effect. To use the spray is simple, just shake the bottle, spray it on and style your hair to your hearts content. The spray itself is nice and light and it has a lovely scent. After styling my hair looked smoother and less frizzy and the spray itself seemed to have a great hold as my style lasted quite a while. You will find Silvikrin sytle and heat protect spray in Boots and Superdrug, RRP £3.29

Venus ProSkin Sensitive razor

With the advent of warmer weather it means that you might have to show some actual skin! It is best to prepare for this in advance with lashings of moisturiser and some fake tan. Legs may need a shave to show them at their best and the Venus ProSkin sensitive razor is an ideal tool for the job.

Venus ProSkin sensitive razorIt has five blades which act to give a close shave, but it also has a strip of moisturiser which helps it glide over the skin. This leaves your skin soft and smooth and makes it much easier to shave without cutting yourself. The handle is also easy to grip and a nice size.

Venus ProSkin sensitive razorI also like the way it comes with its own plastic base to hold it making it easy to find when you come to use it. I have found this really easy to use and it works really well. RRP: £8.99

Dentyl Mouthwash

I have reviewed Dentyl mouthwash before and found it a great product for adding to your toothcare regime.

DentylTeeth are on show a lot in the Spring and Summer, how many smiling family holiday photos do you have? Adding Dentyl to your beauty regime will help keep your teeth healthy. Not only does it remove plaque and kill the bacteria that cause it, when you have swished it round your mouth and spat it out you can see what has been removed in the sink. A definite motivation for cleaning your teeth properly.

These are four of the beauty products I will be using to take me into Spring. I would love to know what products are on your must have list.


Blackhead Killer Gift Box Review

A while ago Style Lux  sent me their Blackhead Killer Gift Box to try out and review. You may remember I tried out the blackhead killer masks some time ago and was impressed with them. I wanted to see how the cleanser and moisturiser would work to complement the masks.

Style lux black head killer gift boxThe gift box contains Blackhead Killer Facial Cleanser, 5 Blackhead Killer masks and the Blackhead Killer Facial Moisturiser. I enlisted my son to help me test as he has recently been suffering from teenage spots. The packaging is quite plain and uniset so he was quite happy to help me test.

Blackhead killer gift boxFirst he tried the Blackhead Killer Cleanser. The cleanser contains active ingredients to open pores and help to simplify blackhead removal. It will also remove dirt and impurities. When you squeeze some of the cleanser out of the tube it is transparent and gel like but as you use it it foams up and becomes more soap like. It does not have much scent. My son said that it left his face feeling very clean.

blackhead-killer-3When it came to using the blackhead killer mask things got a little more complicated. If you remember my previous review you will know I was surprised to find it was black. So was my son. I came down to find him sitting with a black face wondering how to get it off. After about ten minutes the mask dried and becomes quite sticky. I told him to peel it off and there were a few ow’s going on as he pulled it off his skin. He decided to wipe it off with a towel but unfortunately picked up his white school top and used that. His skin did look very fresh and smooth after treatment and the spots had been dealt with. Sadly his top took a little bit more sorting out.

The last step was to apply the moisturiser which is designed to hydrate your skin, sooth redness and help prevent further outbreaks. The moisturiser has a lovely feel and sunk well into the skin leaving it feeling soft. It is a little heavy but works really well as a night cream. Since he has been using these products my son’s skin looks so much better.

The Style Lux Blackhead Killer Gift Box is RRP £89.90 which rather surprised me as the packaging is rather plain and did not reflect this. However I think my son would not have tried the products if the packaging was more ornate.  The products themselves do feel luxurious and reflect the price tag and they definitely made a difference to my son’s skin. If you suffer from blackheads and spots it is definitely worth taking a look at these products.

I was sent the Blackhead Killer Gift Box in return for an honest review.

Stunning Party Looks with No7

I don’t wear make-up very often. Usually in the morning I am so busy running around, getting breakfasts, packing lunches, walking and feeding the dog, that by the time I have finished I have run out of time. I usually slick on a bit of mascara and hope that will do. There are occasions when I feel that I need to make a bit more of an effort. It is now coming up to party season and I would really like to sparkle for special occasions. No7 have come to my rescue with a range of make-up looks. They have even provided a guide to help you create the perfect look. Whether you want evening elegance, sensational party sparkle or a look to take you from day to night, it is all covered in the No7 look guide

I was sent some No7 make-up to experiment and try out different looks. I decided to try out the gold look, Sensational Party Sparkle, as it looked lovely and natural with a hint of sparkle. I like make-up that looks natural and enhances your look without being overdone.

No7 make-upSparkle is added to the eyes and nails using No7 Perfect Shade and Define in Gold and No7 Gel-Look Shine Nail Colour in Exquisite Gold. The mascara is a really dark black to finish the look, No7 Midnight Lash Mascara. First I did my nails. Nails are my one vanity, I often spend ages applying gel nails as they last longer and look really shiny.  I really loved the gold colour of this nail polish, it is very festive.

No7 exquiste goldWith the top and base coat it gave the shiny look of gel without the hassle of applying it.  These are definitely the perfect party nails and they lasted well. I then tried out the make-up. I loved the subtle hint of gold around the eyes and the gold glow added to my cheeks. The foundation was also ideal for my skin tone, I often find it hard to match. The mascara is lovely and dark but also made my lashes look really well defined. This is my look, what do you think?

No-7 makeupNo 7 make upI was really pleased with the result. The make up looks really subtle and natural but had a bit of a sparkle about it which is perfect for a party. I would be quite happy going out wearing this look and it makes me feel a little bit special as well. I might even be converted to wearing make-up every day with a little bit of practice.

Have you any special parties planned this year? Have you got your outfit ready?

I was sent the No7 make up in order to create a make-up look.

Essence Cosmetics Review

I am going to let you into a secret. Some time ago I was sent some Essence cosmetics to try. The range had just launched in the UK and I was unable to make the launch event. I was interested to try the new range and I was sent some samples. I have been using the Essence make up often but I have kept quiet about it until now. I was impressed with the range as to me it is smart, stylish and cleverly designed. It is also a great price.

Essence Make upThe Essence cosmetic range can be found at Wilkinsons and the range would make a great addition to your festive make up bag. I was sent a selection of different products, eye shadow, eye liner, lip gloss, mascara and nail polish. I tried the nail polish first as I loved the blue colour. When I opened the bottle I was struck by the size of the brush, it is large and it made applying the colour to my nails really easy. Two strokes and my nail was done and one coat looked perfect. It also lasted well without chipping.

The Essence metal glam eyeshadow was a fabulous colour, perfect for party eyes. Easy to apply and the right size to carry in your handbag. The lipgloss has a nice wide applicator and goes onto your lips without being sticky. The eyeliner is great as it contains both a black and a white in the same pencil. This cuts down clutter in your make up bag and allows you to create a glamorous eye.

Essence Make upThe one thing I really did like though was the design of the mascara. It comes in a unique tube which you can roll up as you use it, allowing you to always know how much you have left. I hate not knowing how much mascara is in a tube and often find I have run out just when I want to use some. The mascara applied well and gave a lovely look to my eyes as well.I really like the Essence cosmetics range and will be going out to get more soon.

I was sent some Essence cosmetics in return for an honest review.