Bumpeez are a new toy that are set to hit the UK on the 24th August 2011. They are aiming to be the next playground craze and are collectable toys aimed at the pocket money market. They are for kids in the 5 – 11 age range.

I was sent some of these for my son, who is ten to review.  He very gladly took up the challenge. As you can see they come in a very brightly coloured packet which contains two Bumpeez. I like the fact that you get two in a packet as it means you can play with a friend immediately.

When we opened the packet this is what we found:

It contains two Bumpeez which come in two parts, a circular chip and a brightly coloured silicon ring to put it in. The picture shows one with the chip inside the silicon ring and one without.   There is also a brightly coloured leaflet which has a list of the Bumpeez you can collect and some ideas for the games you can play with them.  My son looked at the leaflet first and soon worked out that there are 100 different chips that you can collect, each with a different character and number of points on them.  The back of the chip has a big B symbol on it which fits nicely into the B shape on the silicon ring. The silicon container comes in ten different colours and they are all different shapes and sizes. The aim is to collect all the  coloured chips with matching rings.

Each of the characters on the chip have a different name and a different number of points. Omar is the rarest character and has the highest value.  Other characters include his friends. Robot, Pam and Johnny Q.

There are special rare packets that contain Silver, Swirl (two colours) and Golden Bumpeez. If you are lucky enough to find a gold one you win a prize. So far, so good, my son was quite keen to collect the new characters and wanted to rush out and get some to show to his friends. He then asked what games can you play with them.

There are apparently 25 games that can be played with Bumpeez. The leaflet listed three and you are directed to the website to find more.  The ideas on our leaflet were Bounce, which is to bounce them off the ground onto the wall and then try and catch them again. This is quite hard given the different shapes of the silicon covers, you can’t tell which direction they are going to go in.  The next idea was Darts, which was drawing a darts board on the floor and throwing them into it. Finally came spin which involved spinning the coin on the rim and seeing if it fell on heads or tails first. Another variant was to see whose coin spun the longest.  The last game occupied my son for ages, there is quite a knack to getting them spinning  for any length of time.

These had definite appeal, they are easy to carry around in a pocket and my son has been carrying them around for a few days. The collectable aspect will encourage the children to swap to complete the collection, in the same way they do with Match Attack cards now. There is also going to be an interactive website available after launch which will allow the kids to access games and exclusive features. I can see this being a big selling point if its done correctly, as my son loves playing computer games. There will also be a storage bag and storage book you can buy to keep them in, which is a good idea as they could be easily mislaid.

My son loved these and is eagerly awaiting their launch.

Bumpeez will be available in newsagents, supermarkets, independent toy stores and high street stores like W.H Smith. They will be priced £1.99 for a packet of two.




    October 16, 2011 / 6:12 pm

    I love bumpeez in one day i bought 4 packets and i got a gold one, two swirls and 2 silver I LOVE BUMPEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. kelly betts
    October 17, 2011 / 6:46 pm

    we have a golden one, what do you win and where do you collect what you’ve won?

  3. October 19, 2011 / 9:11 am

    If you get a golden Bumpeez you get a code on a piece of paper in the packet. You log into the website and enter the code and you are then entered in the monthly prize draw

  4. November 19, 2011 / 10:39 pm

    There are 100 bumpeez to collect,trade and bounce.There are 25 games to play with your bumpeez, and here are 6 of them: bounce, spin, darts, take 5, rock paper scissors, catch. There are 10 shapes of the silicon rings, 10 colours and 2 golds.

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