British Bulldog Board Game Review

I remember playing British Bulldog at school, we had great fun doing it. You had to play on a large area and some people were chosen to be the British Bulldog. They got to stand in the middle of the field. All the other players, the runners, had to get from one end of the field to the other without being caught by the bulldogs. If you get caught you become a bulldog as well. It was great fun and used lots of energy.

Now, just in time for Christmas,  Little Wigwam have created the British Bulldog board game.
British BulldogIt seems the game is not played in playgrounds as much any more, so now you can play in your own home.  The game is for two players and I was looking forward to playing it with my son.

Inside the box you get the board, which folds up nicely, two dice, the counters, some stickers and the instruction booklet. The first thing you need to do is to stick the stickers on the playing pieces. The blue one is the bulldog and the other ones are the runners.

British BulldogOne of the dice is a normal number dice, the other has arrows showing the directions you can move in, a x which means you miss a go and a picture of a teacher which means you can move to the teacher square and be safe from the bulldog.

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

British Bulldog

The board has two red walls at either end. One person chooses to be the runners and chooses which wall to place their counters on. The choice is decided by a dice roll, whoever rolls the highest number chooses. The other person is the bulldog and has to start from a bulldog square. There are four bulldog squares and four safe teacher squares.

British BulldogPlay is simple, the runner rolls the dice. One dice shows the direction they can move in and the other shows the number of places they can move. They choose which of their pieces to move. The bulldog is allowed to move one square at once in any direction. The runners try to get to the far end and the bulldog tries to capture the runner. If the runner is captured the bulldog is placed on top of that piece and the two counters are moved as one. The bulldog gets to move an extra square for each runner he captures. The bulldog can not move onto or through teacher squares.

British Bulldog

The game ends when all the runners are captured, or all the runners reach the other side. If this is not achieved then you start again but go in the opposite direction.

The game is very simple but it is good fun. My son really enjoyed playing, he was the bulldog and was very gleeful when he captured my runners. His comment was that it was a bit like draughts but more strategic. You do need to think about your moves and it is very frustrating when you have to miss a go and the bulldog is nearing your pieces. If you are looking for a fun game for Christmas this one is definitely worth a look.

The British Bulldog board game is available from Little Wigwam or Amazon RRP £14.95

Disclosure: I was sent a British Bulldog board game to try but I was not told what to write and my opinions are my own.


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