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I love Christmas and now it is December it is getting closer. Normally as part of Christmas a lot of work places do a Secret Santa Challenge. The way this normally works is you have a number of different people in a pool and are allocated a set amount of money to spend on a gift. You are then randomly given a name from the pool of people and the challenge is then to go out and buy them a gift. Everyone in the pool gets a gift and they do not necessarily know who has bought it for them.

Christmas Tree

I was quite excited when approached me to take part in their Bloggers Secret Santa Challenge. It sounded fun and I was happy to get involved. It would work in a similar way to a normal Secret Santa challenge, they would send me a set amount of money to buy a gift. They would then let me know which blogger I was paired with from their blogger secret Santa list and I would choose a present for them and send it. I love the idea of finding out about new blogs and was hoping I would be able to judge enough about the person from their blog to choose something they would like.

I was paired with Jaina from Time Well Spent. I went and had a good read of her lovely blog and found out that she loves taking photos, watching movies and is a web designer. I love the photographs on her blog, I wish that I could take photographs that well. I had a good think about what she might like and went for a browse around the internet. I ending up picking two things, one suitable for busy bloggers and the other something that someone who likes taking photographs might like. I really hope that I made the right choice and she likes them. I am looking forward to finding out.




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